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19-06-2002, 12:33
I'm having a really hard time keeping up with the new member forum, mainly because really old ones are constantly reappearing. Is it just me or are other people having problems? the new members are getting lost for me in the see of really old posts.
It's such a wonderful feature, I'd hate for regulars to stop visiting it, because of this reason.

20-06-2002, 02:28
Solandia may something to tell you about this, but I just wanted to encourage you in the meantime.

Unfortunately this has been a little bit of a problem lately. It isn't usually like that though, and it should get better right away. Sometimes when an old thread gets bumped up, a lot of people respond to it as if it is a new member without looking at the date of the original post.

Sometimes there are newbies to the forums that haven't yet mastered going to different forums to post topics or chat. I try to steer them that way.

Hang in there...things should be settling back down to normal. :)


20-06-2002, 08:41
Thanks, jimilyn, I was just being a grumpy, very pregnant woman. LOL. Hormones!

21-06-2002, 04:11
Oh, hon, it's not a problem at all. It sometimes makes me grumpy too...and although I'm a woman, I'm not pregnant and hormonal. :P Fortunately for me, I get over it quickly. :D teeheehee