View Full Version : tigers eye and asbestos

14-09-2005, 07:40
Just wanted to know about this whole thing with Tigers eye having asbestos....thinking about getting some rough..and just thought I'd inquire into this since I've heard about it but never dealt with Tigers eye.


14-09-2005, 08:11
Try this link:


It lists some types of stones and precautions. If you have additional questions, perhaps you could email the woman who owns this internet site -- she seems very knowledgeable.

Many Blessings,

15-09-2005, 04:14
Well thanks!...bodhran for the link..reiterates what I found out earlier about raw Tigers Eye...too bad..I was looking into carring it or wearing in on me to just perk me up a bit. Guess I could get tumbled stones but I always feel that rough stones are more to the point..less of its enegies covered up or remolded....just my own supersitions I guess. I had some tumbled Tigers Eye and did nothing for me..though is was very nice looking.