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14-09-2005, 15:50
Does it have any properties? and what?

15-09-2005, 13:45

I'm not completely sure what its properties are but I was told that jade is a very protective stone. I know my brother was in a car accident once and when the police and ambulance came to the wreck, they were suprised that he didn't have the cuts and scrapes they expected to see, just a nice big knot on his forehead from where he hit either the dash or the windshield. I also remember reading once that if a green jade gets darker when you are near someone, it means that that person is essentially "bad" and that you should be careful.

I hope this helps!

15-09-2005, 19:03
How fascinating! I hadn't heard any of that about jade, Asiyah, though I had heard that it was "lucky".

Jade is one of my favorite stones. I have a jade bracelet I wear every day. I find it to be very calming, but it also seems to promote concentration and well being. I also think it can act as a mood-lifter.

I am currently writing my dissertation, and I gravitated towards jade the deeper into my studies I got. I started carrying around a little piece of jade with me wherever I went, but after forgetting it a few times, I bought my bracelet.

I'm just starting out learning about stones, though, so I'd love to hear what some more experienced people have to say on the subject. :)

20-09-2005, 00:37
HI bleuivy,

I use jade as well and from what I know jade is very good for healing a broken heart and for me it's very calming. I wore it recently for an interview I had and it worked very well for me.
Hope that helps some:)


20-09-2005, 02:13
Yes, what I have noticed about Jade is exactly how calming it really is. Times have been very stressful to me lately, and my jade bracelet has been a real help.

I hadn't heard about jade healing a broken heart, but it makes sense to me. My boyfriend just moved back to Greece last week, and I've been wearing jade every day since. It's still been hard, but maybe jade will help the transition back to single-hood. Hmmm.

20-09-2005, 10:19
Hi & thanks for the thread.

I'm going to carry around Jade to see what happens.
Jade is very calming to me.

I would like to see if it gets darker around a couple people
I know. When I'm around these two I feel sick to my stomach. Well...
thanks for that tidbit Asiyah!

21-09-2005, 06:05
I read a little while ago that in Asia jade is seen to be both lucky, and a stone of right conduct (in the Confucian sense). I can't remember where I read this, but my feeling is that it's probably true. The right conduct connection seems to be what, for me at least, makes jade comforting.

21-09-2005, 07:02
In China, it had (maybe still has) 5 sacred properties - but unfortunately my book's not here so I'll have to wait to post them all :D. In China, it is THE universal good-for-all precious stone.

But I do remember protection, clarity, gentleness & prosperity (OK, one missing...good conduct, punchinella? I think the 5th property might have something to do with moderation, the Middle Way, but I'm not 100% sure).

I love jade, especially the milky light green, with translucent sheen.

23-09-2005, 03:26
In my part of the world, Jade is quite a common stone, but also with some commercial value. Boulders of it are exported to China, and such things as small carvings, chess sets, various jewelry, and statuettes are widely available here. Tourists seem especially fond of it.

I admit to an affection for the deeper green variety, and have a few pieces of jewelry and a "worry stone" that I always find very calming. Many people I know consider it a "good luck" stone. In any case, the demand for it is large and steady.

23-09-2005, 07:02
Oh, a jade chess set sounds lovely! I love jade and I love chess, I'm sure I'd like them together. I'm afraid I'd be a steriotypical tourist! :laugh: