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16-09-2005, 12:23
I was wondering how to determine one's career by looking at midheaven on a natal chart. Mine has Saturn conjunct the midheaven, what does that mean? What are the vocations that go with Saturn at midheaven? What if someone does not have any planet in the 10th house at all?

16-09-2005, 12:52
I've often wondered this, as I have the same thing going on...

isthmus nekoi
16-09-2005, 13:24
some things to consider w/vocation... which finds its roots in "vocare" literally, to call - vocation as a calling.

- sign cusping MC, placement of sign ruler (e.g. if it's Capricorn, look at where Saturn is and who he's aspecting)
- planets conj MC and their placement/aspects
- planets in 10th and their placement/aspects

Then consider these in the context of:
- 2nd house (how you generate your funds)
- 6th house (coworkers, work environment)
- overall personality (what careers suit this chart overall?)

Ultimately, vocation is a very holistic thing and I don't think you can look to one house/angle or follow a set of steps. So I don't think I can effectively answer what Saturn in 10th would indicate in terms of a profession..... It is not a question that lends itself to quick answers.

A more in depth article (A Question of Vocation) here: http://www.astrosynthesis.com.au/articles/articles.html

27-09-2005, 03:59
That's a great article, thank you! I have Neptune in Sagittarius in the 10th House. So, its been really confusing for me to figure out what I should do. I do alot of different things and hopefully that will be fufilling and not spreading myself too thin.

Usually if I try the wrong thing, something stops me.

Its definitely a holistic issue. We have a Long Life to do many things. Vocations could be many.

Thank You for the insight.

24-11-2005, 20:15
Hi Julia..I don't know if you've seen it but I posted on info at the thread "Singleton?? chart shape....job"...related what your are asking. This may or may not apply to you but ..many times especially with the pressure of money making and society in general we focus on fitting ourselves to a job or career...instead of the other way around. Theres much more to the natal chart even though MC is always stressed its just one of the factors and not necessarily the overriding factor in a chart per say. As yours is tenented; with planets then it becomes more pertinent but it also has to rely on other factors as well as themes that are supported/repeated. Our drives, motivations, joys, needs, outlook on the world on a deeper level and inner issues often go unaddressed in an organised; clear manner we can relate to...yet therein lies the answers to our confusions or seaching. For some people is just momentary laspe but for others its a lifelong issue. Time and maturity, coming to grips with reality, has a lot to do with it. Having to do what you "should" do is a pressing point of view many can relate to..however with Saturn at MC making ones mark, distiction is emphasised...sometimes specialization is indicated. On the other hand it helps to first understand Saturns lessons as wherever Saturn is we are called upon to deal with things more structured or seriously. Saturns tendency is to hold back, be cautious, fear, even stingy...but I've found with Saturn we acutally have to give of ourselves. The 2nd, 6th, 10th are important. Theres also the house cusps fo Capricorn and even Aquarius ..both houses expressions are in a way seeking expression through the 10th. How or not this expresses or manifests is another thing. . . Anyways this is still all somewhat superficial until one looks at other things in the whole chart and how they connect. For example I've found reading about the moon phase during ones birth to be very interesting and applicable on its own but wholistically also.

Ok, I am rambling on (too many retrogrades in the air!;).


24-11-2005, 23:42
It is not so much as what vocation Saturn/MC suggests as to what Saturn there brings to your identity and way of managing life. For example, Saturn at the area of your chart can suggest a sense of responsiblity, of caution, of rigidity, of associating with conservative goals and older people, of banking and bureaucratic enviornments, etc., etc.

How would these and other such qualities apply to any job or vacation that you pursue? Dave

25-11-2005, 03:28
I tend to read in a manner very similar to Dadsnook. To what he said I'd add that:

- you are probably looking for a steady, long term vocation that doesn't change too much
- you have a serious attitude toward work and will do well with considerable responsibility
- saturn is structure, and I believe you should go with a larger organization rather than an small business. Look too for one where you can progress, where there is scope for upward mobility.

For additional details, check the aspects other planets make to your Saturn. This could be a good placement for a career in politics if you have other indicators.

25-11-2005, 03:36
Yes, Wizzle, politics. Years ago when the US Presidential nominations were decided by primary votes in each of the states over several months, I used to track each politician using precession-corrected Lunar Returns for that state locality. The polititian that had Saturn closest to the MC almost always won that primary vote. Forgot about that. Even today, Saturn at the MC is significant for most successful polititians. Thanks for reminding me. Dave

25-11-2005, 03:51
that chapy m guaquilin (spelling) did a big research project years ago into profession and mc
he found correlations like mars for sportsmen, saturn for politics, etc etc
so i think theres something in it

to me the mc is how others see you/what your reputation is
i have gemini mc and i have got a reputation amongst my friends for being good with words, witty, blah blah etc

my mercury is in 2nd house in libra
ideal dream job lawyer or novelist
i sell books on ebay to make money these days
merc conjunct venus - ive dabbled in interior design
merc exact sextile to uranus in 12th - thought of astrology
3rd house (gemini again related) have neptune there in scorpio - thinking now tarot could be way forward working with dreams images and the such

back to gemini mc - temped as a secretary alot over the years
jack of all trades master of none type

as opposed to saturn on mc would think thats totally the opposite

mars in cancer in 10th - never found a proper career to fulfill me /frustrated

always thought i would be good in the army lol

25-11-2005, 04:01
Mars in Cancer, in the really olden days, always was said to represent the warrior defending his country. So, the army fits. Actually, when the Sun was in Cancer, the summer months, and Mars was there also, the farmer could leave his fields and fight for the king. Dave

05-12-2005, 07:17
When I first read your post, saturn on MC, I immediately thought of 'judge'. :D

However, I think any legal work would suit saturn on midheaven. And with mercury in libra, I would interpret that as a person that makes even and fair decisions. And in the 2nd house, maybe a small claims court judge?

05-12-2005, 11:04
Interesting thread!
My MC is in Taurus, conjunct Moon and opposite Mars, Saturn, and Pluto.
Strange combination I suppose... any thoughts?

06-12-2005, 19:37
Moon in Taurus/MC is one indication of writing, the arts, service or domestic type pursuits, deal with the public in some manner, receptivity and taking things to heart, restlessness and changes..albiet seeking some sort of structure,perhaps belongingness, devotional, and expression of form. Feeling better guided by instinct or inner impressions, imagination or distruct and apprehensions which may derive from the conflict/opposition.Tangiable, concrete, definable, personal satisfaction, financial benefits combined with the need to make ones mark in some distinct way. Influence of home, parents (e.g. mom,"maternal" influences), childhood experiences have specific impact. Certainly a stand off of sorts...relationship, power issues in terms of the opposition. A couple of other things to consider: the placement of your Venus, your 2nd, 7th house. Your moon nodes. Your birth moon phase. Other aspects to the MC. Familiarity with the meaning of the quadrants and hemisphere of the chart will help to understand the drives, needs, basic modus operendi that effect our choices and competence. Moon where it is can suggest also need to get away, live, work, travel away from ones roots..perhaps luckier that way. At the same time if those larger planets hover below chances are one will always feel pulls back to deal with the issues of both hemispheres. Moon/Saturn in one way suggest having to face maturing ...not living out negative parental experiences, issues of independence vs dependence. Having to soften up or toughen up. Bottom line also with Tau/Moon MC besides from deep rooted practicality needs/issues is a healthy self-value and that of and by the society at large. Also don't overlook your Sun sign and especially your Asc as well since this gives a clue to whats important to you "individually" and how you apt to express it. The tenth no matter how "I did it my way" it is..its demand much more of our competence, cooperation, and adherence to the larger pool.
Whether you are a diurnal or nocturnal birth as per Traditional or Classical astrology..how much that effect your moon placement is another consideration. There some on this forum that can give you a better idea. They have offered usefull information on another thread "diurnal/nocturnal".


07-12-2005, 02:36
My MC is Sagittarius. Trine Chiron, Sextile Pluto, Conjunct Mars & Neptune, Opposed Saturn.
My Second house is Aries, containing only Chiron, my 6th house is Cancer, with no planets in it.
I feel like Saturn opposing my MC is why I can't seem to ever find the right job - I'm still floundering around, trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing, and I'm almost 33!
I think that having the MC in Sag is why I also don't like having a "job." I don't like having to spend 3/4 of my life working at a job...I have so many other callings I want to pursue. I guess it's the Sag love of freedom...

07-12-2005, 03:11
Interesting thread...I have a Scorpio MC - I wonder if that's the reason my vocation has been a mystery to me for a very long time. ;)

07-12-2005, 04:02
There isn't that much of a mystery about "Scorpio". Scorpio tends to encourage or support planetary energies that delve into mystery, inner and hidden meanings, secrets, the "reasons for . . .". Being a sign, Scorpio doesn't so much "do" as it provides a sense of style or filter for viewing and acting. There are probably other planetary factors that shape you focus or unfocus on a specific career. Dave

07-12-2005, 04:29
I was thinking about the planetary factors for a career... because we all know that signs don't provide the energy, right? They only provide the style. I look at

- the Sun because it is what we are here to do in life. If we are lucky we have a job/career that lines up with our sun and hence feel very fulfilled
- Saturn - he who provides, discipline and shape and status
- planets in the 10th and 6th houses or the rulers of these houses
- ruler of the ascendent because that is how we interface with the world at large and tells us a lot about our talents/style

07-12-2005, 04:41
I'd add north node to that list too - life purpose. :)

07-12-2005, 05:46
no planets but have I have Caput Agol conjunct my MC.

07-12-2005, 05:56
With all due respect, Leo, I'd have to disagree with you. I assume you are speaking of the Lunar node, but that is not an energy, but a point on the ecliptic. As such, it has no energy any more than any of the cusps have energy. Therefore it is not a "driver" like the planets are, but an interesting point, nevertheless.

09-12-2005, 07:17
Planets are seen as more influencial..e.g. because of their organic or physical if you will energies or actuality. Nodes are in general seen as not taking a conscious role in our development in comparison to planets. Like midpoints these sublter things make interesting subject in their own right of study although not the immediately a major part of the fabric. Eventually its up to the chart reader themselves. However, these are some of the reasons why I look at the Moon nodes in general and in this case.

The moon nodes are also seen as operating on a more subtler level than planets and also being able to recieve apspects from planets. The expectation and approach to nodes are not the same as dealing with a planet. Moon nodes are always in an opposition tying in hemispheres and quadrants. In a question about the moon and also conjunct an angle its a useful move to look at the placement of the moons nodes. If moon nodes are in major or significant transit, apsect, conjunction, confirguration, or place in the chart they are drawn into the forefront more significantly. Horary, vedic, natal, vocational astrology and such all utilize the moons nodes very much , with interesting results, even though it is a mathematical lines or points of reference in our chart instead of physical body..e.g. planet. I've in my own chart as well others found also eyeopening correlations that re-enforce the planetary picture. Nodes are not at the immediate top of the list unless very unusual case, but they like many subtler things invite us to look deeper. They are as well guides and provide insight to the direction and lessons for in the "here and now". The moons nodes are also the place where eclipses occur.

All planets have nodes http://www.astrologyhoroscopes.info/planetnodes.htm


19-12-2005, 01:10
someone posted earlier that they have an MC in sagitarrius and so they don't like working....my father has the same MC and he is a successful translator for his career. i think that fits in pretty well with the sagitarrian profile.