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17-09-2005, 05:47
I guess this post is aimed at Minderwiz....however, anyone can jump in here with comments....

A few weeks ago there was a member that posted here, speaking about relationships and reconcilations and what in a chart would indicate a chance of reconcilation....Now, from what I understood from Minderwiz's response is that Jupiter and Mercury have to have some harmionous aspect for this to be even in consideration.....ie. Jupiter sextile to Mercury.....now, my question here is, in what chart do you look for this? In each individual progressed chart? Or in a chart based the the relationship it self....and that chart would be set for the which date? The date when the relationship commenced...or the date that the break-up occurred? Or is it going by the individual charts of the people involved?

I also understood that another element to two people coming together would be venus and mercury again with a good aspect....such as Venus sextile Merc...but what if the couple involved are not hetro? Does this still imply? (Venus and Merc?)

I'm really trying to grasp this properly and would appreciate some help please.

Thank you


isthmus nekoi
17-09-2005, 06:17
I don't want to speak for Minderwiz, but I would venture to say that a horary chart would be best for this type of question.

17-09-2005, 06:38
The simple fact about astrology is that you always have a natal chart, you always have a secondary progression chart and its influences, you always have a solar return chart and its "inbetween" daily charts, you always have ---- well, you always have all of these and more. You were born at a very specific point in time and space but, A BIG BUT, from that very moment there are many cycles spreading out, many parts and aspect of you are becoming, are maturing or passing.

So, when you ask if a given aspect between two planets is occuring by transit in your natal chart, or by progression in another chart, or by transit in a solar return, or in any other way -- the answer(s) is/are "yes." What you need or what you are looking for may be happening in any of your many simultaneously applicable charts.

If its happening in your NATAL chart, then you have the opportunity to use your already-developed personality and way of dealing with things (your social tools of preference) to utilize that aspect and planetary pair.

If its happening in a PROGRESSED chart, then you need to adopt the coming influence or maturing level that the chart reflects and rise to the occassion with your new/improved skills as shown in that chart.

If its happening in a SOLAR RETURN or LUNAR RETURN chart, then you need to recognize that this is a short-term opportunity and that you need to sieze it now using what ever that chart offers you.

So, the aspects that are in any and all of your charts are what you have to work with now. Or, you can just visualize the image of those planets in your mind and reflect on what they can teach you, then forget about astrology and just go see how life works out. Astrology is for when you have the time and opportunity to study yourself and grow from that study, or to recognize when the timing is right for you to pursue something. When the time or the skills or the resources aren't there then you just do your best. Dave

17-09-2005, 07:35
I've only consulted the Natal and Progressed charts on this topic....and I'm not too sure how to go about the Horary method....although, I did check out the site that was recommended in that thread I'm referring to. I am a beginner here and I don't want to throw myself into too many this and thats....but the topic did arise and it caught my attention, so I thought I would try and figure it out on my own....which I'm not being very successful....and have many questions such as the ones above.

But yes Dave, we do need to do what we can but it is nice to see if there is opprotunity on our side.....that always helps.


27-09-2005, 13:29
I had some *VERY* accurate readings regarding relationships and they were always natal charts...

29-09-2005, 06:07
I recently came across Draconic astrology, in examining relationship charts (comparing a querant's Draconic zodiac to their partners Tropical Zodiac (natal chart) and vice versa.

all I have to say is WOW! When I did these chart comparisons with former partners - so many weird connections on the karmic level came up.

The calculation is complicated to explain (most programmes do it, though) - the premise of the chart is to bring the "Dragon's Head" or North Lunar Node into the 00 Aries 00 position - and then read the chart.

isthmus nekoi
30-09-2005, 00:54
rereading your post, I'm pretty sure Minderwiz was talking about a horary chart. If you find the thread, I can reread his post to confirm.