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21-09-2005, 00:36
Hi there, yet another person who's new to crystals. I am moving on from a break-up rather well and I do think it's by the help of my new crystals. So last night for the first time I lined my Rose Quartz all around my bed (about 5) and then slept with moonstone and amethyst under my pillow. Last night I had a dream that ex died in my arms and I was emotionally distraught in this dream. and dream wouldn't end...long dream of me crying. thankfully, the phone rang (wrong number at 5am in the morning) and woke me up. I felt mentally upset. Do you think rocks had something to do with this dream and did i put too much around me?


21-09-2005, 00:46
I've just got out of a heavy relationship as well! HUGS! you arent alone!
Rose Quartz is helping me so much, to deal with the break up without getting depressed. Rose Quartz has the self-love touch that helps you go through the usual mourning process after a relationship has ended.
The dream doesnt seem to be induced by crystals to me. Its just your mind working through the emotional stuff at the moment (IMO). Its healthy and just let it all out! Perhaps it reflects how helpless you feel, or how you couldnt do anything to stop the end of the relationship?

I always keep some rose quartz on me for now. A small stone in my bra is enough. The energy of one stone will be just as effective as 5 seperate stones.
Also, amethyst and moonstone under your pillow (and this crazy lunar cycle at the moment!) will give you some intense dreams, so I'd be careful of using those stones at the moment. However, its what feels good for you that matters during these times. Trust your intuition and let yourself mourn the loss of a loved one.

HUGS and chocolate!

21-09-2005, 01:07
Thanks so much inanna_tarot. HUGS back to you as we both go through this process. and thanks for your reply. it really helped. I won't be sleeping with moonstone right now, probably too much.

Best Wishes to you,

21-09-2005, 03:25
This is all very fascinating. I just am working through a breakup as well. For the most part, I've been using my jade for that, because it is helping keep me calm. But just today, I was in a charitity shop and saw a rose quartz bracelet that called to me. I didn't buy it because I've always thought rose quartz is almost too sweet feeling, if that is possible. I think I'm willing to give it a try, though. Don't knock it till you try it, right? :laugh:

21-09-2005, 05:56
Hi Robin, I agree with Inanna Tarot about the amethyst and moonstone! If stones were responsible for the dreaming at all, I'd say it was these, not the rose quartz. Also, bear in mind that the dreams could have been positive too (although I understand they didn't feel that way) in that the process of letting go may require confrontation with the intensity of your feelings. I understand that when you dream about someone close who has died, it can indicate that your subconscious is finally starting to let go of that person; and a break-up is parallel to grief, in so much as there can be feelings of tremendous loss. So in that sense, the dreaming and the stones that may or may not have provoked the dreaming actually were helping you . . . although you may not want any more of that kind of help!


21-09-2005, 13:12
Hi punchinella,
thank you for that. this is exactly what I want help with from my crystals.. to try to get below the surface. Thanks for responding,
Robin ;-)

22-09-2005, 11:28
i didn't have many crystals when i was with my b/f but as soon as we broke up i went to the mind, body, spirit festival (in Melbourne) and picked myself up a rose quartz necklace which i think has really helped, i don't usually wear jewellry to bed but when i am feeling especially down i wear my qose quartz to bed and i think that it helps me to feel calmer. I also started carrying around a clear quartz, don't know why but i feel wrong (if thats the right word) if i happen to forget to put it in my pocket in the morning??


22-09-2005, 18:18
I know what you mean, Julie. I have a clear quartz that I like to cary around in my pocket, too. When I forget to put it in my pocket in the morning, I just don't feel "right."

I guess that just means we're addicted to our crystals! :laugh:

22-09-2005, 23:28
Same thing for me. i didn't bring my clear quartz with me to work and I felt so empty. I made sure that it was the first thing I included in my pouch this morning and now I feel complete. ;-)

22-09-2005, 23:45
I need to get a pouch for my crystals for when I'm out! Right now, I just slip them into a jeans pocket, and I'm always afraid they'll fall out and I'll lose them.

Incidentally, I've decided that when I go to the lab tomorrow, I'm going to stop off at that charity shop and buy the rose quartz bracelet I saw! Then I'll get to wear it instead of putting it in a pocket or a pouch. :)

23-09-2005, 00:14
Good for you bleuivy. I am going to look for some Jade myself.