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27-09-2005, 18:22
Hello Solandia,

I would like to upadte a b&w decklist I made some times ago on the deck forum.
A few decks do not have links to scans as I was unable to find scans on the web.
It would be nice to be able to link to at least one picture (some ATM members own and have pointed to these decks and they can probably provide one scan)

Would it be OK to upload a few scans on ATF for this?

If it is OK, what would be the best way to do this?
I could make attachment in the list itself, but then a big attachment box appears within the text.
I thought about posting a separate post only with the attachments.
Or is there an easier way?

I remember a post on the TDM forum (but I cant find it anymore) where there were links to pictures posted on the ATF but without the Attachment box.

Best regards

28-09-2005, 14:48
Hi coredil,

I'd suggest the images are posted on the main Aeclectic Tarot website instead - they could then be easily linked from within the Forum and it would be easier to find them in future. Scans can be emailed (webmaster@aeclectic.net) to me at any time.

~ Solandia

28-09-2005, 17:28
Thanks a lot for your answer Solandia :)
As soon as I have the scans, I will then mail you.

Best regards