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01-10-2005, 06:53
Hi all :)

On Barnes & Noble, looking for books on Crystal Balls, I saw:

Crystal Ball by Titania Hardie

The box contains: Authentic Crystal Ball, Ring Stand, Scrying Cloth and Illustrated Guidebook

I don't own a crystal ball yet, but is this a good crystal ball? It seems very cheap for a real one.

Anyone have any tips on this? is it a good deal? or just a fake crystal ball? or maybe someone has this crystal ball? if so, what are your experiences?

Thanks :)

01-10-2005, 08:47
Hi there. Odd, I have been looking at that today as well! I don't think it is a proper one. Most scrying uses clear quartz balls. I think that is lead crystal, but I am not sure if it can be effectively used. I'll be interested in the responses!

01-10-2005, 09:16
Lead crystal works fine, and is much less expensive.

01-10-2005, 13:29
I have it, bought it last October...
I noticed they were out again this year.
It is a very nice crystal ball....lead crystal yes.
Very well made and about 2.5 inches across.
Nice inexpensive way to introduce yourself to the art of gazing.

02-11-2005, 06:23
...but, can you really 'see' anything in a non-crystal ball? such as this one?

02-11-2005, 08:11
You can scry (see) in just about anything, actually. That includes black bowls with water, pieces of shiney purple paper, mirrors etc etc. Glass balls are great for starters. I have 1 glass and 2 quartz balls. They work equally well/badly for me. I'm not the best at scrying. And it's not a bad idea to limit your investment as scrying can be challenging.

02-11-2005, 11:04
If you can see, then You'll see in anything.
If you can't, it don't matter how 'authentic' the thing is, or how expensive it was, you won't see anything.

Admittedly, I have never seen in anything except a TV screen. (when the TV was off, and my eyes were closed) But I was completely off my face...

02-12-2005, 17:11
Hi all :)

Anyone have any tips on this? is it a good deal? or just a fake crystal ball? or maybe someone has this crystal ball? if so, what are your experiences?

Thanks :)

What is a fake crystal ball, exactly? I mean people have been scrying for ages in things like pools of ink, a variety of natural and artificial stone-like substances, mirrors, and even large beads. It doesn't seem that the exact material used is of the utmost importance...

I have generally used a number of different substances. I have crystal balls made out of lead crystal, obsidian, quartz (colorless), and amythest. Both forms of quartz are moderately included. They all work OK.

BTW, in my travels I picked up one of the coolest, most unusual items of this sort: A small (maybe 3 in. across) dodecahedron cut out of quartz. I haven't tried it for scrying yet mostly owing to the obvious difficulties. It is far less included than the quartz spheres I have. It might provide interesting possibilities in this regard.

22-01-2006, 02:53
MM ~ I would consider plastics to be fake. I've actually seen ads for spheres made of acrylic or somesuch material. This does not mean people don't see in them. Some have no problem at all. But clear stone or glass is generally recommended.

Glass is fine! I prefer stone, my smokey quartz holds a charge for a full moon cycle and glass does not seem to, but I started with glass and have had some very profound visions working with it. People have been using glass for centuries, it's not "fake".
BB, Stella

22-01-2006, 02:56
If you can see, then You'll see in anything.
MM ~ I'd have to respectfully disagree with that. I can see in a crystal ball or a bottle of water, but not a bowl of water or ink. I have only intermittant success with a black mirror. I trained on a crystal ball so this probably has a lot to do with it.
BB, Stella