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23-06-2002, 20:01

I have a question about Cancerians

Can two Cancerians be compatable? ie. Cancerian male and Cancerian female??

Is there and Cancerians in this forum who is in such relationship. I would like to know how you both get on.



24-06-2002, 02:41
Hello Moonman (I like your name),

Can two people of any same sign get along?

There isn't a "yes" or "no" answer to this question. Astrology is more than just a Sun sign...we have nine other planets to consider, plus a myriad of "other things".

The Sun in any chart reflects the inner self...the way we are when naked.

The sign the Sun is in, tells the HOW a person likes to shine. Cancer's, as a rule, are homebodies, deeply compassionate, very shy (and can be insecure), moody and can cling to the past. It rules parents, hence, to most Cancer's family rules. Cancer is also a money sign and I have found most Cancer's prefer to be in their own business and are generally very successful.

How many of the same qualities you share with your Cancer friend would definitely play a part in how well you get along...but your Moon, Venus, Mars, etc. signs would have to be considered as well.


PS...welcome to the astrology forum!

24-06-2002, 15:20
can't say much more than AG did:)
but a little on personal experience:
I'm a Capricorn, the opposite of Cancer, I have many Cancer friends. I had 3 relationships (in a row) with Caps. like me.
I have a book that says the midpoints between the sun and the moon represents the sign the native is drawn towards. My Moon is also in Cap.

24-06-2002, 18:29
Hi AG & lunalafey,

I both agree with you. It's funny that you mentioned about cancerians having their own business as that's what I'm doing now. I can no longer work inn a office were there is war and calling rank etc.

I would say that I'm a more stronger person then my partner but I know she also like this for some old fashioned reason.
We get on well but I think but don't talk enough because of my partners past problems.

I think we will go for couple therapy



25-06-2002, 07:25
My mum and dad are Cancer VS Capricorn respectively.

I just adore her. She is all that Cancer represents, but in such a modern way! She is a LEADER, a sort of Virgin Warrior... She's the head of the office she works at, and she is just perfect at that. Her cooking skills are not to be doubted - and her cakes!!! She recenlty also learnt to do a very typical Neapolitan sweet, the infamous *BABA'*, wonder if you ever heard of it. She's the hearth, and the dream, and the sense of guilt, and the bond to the past... She's all that. :)

Mt Father is... Well, no comment. :P
In my life I always come to detest a Capi, and my father is among them. That thing of self-fulfillment and satisfaction at older age? You have know idea how much that can be true, ESPECIALLY IN A NEGATIVE WAY...

Together they are like... always in a row... She's never happy, he's such a sloopy, never caring to be precise and neat in what he does, my mother taeks things personally... OOoooowwWWW...
BTW I think they are an awfully good match ;) LOL

As for Cancer/Cancer couples my experience says... NAAAAAAYYYY.
I have met two. And they are Grandparents and Parents of a friend of mine, my sis former boyfriend... I don't think I should comment on this too...
The point is that the BOND between the families become TOO STRONG. I am not joking, I'm serious - and I always was so far in this post, beware :) - They can get nowhere without asking all the other THREE (yeah, almost an enlarged 2 couple family). I do think this is too big a limitation...


Moonman, you say "past problems". This is typical of Cancerians too.
I know you could work other ways. And if you really go for couple therapy, good luck!
But my therapy is this: with the money for the psychiatrist/doctor/therapist whatever, organise a travel FOR TWO somewhere FAR. A Cruise, I don't know. Try this! ;)

26-06-2002, 00:41
And if you really go for couple therapy, good luck!
But my therapy is this: with the money for the psychiatrist/doctor/therapist whatever, organise a travel FOR TWO somewhere FAR. A Cruise, I don't know. Try this! ;) [/B][/QUOTE]

Good idea Pollux!!

My wife has a twin sister 15 mins apart and they have a love hate realtionship........well it's more hate I think on the sisters side. They have never been close even in childhood. But you can say they same for most siblins.

I think that regardless of what sign a couple is, just as long as they love, trust and are both willing to make things work it will!
Go on someone say that I'm wrong.


30-06-2002, 13:25
No, you're not wrong, Seb. As long as you make a promise to communicate!

I am married to a Cancer and have two Cancer children - not easy to get them to talk on an emotional level - that crabshell tends to make them attack instead.

And Pollux is right - wonderful organisers - a not so well known fact about these very loving people.