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The monk
06-10-2005, 15:22
I dont consider myself an astrologer, my interest is the sacred geometry of the cosmos, and if patterns form in the heavens at the time of events that shape human history. This will be a much added to thread with a chart attached to each thread section as my files go back to before 11th Sept. 2001.
The patterns/charts that i will be downloading will show grand sextiles, kites and occasionally grand squares, mostly attached to the angles.
My orbs are slightly different to what some astrologers would use as i'm not making any different orb to separating aspects, 8* for trines (yet all important trine orbs are under 6* on charts), and 6* for sextiles.
The other area of my research that astrologers will find strange is my use of mean node as a point which i have found very important in all the charts that i will set before you.
The other point that comes up in 85% of the charts is Juno, which will be very strange to a lot of astrologers who associate Juno with marriage and not terrorist attacks.
I can only say that i have talked to astrologers who have discussed the merits of Juno with Demetra George, auther of Asteroid Goddesses, and the information that i have received points to the "influence" being " all deeply held commitments between a group of people", not only two, as expressed in marriage. Perhaps one of the lines of the marriage ceremony may symbolically bring your thoughts in line with my own when applied to suicide bombers....."Till death do we part".
If we are going to be precise in our judgement of any of the charts on this thread then a number of factors has to be addressed before we can form any opinions.
A) If the planets, Chiron, Pallas, Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Mean Node were used in a random way then we could possibly make some patterns near the time of a particular event, basically because depending on how all this points were spread in the Heavens, a grand sextile could form every six or every three weeks. But there wouldnt be any uniform components, i.e. Juno and the Mean Node or even just the one that would be evident in 10 charts in the six aspect points of the Star of David.
B)The first charts in this thread are from the time frame of Oct 2002, (Later i will have to explain how multi grand aspects fuse together so Juno and Node can still be shown as working together but in separate patterns which was the case with the London bombing and the attack on the hotel at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on 23rd Oct. 2005.
The sextile aspect between Juno and Mean node lasted approx. a month from 23rd Sept. 2002 till near the end of October, during that time two grand sextiles formed using these two points that highlighted 2 world statement terrorist attacks outside the usual Middle East targets, which was the first Bali bombing and the Moscow theatre hostage taking attack.
Actually counting the combined days during the whole of 2003 that Juno and the node was in trine, sextile, opposition, and conjunction was approx. 45 days, in 2004 it was 55 days, in 2005 it is 95 days, in 2006 it is 68 days, and finally in 2007 only 32 days.
Obviously there are years that retrograde motion keeps them in sextile orb for most of the year, as in 2008 when they stay in orb for approx. 227 days, but i have yet to deal with a year and terrorist attacks that change the odds in this way, thus making the aspect ordinary.
The charts that i will put on display concerning Iraq are the high profile attacks which have sadly the most casualties, karma is at such a low ebb in this area, that smaller acts of violence is an every day occurence, thus i wouldnt be able to go into fine detail regarding this country.
The rules of this forum dictate that politics arent discussed, yet in an effort to explain, i think im right in thinking that world karma can be discussed that doesnt relate to individual countries or religions.(smack on the wrist if im wrong!)
Perhaps i should give my impression of karma by the nodes being attached to a Star of David (The most powerful Cosmos display for good) at the time of a terrorist attack.
1) Often the good that comes from things that happen under the influence of a Star of David cannot be seen as good in the short term.
So perhaps we have to leave the door open to the purpose of an event, no matter how awful it may seem.
2) What humanity has done over aeons of time is repress, ignore, fail to deal with, that which has hurt it. This is inherited karma which at some point in time has to be faced up to, addressed and dealt with for all time in order for evolution to proceed.
If humanity has to address repressed issues, then it will take many people in order to activate the "re-experiences", for the collective to address the purpose of the experience, hence perhaps, the need for atrocities, because they are needed to be re-experienced in order for humanity to take a look at a better way of relating to each other (in light) in the uncertain future.
3)The Akashic karma records would never deem this as a political problem directed at any group, however negative that the repressed karma was expressed, but a failure that needs addressing by the whole collective consciousness, so please dont put views here against one part of our shared consciousness.
Phew! hope that satisfies forum rules and helps with all the karma aspect interpretations associated with the following charts connected to Mean node.
First chart, First Bali Bombing, Date 12th Oct. 2002. 2 bombs exploded within seconds of each other at 23:05 local time at Paddy's bar and in a white van outside the Sari Club. 202 deaths, injuring a further 209.
Chart on attachment doesnt show the Moon which is conjunct Desc.
On the next thread section will be the Chechen Moscow theatre attack which happened 11 days later on 23 Oct.
Obviously many aspects are the same except Juno is conjunct the Sun in the Bali Attack on I.C. and Juno is conjunct Mercury on I.C. at Moscow, Yet the most interesting factor is THAT EACH ASPECT TO THE STAR OF DAVID ALMOST SITS IN THE SAME HOUSES!

The monk
06-10-2005, 15:42
On wednesday 23 Oct. 2002, at 22:57pm a group numbered 20/30 Chechen terrorists entered the Palace of Culture Theatre in Melnikov st, South-East Moscow and started placing explosives around the perimeter of the building which took approx. one hour. This was a hostage situation that dragged on for many hours, with a dramatic fatal ending.
It is hard to know when to place a chart in this type of situation, but completion of placing the explosives would have been one of the times deemed as probable. Chart on attachment is timed approx. one hour after the terrorists entered the building.

The monk
06-10-2005, 16:40
This event happened on Saturday 1st Oct. 2005 at 20:15pm with 2 bombs being detonated within seconds of each other. 32 dead, over a 100 hurt.
Interesting as Mars sits exactly on the Asc. square M.C. square Venus within a degree of Desc.
This chart displays a Juno/ Mean Node Kite, with Neptune within 6* of M.C., please compare with last Bali chart.
For those that find dates and numerology interesting, the first Bali attack happened 12 Oct 2002 at 23:05pm, almost to the minute at 23:18pm an attack was taking place 2 years previously on the same date 2000, in the port of Aden, Yemen, when terrorists attacked USS Cole, an American Destroyer, where an explosion ripped a hole 40 ft. by 40ft hole in the side of the ship. This did show kites on the angles but wasnt one of my Juno/Node configurations, i will show the chart later in this thread.
Interesting numerology,...First Bali attack was 1 year 1 month 1 day(111) after 9/11, and 11 days before the Moscow attack, the second Bali attack happened on 1st Oct. 11 days before the first attack, 3 years later.
Im getting tired but i will post one more thread section relating to this kite involved in the Bali bombing which relates to 14 Sept 2005 in Iraq, only difference is 1 point is Mercury and not Jupiter. Sorry about showing these kites when i have grand sextiles to show but the Barli kite did other damage.

The monk
06-10-2005, 16:56
On 14th September 2005, at 6:30am, a suicide bomber detonated his vehicle near a group of construction workers assembled waiting for work in Oruba Square, in north Baghdad. 73 dead, 162 wounded.
Compare with new Barli bombing chart.....Almost the same kite sneaking about on the angles!

07-10-2005, 04:10
Monk, your approach is certainly different from that which many/most astrologers would take. If I may summarize some of your statements so that I can be corrected if wrong:

1) You are basing your studies upon the presence of geometric patterns such as grand-sextiles, grand trines and grand squares. In general, astrologers might tend to use a basis chart (such as an event or natal chart) or a cyclic chart (such as Saturn conjuncting Pluto to mark the cycle) to form a basis for studying something such as terrorism.

2) You are using generous (my term) orbs for sextiles -- 6 or 8 degrees whereas some astrologers would use a much tighter orb. I would see this tightness of orb for an aspect to represent two astrological fundamentals: 1) a closer "timing" of an event (a day or two instead of many days or weeks), and 2) the strength of the effect from an aspect pattern.

3) Relative to my first observation, you are using a geometric pattern as measured along the zodiac. Astrologers tend more to use squares, conjunctions, oppositions, and (by more advanced astrologers) paran-squares (which are angular as seen when rising/culminating/setting and taking into account their declination instead of a projection to the zodiac).

4) You are using a number/few of the asteroids and "non-planets" in your work. Some astrologers do this, some don't. Asteroids are considered by many to be "fine-tuning" energies more than major "causitive-related" energies.

5) You make reference to certain angular activity at the time of these events so I assume all your charts are location-based.

These statements are just that. I'm not questioning what and how you are doing your work, I just wish to make sure I understand your approach. I am into predictive and mundane astrology as well but use totally different methods -- most are not necessarily "main stream" so if I pursue these areas of yours I want to make sure I am taking everything into account. Dave

The monk
07-10-2005, 08:34
Hi Dave,
Yes i use a straight 6* degrees for sextiles, yet many astrologers do use 6*, although obviously not many would use the same for separating aspects.
I do use unusual methods which isnt how many astrologers look at astrological data.
I do use the angles as a form of judging location, although i do have a few charts that although show the patterns arent locational, yet all theories have problems as they evolve.
I look at odds of a particular pattern forming using a few key moving objects or points that is shown within a 360 degree circle at the time of an event.
Obviously i do have astrological knowledge which would only confuse my objectives if i used it during this time of collecting data, yet i must admit my great love is advanced sacred geometry, so i am not an advanced student of astrology like yourself, but please keep making comments as i put charts on this thread, even if i turn out to be a fool, you will not doubt my ability as a researcher.
I have time to put one more chart on attachment and then i will have to leave this thread till next week.
The Madrid Train Bombing. Date 11th March 2004.
At 07:39, three bombs exploded on train 17305 by Tellez street 500 meters short of entering Atocha station, seconds later, four bombs explode on train track 2 inside Atocha station.
At 07:41, two bombs explode on train 21435 at El Pozo del Tio Raimundo station.
Finally at 07:42, a bomb exploded on train 21735 at Santa Eugenia station.
All these bombs were on timers. Most astrologers would firstly draw up a chart for 07:39, and not find the pattern, but perhaps the clue is in the use of timers.
The chart on attachment is timed 7 minutes earlier at 07:32.
The sun is just out of orb and needed the Asc. angle to release the energy, i have found this Phenomena before when the angle brings it all into orb.
For those who are interested in dates and numerology, March 11 is roughly the half way point to Sept 11.
If you count the days in between 11th Sept.2001 and March 11 2004 without counting both dates, you will find there are 911 days in between, (2004 was a leap year).

07-10-2005, 09:25
Monk, event charts (such as the time/place of a bombing) show the event itself but does not show the context of the bombers and their issues, nor will that event chart show much of the relationship to other terrorist events.

I use Cyclic Charts such as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction -- treating this as a basis chart. From that chart I construct precession-corrected Solar Returns and their progressed "in-between" angular movement to look at days when certain patterns will re-occur. These are a bit calculation-intensive and not like the natal charting that many on this forum practice but they are highly accurate in terms of their meaning and especially in their timing -- always accurate within a day or so. The charts are always location-specific and always have active/populated angles within a degree or two --- I only use the angles. This assures that the chart and its patterns are specific to only a one-to-three day span of time and for a given location. Of course, just because a pattern arises does not mean that an event will occur -- what seems to be consistent is that an event will not occur unless the chart conditions are right. This is all very interesting. Good luck on your research. I'll try to follow what ever it is that you post here. Dave

The monk
08-10-2005, 05:34
Thank you Dave for trying to work with me, sometimes i cant give an explanation to how my brain works, so thank you for trying.
Perhaps this is the time, with your knowledge you can see why the chart on attachment does or doesn't apply, do you think Mars is close enough to Asc?
I tend to look at these patterns from the point of their beginnings and how they evolve, and tend to think even if a point goes out of orb and another takes over, then the two Grand Sextiles are related.
The difference from the Madrid bombing is North/south mean node have switched and Mars/ceres.
March 2nd 2004 Baghdad and Karbala attacks, with mortars, grenades and roadside bombs among crowds of Shiite muslims. Both attacks began around 10am, at mosques in Baghdad and Karbala. I have an early news report but the death toll was 143/170. I have only put the Baghdad chart on attachment, but Karbala is only approx. 70 miles away so both charts are the same except for angles, Karbala Asc =24*26' ,M.C.=07*02', same signs as attachment.
I think you realise that im not trying to pick your brain, but to share knowledge, i have the simplicity of a baby on some things yet can be very advanced on others, Ha Ha!

The monk
08-10-2005, 16:39
Saturday 23 July 2005.
An explosion in the old market area was followed by two blasts in the Naama Bay area, where a car bomb tore off the front of the Ghazala Gardens hotel.
The blasts came within minutes of each other at approx. 01:15am local time, when the bars and markets were busy with tourists. 83 deaths.
This Grand sextile is different from the others as Juno isnt part of the pattern but if you view the chart on attachment, i think you will see how it was used on the Asc.

The monk
09-10-2005, 04:33
Suicide bomber drove into U.S. soldiers who were giving candy out to children, 27 died. 13 July 2005, time 10:50am. Baghdad, Iraq.
Although not exactly the same as the London Bomb, as an individual kite released the energy involving Juno, a grand sextile and square was involved, and seemed connected to the general flurry of activity that also involved Sharm el Sheikh bombing. Chart on attachment.

The monk
09-10-2005, 18:51
I was going to post the Beslan school chart, but it can wait for a day or two, isthmus thought it may be a good idea to try to show why i have different ideas about astrology and how i join astrology and sacred geometry together.
Dont worry i will make it easy, i like things simple.
Dave was confused why i use flat plane astrology charts, actually you may think im flaky but i have a theory that the circle and angles of the astrology chart are the Cosmos's draughtsman board and show 3D images of complex life forms by using mostly the quintile family of aspects called a dekagram, or two opposite grand quintiles 36* apart using the decile, quintile, tredecile, bi-quintile, and opposition, which is related to the dodecahedron shape ( twelve pentagons fused together in a football shape which satellites are proving Plato right in his calcalations that the Cosmos is bent in on its self in a dodecahedron, please see attachment of dekagram/decagon for 3D image at the centre of a dodecahedron, after that how about a detailed drawing of the human skull using astrology angles and circle!!!....it will be slightly different but you will see the connection...i hope, no offers please to send me to a quiet place in the country!
I will go into more detail later, on a different thread, please see attachments.

The monk
09-10-2005, 18:59
These drawing are the work of advanced master of sacred geometry Robert Winsett.
Please open attachment.

10-10-2005, 03:21
I have to say that your analysis of these events is the most advanced form of astrology interpretations I have seen, while it takes me a little bit of time to get a hold of your details (I have noticed several on my own), I have to say that all these connections (in AT and elsewhere) has brought up a severe feeling of deja-vu.

I see these grand trines, star of david, and kite configurations as the crystalization of energy that has already been present for a while coming to an apex. Each event shows a consequence which comes from a buildup and release of tension (poliitcal, emotional, or just the sequences of war). I am goign to look into these soon (haven't had the time to go into it in detail) but I am very interested to see where certain asteroids I frequently use align with.

Oops, gotta get going, be back later.

The monk
10-10-2005, 14:04
Thank you Paradoxx for your reply, i have the greatest regard for astrologers who have to study to the standard of a law or medical degree to understand the complexities of astrology.
If i do have a gift, then it is learning enough/ sticking my toe in a number of complex subjects and seeing connections and patterns, yet whether i am a fool or am advancing a " workable set of rules" remains to be seen, we are all working with small incomplete bits of a puzzle without a picture on it to help see where the bits fit, and i dont expect my tiny dust speck of a brain to fathom the mighty Cosmos.
On attachment i have put a chart for London on 24th Dec. 2005, which i havent a comment to make on, obviously some of these patterns have a event attached and some dont, i dont know why, but it is probably because i dont know the master key, yet if you asked me if i would be shopping in central London on Christmas Eve, to be honest, i would have to say " probably Not".
There is another reason why i posted this chart, because it is near enough in line to spark my interest in another area, to do with the elements, fire air and earth that have shapes in sacred geometry called Platonic solids, and are recognised as the building blocks of the Cosmos.
As with technology, ie mobile phone, each button has many different uses and meanings, thus it is the same for super brains, so if the Cosmos was sending us visual 3D messages i would expect them to be symbols with lots of meanings, thus i dont feel confident of interpretation yet.
I thought i would post two attachments before we go back to terrorist attacks, that shows how my brain works in dealing with charts being a semi-astrologer, and seeing different things to what you would see.
The first attachment will be the actual chart
The second attachment will have a few small paragraphs explaining some aspects of sacred geometry and platonic solids, and will display three copied centre parts of the London chart, showing just the aspect lines,....any thing i think is important is coloured in green or red.......i wonder!

The monk
10-10-2005, 14:20
The three circles on attachment are the actual aspect lines from the 24th Dec. London chart, weird stuff!

The monk
11-10-2005, 01:34
Date 1st Sept 2004.
At 9am local time the Beslan school was seized by gunmen, shots were exchanged with police. Death toll at this early stage of the hostage taking, reports range from two to eight, more than a dozen wounded. Some attackers reported wearing suicide- bomb belts.
Im sure we all know the outcome involving this attack, which was very sad, so i think i will record reports of this event, only in its beginnings, and time.
You can read chart on attachment in many different ways.
Firstly lets read this just purely as a kite, Sun, north mean node, Uranus and Juno....Juno sits on I.C. square Moon on Desc. Square M.C. Plus Sun sextile M.C. sextile Node, so it is directional so i could leave interpretation as it stands, especially as will be shown on a later thread section, the final energy release of the London Bomb was a kite very similiar to this one, being made up of the Sun, Juno/M.C., Uranus, and Ceres.
Yet by bending astrology rules, by swopping North/South mean node, we can see it is a grand sextile but only in symbolic terms, very like a neon light switching each half image on and off.

The monk
12-10-2005, 10:11
The Oklahoma City Bombing.
Time of explosion, 09:02am.,April 19th 1995.
The 550 employee's of The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building were heading for their office, when a truck bomb tore down the North face of the building.
This was the second largest terrorist attack on American soil, 168 people died, including 8 federal marshals.
Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were convicted of this terrible crime, McVeigh was sentenced to death.
The Cosmos gave us a big celestial display with this attack, two grand squares, the orb between them was no more than six degree's, so the effect is an eight pointed star!
Obviously this configuration isnt confined to evil deeds, all configurations have mirror images.
Sacred Geometry is hidden in many of our buildings, especially churches and cathedrals, as the ancients knew that these were the building blocks of the great architect, The Cosmos.
The pattern on the chart attached has recently been used......Sacred geometry was the prime concern when building the worlds tallest building, The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.
The architect had a lot of problems with the blueprint being accepted, eventually the 2 grand squares aligned perfectly was the design adopted.
Although the points have been rounded, this can be seen as the building rises to its incredible height.( look at how many rounded corners it has, if you can find a picture.)
I wonder if any American readers can think of another building that had sacred geometry in its design, i will give you a clue....it relates to a grand quintile and the ground breaking ceremony/ start of construction was 11th September 1941.......I wonder if you will guess!
Chart of the Oklahoma bombing on attachment.

The monk
12-10-2005, 15:01
I thought i would post another grand square that happened on Monday 28th February 2005 in Al Hillah, Iraq. (most western media reports drop the "Al".)
A Suicide bomber steered a sedan full of explosives into a thick crowd of Iraqi police and army recruits, killing at least 122, as far as casualties, this attack in Iraq stands in the top three. All the victims were waiting for required checkups at a medical clinic.
Make a mental note that the Mean Nodes straddle the Asc. and Desc., as i have other charts that do this when no other planets or asteroids are near, so it is a theory of mine that as long as the nodes are on the angles, that the pattern energy is released. Chart on attachment.
Getting off the subject, Ive been reading events about the sad loss of life due to the earthquake in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, yet it didnt surprise me at that Northern Latitude, 34*N22'. Im always wary of what i call the 33's (orb 30-35) and the 44's(orb 40-45) in the Northern Hemisphere.
A lot of raising up and pulling down goes on along these lines both in latitude and longitude.
Lets just check what im talking about along the 30/35 lat. line.
California is the 5th largest economy in its own right in the world, but sits on a bad fault line. Even recent events tell the story like New Orleans, slightly below at 29*N58', being hit by two hurricanes. I think it has something to do with fixed stars, as they go in straight lines.
I use Bernadette Brady's starlight software so i have all the calcalations to hand. If El-Nath is sneaking around these degrees usaully something will happen when mixing with other bad boy stars!
The background themes that hung around for several months for New Orleans was "The crisis or the changes that occur," Pluto paran on Nadir when El Nath is Culminating "DESTRUCTION IN A MANNER NOT PREVIOUSLY CONSIDERED"....you would think they would have better luck being in a straight line to the pyramids, wouldnt you!
Looking at the parans for last saturday 8th Oct.for Muzaffarabad, we are still getting bad boy El Nath in paran with Pluto. And where is Muzaffarabad, on a dangerous disputed ownership area, and near the fault line that made the highest mountains, the Himalayas, and the mind boggles "Tibet"!!
Lets look at the Second World War, near Socorro, New Mexico at latitude 33*N40', (106*W28'), along a valley translated from Spanish called "The journey of the dead", the greatest amount of raw energy that man has ever released was tested, that proved E=MC2.
The first atomic bomb was tested at 5:29am July 16 1945, Sirius and El-Nath were rising at the time along this line...a few weeks later further bombs were dropped at Latitude 34*N24', (132*E27') on 6th Aug. and 32N45',(129*E06') on 9th Aug. The Latitude for Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and El Nath was still sneaking about rising with Uranus!
When we get to the spiritual area's of the world Latitude and Longitude come into play, The 33's and 44's, Baghdad 33N, 44E, (dont forget Babylon and Mesopotamia,the cradle of civilisation, are under or near Baghdad.), Jerusalem is near 33 degrees both lat and long, Even Tel Aviv is 36N but 34E, Damascus, Beirut, Kabul, Korea, Harappa, Indus valley Alexandria, and many more ancient places of worship, places of continued trouble, earthquake zones, and places of wealth, or even the Bermuda Triangle!!!
The Knights Templar's didnt budge from Limassol till the 15th Century long after they were effective in fighting for Jerusalem, then they were forced out, im sure they held many ancient secrets that they excavated while in the Middle East....Limassol was almost perfect 34N40', 33E02'.
It may be interesting to go back in time to see which stars have a declination of 33 degree, as then the star would be directly overhead at some point at that latitude.
Going back to 3500BCE- only Cor Serpentis, the heart of the serpent is the obvious one.
By 1400BCE- At the pinnacle of Egyptian civilisation and a century after the height of the Babylonian civilisation - Mirfik in Perseus was at this latitude, representing the young male warrior, and Capella, representing the female huntress and freedom- and war. The Battle of Meggido, where we get the word Armageddon, was fought in 1483BCE.
By 500BCE, Arturus was at this latitude- associated with the hunter who become a farmer, and new ways of thinking. This corresponds to the fall of Babylon, the return of the Jews to Jerusalem, the founding of the Roman republic and democracy in Athens.
By 300CE-, Algol- Associated with destruction and beheading, the "Evil star", or as the Chinese called it "piled up corpses"- was the prominent star at this latitude- The Tartar warriors smashed through the great wall of China at Nanjing, roughly same latitude, Constantine dies and the Byzantium empire splits, the Huns swept in from the east finishing the Ostrogoth empire- the whole period is denoted by empires falling.
In the current epoch i dont think any major stars are there. Yet that doesnt mean too much.......at 00:01am, 1st Jan. 2000, the star the Egyptians loved best, Sirius, the Dog Star and the most powerful fixed star in the sky was directly overhead, if you were sitting on the pinnacle of the cheops pyramid!
Clever guys, those ancient Egyptians!
Lets have a look at the 40 degree latitude line....at the present time we have, oops!, Algol at 40*58'.......New york 40*N42', in a direct line Istanbul 41N01' ( i have terrorist attacks to show yet for here), BESLAN RUSSIA at 43*N11', (and can you believe it 44'E32'), AND MADRID 40*N24', Now that is interesting!
Dont forget to look at the chart on attachment for Feb 28th 2005 Iraq.

The monk
13-10-2005, 09:38
This section will have to be in two parts, so much has been written about the "Harmonic Concordance" that i couldnt add anything more, being a semi- astrologer, but as i look at pattern families, there may be a connection with a terrorist attack that happened as it fragmented 11 days later.
This alignment appeared on 8th November 2003, but didnt fall over London till 01:14am, on 9th November 2003, I know i do go on about numerology, but i can't help it, i have too many natal quintiles, numbers and patterns i find fascinating. 9/11 is the same as 11/9....President Bush was on a visit to London During this period.
I will show possible connections in part two.
Please see attached chart of Harmonic Concordence as it appeared over London.

The monk
13-10-2005, 10:20
Istanbul was rocked by double bomb attacks on the British consulate and the H.S.B.C. building (bank), on the morning of 20th November 2003.
The top diplomat in the city, Consul-General Roger Short, was among 14 people killed in the attack on the consulate, approx. time of explosion by B.B.C. world service was 11:12am.
The 15 storey H.S.B.C. building, headquarters of the London based bank towers is over a busy shopping area. Bomb exploded at approx 11:10.
Im choosing a mid-point time of 11:11am, (09:11am G.M.T.)
Again the chart on attachment you can read 2 ways, as two kites, kite 1 being Mars, Chiron, South mean node/M.C., and Saturn, + Kite 2, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Node/M.C. or a fragmented Desc. semi grand sextile if the nodes on the angles both act as points which is a theory of mine.
What ever the case i have fragmented parts of the Harmonic Concordance, on the angles during this attack, 11 days 11 hours 11 minutes after.
27 dead, 400 injured.

The monk
14-10-2005, 08:35
My fixation with numbers and the 11's involved with the last thread section made me think about the 20th Century, and what is applicable to this thread, so for a few sections i'm giving the terrorist attacks a rest, while we look at the beginning and end of the 2nd World War, started 11am and finished 11:01pm.....i can see your eyebrows rising over 23:01 already, im not saying nothing!
General Jodl of the German high command, signed the document on attachment at Reims, France at an earlier time but the document become effective at 23:01, 8th May 1945.
Please view document, chart will be on part 2.

The monk
14-10-2005, 08:47
The chart on attachment is interesting for planets on the angles and Neptune the planet of surrender being on the M.C., obviously El-Nath is sneaking about in paran with Mars.
Yet what i truly find interesting is Persian Royal Star Antares is conjunct Asc.,
if you use 30' orb then this doesnt happen for long!
Kites and Squares again!

The monk
15-10-2005, 03:01
At 9.am on the morning of September 3rd 1939, Sir Neville Henderson, Britains ambassador to Germany, delivered an ultimatum stating that if hostilities did not stop in Poland by 11am, a state of war would exist between Britain and Germany....Germany didnt respond.
Chart on attachment very similiar to the surrender of Germany in 1945 by Cosmos patterns.

The monk
17-10-2005, 13:29
Throughout the Middle Ages there was a disease that attacked the nervous system, the symptoms being involuntary jerking and movement of limbs, so it looked as if those that were afflicted were dancing.
In order to understand exactly what went wrong back in the summer of 1914, we need to look no further than examine the key alliances that occurred between 1879 and 1907 ending with "The Triple Entente".
In fact these treaties were alliances that the major nations signed in fear of each other declaring war, yet made all of Europe vulnerable to a terrorist attack, bringing the powerful nations into an involuntary dance of death and a war that no one wanted yet were duty bound by the signed agreements.
I mention this fact only to show how the collective consciousness/memory somehow can get played out in events that unfold by starting on a particular date.
St. Vitas dance is dancing to someone elses tune, that is involuntary.
Lets put some details down so you can understand better.
St. Vitas day 1389, the battle of kosovo Polye (field of blackbirds) marks the beginning of the Serbian Nation, the spirit of togetherness that saw the Serbian peoples unite against the Turkish invader. There is some grounds to speculate that June 28th, St Vitas day may have been chosen as the date to open W.W.1.
Two bullets fired on a Sarajevo street on a sunny June morning in 1914 set in motion a series of events that shaped the world we live in today. World war one, World war two, the Cold War and its conclusions all trace their origins to the gunshots that interrupted that summer day, June 28th 1914.
The victims, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife Sophie were shot by 19 year old Gavrilo Princip who burned with the fire of Slavic nationalism. He envisioned the death of the Archduke as the key that would unlock the shackles binding his people to the Austro- Hungarian Empire.
Serbia, figured prominently in the plot. Independent Serbia provided the guns, ammunition and the training that made the assassination possible, they may also have seen a symbolic connection to the battle of Kosovo Polye, and so in theory used this date.
Gavrilo Princip become an unwitting pied piper, as this assassination precipitated the Austrian declaration of war against Serbia which triggered W,W.1., and the involuntary St Vitas dance.
By the time that the Armistice took place on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918, (laying down of arms by all nations) so that a peace treaty could be concluded, Britain and France wanted to make Germany pay dearly for many years for being in a war that in affect wasnt only her fault.
America, to their credit realising that this could spell problems in the area with civil unrest and a possible reoccurence of this conflict in the decades that followed didnt ratify the peace agreement that Britain and France entered into that forced Germany to pay crippling repayments for the losses incurred by the victors.
Thus Britain and France wanted Germany to dance to their tune....The date that Germany was forced to sign this agreement was again June 28 1919 (st Vitas Day), being the Treaty of Versailles.
America didnt ratify a separate peace treaty with Germany till 3 years after the Armistice(11th hour, 11/11/1918),RATIFICATION SIGNED PEACE DOCUMENTS WAS EXCHANGED IN BERLIN ON 11th NOVEMBER 1921. (at 11am for all i know!). I know its only speculation but it does look suspicious that some mild numerology may have been used. Eleven is a master number that if used, would powerplay and underline any agreement.....anyhow so what?, its no big deal, but interesting non-the-less!
What could be disturbing is the date of the Pentagon's genesis, the ground breaking ceremony was 11th September 1941.....sixty years later....i wonder?

18-10-2005, 08:10
The karma of the power play would have been Hitler, who was furious that his homeland was inflicted in such a manner, It does not justify hitler at all, but adds to the final product--ironcally, my mothers birthday is 11/11 (US. Veterens day).

The monk
19-10-2005, 10:24
I dont think i need to write many details about this ghastly attack on American soil, most of it was played out on live television, so i will confine myself to the time of events of 3 of the aircraft, used as missiles, that hit the World Trade Centre and Pentagon.
Flight 11 was the first aircraft to hit the World Trade Centre, it hit the North tower at 08:46am. Chart on attachment showing kite Mercury/Asc., Venus, Saturn and Uranus (flight 175 shows same kite.)
Flight 175 hit the South Tower at 09:03am.
Flight 77 hit the Pentagon at 09:45am. I have used the Asc. as a point for this chart as it was conjunct Spica and Arcturus, Spica is a very powerful fixed star, the other points of the kite are the Moon (conjunct Betelgeuse), Uranus and Chiron. Juno is conjunct M.C., square Asc.
There will be three parts to this attack to show the attached charts.
Please see attached chart for flight 11.

The monk
19-10-2005, 10:28
Please view attached chart for flight 175.

The monk
19-10-2005, 10:36
Please view attached chart for flight 77, that hit the Pentagon.
Asc. is conjunct Spica, that is in the top 10 of powerful fixed stars, also notice Juno conjunct M.C., square Asc.

The monk
20-10-2005, 06:57
As 9/11 was such a huge display of negative karma, i thought i would write one more part to this section.
In mundane terms the interpretation of the numbers 9 and 11 are the end of one cycle and the beginnings of another (9), power played and underlined by the master number, eleven.
I have a friend, a teacher of astrology who has been interested in my theories from the beginning, some of his analysis of 9/11, i have put below:-
"A lot of astrologers were scratching their heads trying to find the evil in this chart (Flight 11 first hit on W.T.C., 08:46am).
Now, the Universe doesnt take sides. From my perspective as a westerner, this was an act of evil. I dont expect the universe to take my perspective, and it doesn't.
Suppose i was an astrologer who agreed with the aims of Al-Qaeda? I could find a lot of solace in this chart. There is a Saturn (orb 7*05')Uranus, Uranus (orb 7*33') Mercury, Mercury (orb 00*28') Saturn grand trine for a start - if you wanted to portray this incident as a well- planned (Saturn) attack on commerce (Mercury) using planes (Mercury) to administer justice (Libra rising), that's the configuration i'd use to justify it. (Uranus -Planes). If i wanted to show how the authority of the world superpower was being challenged, i'd show the Pluto (orb 6*12') Sun, Sun (orb4*06') Saturn T-square.
If i wanted to portray this as a victorious attack by Islamic warriors, i'd show the Moon (Islam) on the Node opposite war like Mars. I'd even use the VOC Moon - means the Moon is at the end of a sign, and her powers in that sign are finished - What more powerful way to go out than with a 9th house (Politics) demonstration in Gemini (Planes and Commerce plus the symbol of the twins - twin towers)."
As you can see astrology interpretation relies on the views of the astrologer.
The fixed star mundane parans are interesting,
Antares/Saturn - to see life in black or white, a struggle of polarities.
Alkes/Mars - to take action to protect one's ideals.
Diadem/Mars - sacrifice of oneself for others.
Aculeus/Mars - hardship in pursuing one's dream.
Alderbaran/Saturn - to be politically aware and make comment.
Arcturus/Jupiter - a bold leader.
Acumen/Venus - an activist who works in unpopular mediums.
Alcyone/Sun - the ruthless visionary, passionate and arrogant.
Murzim/Sun - the desire to make a statement.
Not to mention an "Arabic" part - the part of travel - opposite Pluto.
Interesting stuff!
I see long suffering New Orleans may be battered by a new hurricane, Latitude 29*N58'.....along that line there was an earthquake at Bam, Kerman Iran on Dec. 26th 2003 Latitude 29*N06', killing approx. 25,000, i think i will have to do a lot of research on straight line latitude astrology....Sarajevo (trigger for first world war) 43N51' in line with Beslan, even recent troubles in Kosovo 42'N38'.

The monk
21-10-2005, 10:57
Two years before the Bali attack, almost to the minute, U.S.S. Cole, An American destroyer, suffered severe damage in an attack when the ship was in the port of Aden, Yemen for a routine fuel stop. Cole completed mooring operations at 9:30am, Refueling started at 10:30am.
At 23:18pm, Bahrain time a small boat approached the port side of the destroyer, and an explosion occurred causing a 40 ft. by 40 ft. gash in the port side of the Cole, the date was 12th October 2000.
The chart is interesting for the kite on the M.C., Uranus/Juno conjunction is part of the kite, the nodes are conjunct the Asc./Desc.
Please view chart on attachment.

The monk
22-10-2005, 01:34
It may be interesting to put forward theories at this point, as to how the Cosmos views all aggression, which may lead to a better understanding of karma, which in the end will shape our fate as a collective.
On March 20th 2003 between 05:30 and 05:35am local time, the Second Iraq War started, when bombs fell on Baghdad, This followed by days of severe bombing in Baghdad and other cities.
The chart on attachment shows a kite on the M.C., so even though the components, i.e. planets/points/asteroids, change, the shape of energy release is still the same....i wonder if that has significance?
If you have a view on this, please be sure to confine it to the astrological/political rules of the forum, that we use astrological data as the key point....be careful, i dont want a "political free for all!"
I will show first Iraq war soon, which also shows kites.
I have chosen 05:33, for my chart as data on the web is not accurate between 05:30 and 05:35am.

The monk
22-10-2005, 04:23
I tend to think that sacred geometry/astrology had a common ancestry back in the mists of time, in astrology we deal with four elements, that in sacred geometry, each has a shape, plus a further element of the spirit or aether, that has a shape of the dodecahedron.
When we view a kite on an astrology chart it has a 3D shape that we recognise as the Tetrahedron (four triangles) that represents the element of Fire, which many would view as symbolic of aggression, or perhaps you wouldnt agree?
Page concerning the Platonic Element Shapes on attachment.

The monk
24-10-2005, 04:10
A massive bomb devastated a busy shopping area in central Manchester.
Two hundred people were injured in the attack, mostly by flying glass.
The bomb exploded at 11:20 local time, in Corporation St., outside the Arndale shopping centre, on 15th June 1996. Police believe the I.R.A. planted the device.
Chart on attachment, nodes are conjunct asteroids/planets that make up the two kite formation, also Juno is involved as a point conjunct Saturn.

The monk
24-10-2005, 10:23
Lord Mountbatten, the Queens cousin traditionally spent his holiday at his castle in County Sligo, North West Ireland.
Mountbatten, one of the Lord's twin grandsons, Nicholas, and Paul Maxwell, employed as a boat boy were killed in the family boat, Shadow V, which had set off from the village of Mullaghmore.
Not long after setting off, a booby-trap bomb exploded killing all on board.
The date was 27th August 1979, time was 11:30am.
Chart showing kites and squares on attachment.

The monk
25-10-2005, 05:05
At 13:25pm, local time, John F. Kennedy was shot in the head and throat.
Dallas, Texas, 22nd November 1963.
Chart on attachment shows a kite, Chiron/Asc., Juno, Pluto/Uranus conjunction on Desc., and North Mean Node.
22 is the next master number up from 11.

The monk
25-10-2005, 08:50
24th Oct. 2005.
A terrorist attack on the Sheraton and Palestine hotels was made today in Baghdad, 3 explosions, close together at approx. 17:21pm local time.
Chart on attachment.

The monk
26-10-2005, 12:38
It is hard enough to understand astrology, so i dont want to go into lots of complicated analysis over Metaphysics, Plato or Pythagoras, who is credited with first establishing the relationship between number ratios and sound frequencies.
I'm really really trying to get away from conspiracy theories, which the next thread could start, so it is better that i just say that the pentacle/pentagram relates to Pi, all living things and the Cosmos.
The pentacle produces so many negative responses from most of the collective consciousness, this is inherited memory from how the symbol has been explained by idiots (my opinion), over the last 150 years.
The most damage was produced by Eliphas Levi (French occultist) who descided to put a goats head in the pentagram shape, it has never fully recovered from that point.
The earliest known use of the five pointed star comes from an Egyptian hierogliph that denoted fixed stars, each started with a five pointed star followed by other signs. Sirius, the Dog Star, was the fixed star they loved the best, thus many who study Metaphysics think that the original "picture writing" for Sirius, being a five pointed star, a dome or half circle, and an obelisk, or shape looking like a "Finger of God/Yod", may have got shortened to just a star.
I have to explain this, as the symbolism of America is a white star on a blue background, so i dont want readers having spasms over sacred geometry that has been a semi-secret of many buildings throughout Europe and the world.
Egyptians lined their Cities/ pyramids, etc up to the stars, and replicated many of the shapes and measurements of the Cosmos in their buildings, many Christians and other faiths still do this to this day.
Metaphysics and your faith, should be in harmony....so why is it fairly secret in the Christian world?
Vatican powerplay was very strong in the middle ages, to fall foul of the court appointed by the Church of Rome to suppress heresy wasnt pleasant and wasnt always done for saintly reasons, i think you would have to agree, the term " burning Martyr" comes from the times of the Inquisition.
These people formed underground societies, that had long memories, so the information become secret. Many of their craftsmen built sacred geometry into Cities throughout Europe, even churches and cathedrals, without the knowledge of the Catholic paymasters....which was slightly "tongue in cheek!"
The greatest splendour of sacred geometry has to be Chartres Cathedral, France, nearly a thousand years old, yet is built with great understanding of mathematics, and counter balance.
So if Washington D.C. did have any sacred geometry built into the city, i would have to say.......its normal, it happens the world over, and if it didnt have any....i would be surprised!
Finally, just for the people who get indigestion over five pointed stars, i have put the latest scientific thinking about the Cosmos due to satellite observations on attachment. (BBC world news document).

The monk
26-10-2005, 14:44
While the collective consciousness euphoria was being experienced on Armistice Day, being the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918, a little known administrative task was being concluded in Washington D.C.
The original drawings/street plan of Washington D.C. were being transferred in a ceremony from the City Commissioners to their new home, the Library of Congress for safe keeping.
Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, the achitect, may have been an adept of sacred geometry, who may have convinced President Washington to incorperate sacred geometry into the streets and buildings of the new Capital City.
I dont wish to involve myself in this arguement, mainly as it's contraversal.
What does interest me is the letter that L'Enfant sent to George Washington explaining his ideas was dated September 11th 1789.
One hundred and twenty three years earlier, the Great Fire of London had destroyed much of the Capital.
Much of the Hermetic/Sacred Geometry tradition was studied by some of the leading minds of the country, Gresham College, and the Royal Society provided a loosely based headquarters for people that included Isaac Newton and Sir Christopher Wren, the architect famous for St Pauls Cathedral, the floor plan of which shows a marked resemblence to what we know of Solomons Temple.
Sir Christopher Wren had just returned from Paris and had gained King Charles 2nd's interest with his plans for London.
Incredibly the date of the bonding of this agreement between the King and Wren seems amazingly similiar to the bonding of ideas between George Washington and L'Enfant.
Both architects were proposing new plans for the Capitol, and it would seem that both wanted to include sacred geometry in the design....I may not write about Washington D.C. but i'm sure London has this ancient art hidden in the the "old town".
The significant date that is important by "coincidence" to both Wren and L'Enfant is 11th September 1666 and 11th September 1789!
When the date of the start of construction of the Pentagon is added, being 11th September 1941, it would be hard not to think that 9/11 was related in some way.
The First World War was not only connected to the 2nd World War and the rise of Communist USSR, but also saw the end of the Turkish Ottoman Empire that had ruled much of the Middle East for Centuries.
During W.W.1 Britain had promised chunks of land to any Arab inhabitance of the Ottoman Empire to rise up and help fight in the war effort, sadly as the promises had been made to all who would listen, the same land was promised over and over again to different factions, hence the British Mandate given by the Leaque of Nations, to bring these countries to a democratic conclusion become unworkable unfortunately.

The monk
28-10-2005, 11:49
It was the London attacks that finally brought all my theories together into an apex, so you will have to forgive me if it takes some time to explain, as i'm also trying to show how my unfortunate brain works..Ha Ha!
Being a Londoner i was well placed to feel the growing collective consciousness energy focus during and leading up to 7th July 2005, world leaders arriving for the important G.8. summit, discussing Third World Poverty and growing concern over how we care for our planet/Global Warming/Global Dimming. We also had tremendous euphoria in winning the right to stage the 2012 Olympics.
So we have to be careful in how we interpret astrological data, as so much was happening, later in this thread i will also show that there may have been multi-functions to aspect patterns during this period.
Finally i must say that it taught me how small our world is becoming, my research material has taken many hundreds of hours during the last 3 years.
A lot of that time has been trying to make sense of, and finding patterns concerning terrorist attacks,.... so to discover that the apartment used in the manufacture of the London Bombs was within 10 minutes walking distance of where i live, came as a big shock!
As you know, when i have time, i turn an animated chart on, and look for patterns, their beginnings and how they evolve. Which is what i was doing
on 8th December 2004, while using New York as a location.
I tend to have both nodes running so i can see quickly if a planet is getting near when grand sextiles are forming.
I do work late, and due to my natal Saturn being in the first house, i can get tired over pain due to physical semi-limitations. When that happens i generally stop the animated chart on an aspect pattern that i find interesting and print it up, so i can continue at another time.
Starlight astrology program, that i use, also puts the date that the chart was printed on the bottom left of the chart.
The chart on attachment will show that i followed this pattern on an animated setting up to 1st July 2005, at 08:40am for New York, stopping the chart when a kite was on the M.C., Juno, Uranus, Ceres, and the Sun. The grand sextile hadnt formed yet, as i was using both nodes, yet i knew that there was a possibility of the Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars taking over from the North Node in the next few days, and a possibility of a planet on the Asc.......I lost my chart in paperwork and forgot about it till i saw the same pattern 8 months later in London on 7/7/2005, the same kite on the M.C. at 08:50am.!
Getting tired, will continue soon.

The monk
01-11-2005, 10:14
I work at the week-ends, i work with music/quintiles, so sorry couldnt continue the thread till now!
The kite that was on M.C. at the time of the beginnings of the London Attack is on attachment. Part 3 follows.

The monk
01-11-2005, 11:31
My focus isnt great tonight, so please forgive,....I have been trying to find data over the Delhi attack, a car bombing in Howaider, Iraq, and a train disaster, India all on 29th Oct. and on todays Basra bombing.
Pulling my mind away from this, lets get back to the London bombs on 07/07/2005, that started at approx. 08:50.
I have a feeling we have to view this like a boxers combination double punch, as i have a chart on attachment that formed on Asc. during a twenty five minute period (i have chosen a middle time.), timed 07:45, and covers the time it took the terrorists to travel into London from Luton to Kings Cross by Train after leaving their car in Luton railway car park.(Original location, Leeds).
The chart shows a grand sextile, square and the eventual kite that released the energy when on the M.C. , approx 1 hour later.
The orb for Venus/Mars isnt in line and needs the Asc. to powerplay the grand sextile and square keeping it in orb by conjunction.
It is this grand sextile and square that powerplayed a lot of the terrorist attacks during the following days (my opinion), even though it changed some of the components/points/planets/asteroids, by relay as they came into orb, even if for a few days it fell apart while other components crept into orb.
Chart on attachment, please look at other charts during this time that are on this thread.

The monk
01-11-2005, 12:22
One of the London bombers was found in Birmingham in a "safe house" later in the events that unfolded during his time.
On Saturday 9th July 2005, the police said they had received a "credible" tip-off just before 8pm. that Birmingham would be attacked.
About 20,000 was evacuated from the city centre as police sent bomb disposal experts in to set up controlled explosions........it may have dispersed the terrorists or it may have been a hoax!
Chart on attachment, timed 19:24, just as Pluto/Asc. orbs were coming into play....you will see that Pluto trine Venus/Mercury is out of orb and needs Asc. in a conjunction, actually later this configuration came into orb and showed dangerous M.C. connections to New York at peak evening rush hour, but passed without any events.....yet the relay still had a long way to go!

The monk
03-11-2005, 10:53
Throughout this thread i have brought to your notice when the nodes sit on the angles and the theory that one of the ways the Cosmos may release the energy of the pattern is by using both nodes when situated in this manner.
London was very lucky on 21st July 2005, as the primers failed to detonate the explosives that suicide bombers carried onto the London Underground, because of a defect.
Events of the day:-
12:25pm, Shepherds Bush underground station is evacuated.
12;30pm, Ambulence services are called to the Oval underground station, which is evacuated.
12:45pm, Ambalence services called to Warren st. underground station which is evacuated.
13:21pm, Fire service says smoke seen coming from Warren st. station.
13;25pm, London Underground announces services suspended on three lines : Victoria, Northern and Hammersmith & city tracks.
13:30pm, Police respond to reports of an explosion (only primer explosion) on a number 26 bus in Bethnal Green, East London. There are no injuries.
It was these bombs that was eventually found to have been manufactured very close to where i live.
Chart on attachment shows grand sextile which strides Asc., Desc., with both nodes, the theory being...could this have powerplayed both nodes? I have chosen 12:45pm as a chart time.

The monk
05-11-2005, 00:58
Three explosions ripped through Dehli on Saturday 29th Oct. 2005, within minutes of each other, killing 59 people, most of them at a marketplace crowded with thousands of people getting ready for India's festival of lights.
Locations :- Sarojini Nagar and Paharganj marketplaces.
Chart on attachment show a kite, Saturn is square Asc. and square Sun conjunct Desc. Juno is square Moon, trine Chiron/M.C.
First explosion, 17:45pm local time.

The monk
06-11-2005, 00:34
To many that are new to astrology, the ancient myths and legends may seem to be child like in nature, many refer to an ancient event that has been embellished adding amusing but perhaps untrue details, as with parables in the Bible, they are a simple story designed to teach a moral lesson, and you can safely say that the ancients were highly symbolic due to their better understanding of the right hemisphere of the brain.
Im not sure if he is still alive, but till recently scientists were recording thousands of tapes from an Irish "story teller", who couldnt read or write, but had been chosen while as a child for his memory....he was the last in an unbroken line that stretched back into the mists of time.
There are still a few "story tellers" left in small villages, that seem out of touch with the modern world in Turkey, we would better understand them as minstrels, who sing songs of great events, that took place many thousands of years ago,....many of the songs rhyme, so it is a memory trigger.
Homer was a blind minstrel earning his living probably on the ancient coast of Turkey, in effect teaching history by song to all those who couldnt read or write....Most of the saga of Helen of Troy and the Trojans is "true", although probably the Trojan Horse is an embellishment....which is sad for the Greeks, as they have been stuck with the English cliche, " Beware of Greeks bearing gifts".
I hope this leads any new readers of myths and legends, to view them in a different light...you have to read them "between the lines" to get the message!
It is only my opinion, but i think the most important myth for our times, therefore having the most "message" is the myth of Osiris, Isis, and Horus, as most astrologers think time goes around in a cycle....and this myth gets played out by the signs of Leo and Virgo.
On 18th September, 2011, the Persian Royal Star of Leo, Regulus, the watcher of the North, ruler of the angles of the earth, changes signs from Leo to Virgo.
The nemesis or downfall of Regulus is revenge, hence if any who has this very powerful fortunate fixed star on their natal chart, they can go far but must never seek revenge!
Osirus was the eldest son of Nut and Geb, the sky goddess and the Earth god.
Osirus took his sister, Isis as his consort, and they ruled Egypt, but he was cut down in his prime, being murdered by his brother Seth, who cut up his corpse and hid the parts all over Egypt. Isis in an epic search, found all the pieces except the phallus, she then joined all the pieces together using magical rites which brought Osiris back to life, although she had to provide him with an artificial phallus , by which she managed to get pregnant.
Afterwards Osiris departed into the Cosmic world of the dead, and Isis produced a son Horus, who grew up to avenge his fathers death by defeating Seth , thus becoming king of all Egypt.......How are we supposed to Decipher this?....dont ask me!
Yet it is a cycle story that is kept in the collective consciousness memory...Let me explain!
The cycle connection was easily joined when the myths of ancient Egypt got mixed with the christian faith after Jesus was Crucified, and spread through the Middle East in the first few centuries A.D.
The early christian church headed by Saint Mark found converting Egyptians relatively easy, for one reason, due to the fact that it resembled their own myths. Mary and Jesus just overlaid the Isis/Horus myth....Isis was the God Mother and Mary was the mother of God.
In the early years , astrology incorperated Osiris/Isis into the Virgo/Leo story.
Isis and all female goddesses such as Vesta, Ceres, were interwoven and mixed.
Even the church got involved, as they tried to stop pagan festivals, like December 25th, they gave in after a while and just transplanted a fictional Jesus birthday on top.
We can see how real events and myths and legends got mixed by the Royal Star of Leo, that can apply to the mythical King Feridun, but can also fit Osiris and Zeus/Hercules mythology.
I think that all the joining of myths and legends points to a cyclic story deep within the human psyche, yet now the minstrels story is too vague to understand.
The measurements of degrees, minutes, and seconds used in the astrology chart is very ancient and corresponds to "time", being very similiar to our clock face. When we calcalate the five pointed star on the astrology wheel we get 72 degrees in between.
In human terms it matches our heart beat, also it takes 72 years for a fixed star to progress 1 degree in its slow slide around the wheel.
In sacred geometry it relates to the fifth element, yet confusingly its attached to Venus/Love, but mirror image relates to Seth/Set/Lucifer the light bearer, and in mundane astrology relates to Persian/Arab interests and countries.
In Esoteric astrology Regulus is a conduit of Sirius,.....I wonder what changes Regulus on the cusp will bring, perhaps the Sphinx could tell us with its lions body and womans head?
I dont like leaving a thread section with just questions and confusion, but the trail of the message is beyond me....any ideas?

The monk
08-11-2005, 12:40
A lot has been written about the Presidential death cycle...I'm not going to add to it other than post the charts of the Presidents that have been assassinated during the last 145 years.
Lincoln and the Presidential party were already at Fords Theatre when, armed with a derringer and hunting knife, Booth arrived at approx 21:30pm.
A boy employed at the theatre, Joseph Burroughs, held his horse in the rear alley. Booth went next door to a saloon for a drink, and entered Ford's approx. 22:07pm.
At 22:15pm on Friday 14th April 1865 (Ford's Theatre, Washington D.C.), Booth opened the door to the state box and shot President Lincoln in the back of the head at near point-blank range.
Chart on attachment showing the Moon exactly on the Asc., and mean Node and Juno involved with a kite pattern.

The monk
09-11-2005, 09:24
Research on the net takes a lot of effort especially getting the exact time, any members that wish to look at any documents that i use to determine a time of an event, please ask.
Although i pride myself in fully investigating events, obviously we all can make mistakes, yet in an effort to show how difficult it is to be precise, the exact time of William McKinley's assassination did test me...till i found the medical report on attachment. The chart will follow on part 2.

The monk
09-11-2005, 09:33
The chart on attachment is interesting as again the Nodes sit on the angles,... Grand square and kites...Juno square Nodes!

The monk
10-11-2005, 13:58
I've been busy today, and now my thoughts are drawn to the Jordan bombing, due to Paradoxx thankfully bringing me up to date with events...I'll post when i'm sure of the time...another 9 and 11, being 9th Nov!
President Garfield was shot at 09:13am, Saturday 2nd July 1881, just as he was entering the Philadelphia depot, Washington, by Charles J. Guiteau.
Obviously not all my charts show a fully formed pattern, yet the chart is interesting for the almost exact sextile orb between Juno, Uranus conjunct Asc., Sun, and Saturn conjunct Mars......I think you will see how the nodes are used....Plus Pluto is approx 2 degrees from M.C.

The monk
11-11-2005, 06:22
This is an important thread section, as recently i have written about the importance of the nodes on the angles. Please view attached CBS news item that records the time of event....which i am sure is right by numerous net searches.
You will see that " Crusaders" are mentioned, perhaps you could do a net search to see who they apply to in the present day?
Perhaps you could also search for the date of "The battle of Hittin in 1187, ring any bells with American readers?
"Camp David" is a reference to an original camp and headquarters made on "The Dome of the Rock", the most dangerous real estate in existance!
Sorry, not being political....do your own net searches, and make your own minds up! Yes i know i'm scary, i do it to myself enough!
I wonder if there is a secret faith under all religions that isnt generally known?
Doesn't help in a democracy when we value politicians by what we can see, does it?

The monk
11-11-2005, 06:30
Please view chart on attachment, if you have read this thread from the beginning then this chart wont be surprising....or THE NEXT ONE FOLLOWING!

The monk
11-11-2005, 06:37
Please read details of the attack in Baghdad, today. Chart on part 2.

The monk
11-11-2005, 06:57
Please view chart on attachment....the same chart as the Jordan attack but upside down, plus the Juno/Pluto opposition on Asc./Desc.

When the Vatican wise sit, fearful for our fate,
while paying homage to the relic beyond their gate,
The oath, the obelisk, high on capitol hill,
bending the Cosmos to their ego and will.
Hydra's wine, bittersweet, raised high from a flaggon,
betwixt freedom and love or release of the dragon.

When Karmic dark clouds hang crying from the sky,
and those of the "33 degree", calcalate and scry,
Look to the angles, there you will find a kite,
t'is the Cosmic bugle, first blood in the fight!

The monk
15-11-2005, 07:23
In many statements given on the internet by Al Qaeda, they often refer to crusaders, that seem central to their grievance against the western world.
In an effort to understand such a large negative protest in the collective consciousness, it may well be best for us to try to unravel the puzzle behind the Jihad, whether a real or imaginary grievance, fear breeds violence.
During March 2004 in Ankara, Turkey a terrorist attack was conducted on a masonic lodge, since this attack, as yet no others have been conducted against the masons.
Please view article, on attachment, in todays London Daily Mail, threatening the Queen, again mentioning "Crusader laws" as the reason.
As i have already written about Regulus, the heart of the lion, in a previous thread section, it is interesting for the fact that the first crusader that comes to mind is Richard the lion heart!
The Knight Templars were formed in Jerusalem during the year 1118 by Hughes De Payens, Geoffrey De Saint-Omer and seven other French knights.
The order was set up to protect pilgrims who wanted to travel to the holy sites for prayer and meditation, plus defend the Holy lands, being of Christian faith. The knights took monastic vows and were known as the "Poor Knights of Christ".
King Baldwin 2nd, the king of Jerusalem, installed the headquarters of the order where they believed the Temple of Solomon stood on the "Dome of the Rock".....Camp David is a modern day reference to this camp.
While they were on the site, they dug into the foundations and probably found secret mystical manuscripts, as their knowledge of sacred geometry was outstanding when they returned to France, building many Cathedrals like Chartres that were far advanced in technical ability and understanding of complex mathematical equations, counter balance, and weight, height, and dome/arch ratio's.
Interest in "digging" in this area seems of existed well into the 20th Century, as 26 of the 27 articles laid down in the British Mandate given by the Leaque of Nations, after W.W.1., were about keeping the peace and producing fair
laws, while laying down a foundation for democracy.
Article 21, however follows a different train of thought, the exact wording is as follows:-
"The mandatory shall secure the enactment within twelve months from this date, and shall ensure the execution of a law of Antiquities based on the following rules. This law shall ensure equality of treatment in the matter of excavations and archaeological research to the nationals of all State Members of the Leaque of Nations".
We have to remember that "The Leaque of Nations was also an exclusive organisation consisting of the powerful nations.
Even in 1922, it was seen that the lands around Jerusalem could be an area for future conflict, so it is strange that Article 21 was included in the mandate, perhaps it was seen as a last time period that digs could take place, before the forming of the new democracies, when management of "Holy Sites" would pass to the new governments.
The site of Temple of Solomon has always been a sensitive piece of real estate, as Al-Walid Ibn Abdul Malik had built the Al-Aqua mosque on the site at the beginning of the 7th century, also Ummayed Caliph Abdul Ibn Marwan had built a mosque on the Dome of the Rock. This is nearly as important as Mecca to Muslims, being the place they believe the Prophet Mohamad ascended to Heaven, yet sadly we have a conflict of interests as ironically it is a sacred site for Jews, being the site Where Solomons Temple stood, and important in Christian faiths.
Perhaps terrorists believe rightly or wrongly that 33 degree masons are intent in rebuilding the Temple of Solomon.
I know that sounds unbelievable but they may have grounds to be confused on this point, through ill choice of dates, love of Egyptian mystical shape of buildings/symbols and some poor handling of foreign affairs.
Obviously inviting Arabs to Camp David wouldnt invite confidence......I have no interest how many Presidents are also joined to the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree, but it doesnt take suspicious Arabs long to work out that 33 degrees is also found in the Latitude and longitude of Jerusalem!
The Washington master lodge has its origins in Charleston, being the mother lodge, also at latitude 33 degree.
We will return to this point later, but i must say that im not trying to smear the upper exclusive reaches of mason teachings, but we have to view them having additional beliefs besides a christian veneer....is this clashing with Arab fundimentalist mystics that arent of the passive kind?
The Order of Templars were confirmed at the Council of Troyes in 1128 by Pope Honorius 2nd. The knights had held Jerusalem from 1099, other crusades were planned, but crushed by Muslims in 1148 outside Damascus in Syria, also at latitude 33 degree.
Yet by 1165 the Templars were firmly established in Jerusalem and other major towns of Palestine as well as being influencial in Europe.
The turning point came in 1187 at the Battle of Hittin, (unfortunate coincidence, being Independence Day in U.S.A.) when Saladin of Egypt defeated the crusaders, capturing Jerusalem, and liberating Palestine from European control. Palestine was returned to Islamic control, and remained that way till the Ottoman conquest in 1517.
The crusaders final influence in the area was driven out in 1291, when the city of Acre was captured. Although a terrible defeat for the Templars, their influence, wealth and power had grown huge throughout Europe, in fact their resources were comparable to any major European country. Their Base was Cypress, (one of their major camps was in Limassol, 34N40, 33E02) and they owned or had built many major places of worship throughout the continent.
The owned a huge amount of land, the Spanish king, Alphonso of Aragon had donated a third of his kingdom to the Templars....the whole of the Christian world was at their feet. In 1139 Pope Innocent 2nd granted the knights international independence from obligation to any authority apart from himself!
Much of the fragmented knowledge of a much older age had been open to them, by the time they had spent in the Middle East, even though so much had been destroyed by the burning of the library, and seat of study at Alexandria, a thousand years before, it seems the knights had been eager students, and very intensive in their search for rare Jewish/Arabic manuscripts of the mysteries.
Much of their wisdom can be found in the Great French Cathedrals, Notre Dame, Reims and the breath taking spendour of Chartres.....the skill of Hiramic geometry. The cathedrals were the work of the Children of Solomon- a guild of specialist masons taught by the St Bernard Cisterian Order of Templars, as explained in the 19th Century by the French Hermeticist, Fulcanelli.
The very richness and power of the Templars led to their downfall, as it inspired envy in many countries and kings.
Philip the Fair of France was one, he owed the Templars a huge amount of money (Templars were the first bankers.)
in 1307 Philip arrested all the Templars in France, stealing their land and goods, and getting Pope Clement V to rubber stamp his actions. 13th October 1307 is a significant date for masons as the Grand Master of the Templars, Jacques De Molay was arrested by inquisitors, he was burnt at the stake outside Notre Dame Cathedral 7 years later. Unfortunately the laying of the cornerstone by masons when building the White House shares the same date, today the masons run the De Molay boys clubs in America.
The Inquisition that followed totally broke the power of the Templars, but they survived in secret, which is sad as their knowledge in the upper levels of masonry is still secret today, i wonder if we would be further ahead in our karmic journey, if the start of schooling for all, beginning in the 19th century which led to our mushrooming technology, had coincided with study of the ancient mysteries?
I am fascinated by the mysteries that they may have the answer to, but the Egyptians and ancient Jewish/Arab mystics didnt know everything, and knowledge that is kept by a few doesnt grow, as when shared with the collective, sometimes the Cosmos gives us a person of real talent that pull all the strings together, yet this usaully doesnt come from elite organisations, but may come from a person of poor background.
The order continued in secret with an uninterupted line of grand masters until 1705, when Philip, Duke of Orleans was elected, thus setting the scene for a partial revival, by powerful nobles. During this time, attitudes relaxed, in fact there was many hermetic students in England that didnt fear any Inquisition which led to the founding of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717.
The layng of St Pauls Cathedral's corner stone was changed to 23rd June 1675 which doesnt correspond to any symbolic date, if you are using the Julian calendar, but in 1675 there was a choice of calendars, as Pope Gregory 13th had adopted the Gregorian calendar on 24th Feb.1582, so England was being slow in adopting the new calendar. By converting the Julian Calendar date of 23rd June to the Gregorian counterpart, we get 4th July, the date of the Battle of Hittin and the American independance day. (The American vote was taken on the 2nd July and made known to the general public on the 6th July, so i have no idea why the 4th July was eventually chosen).
Before we Back track to France, i think an explanation of how Scottish Rites got included in the jargon involved in the upper reaches of masonic knowledge is needed, when most of the knowledge came from Europe and France.
After the death of Jacques de Molay, 50 knights excaped and settled in the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland, where they founded new lodges based on the ancient knowledge, hence "Scottish Rites".
Paris has a strange association with Isis as it owes its name to her, in ancient times Lutece (Paris) was a province of the Roman empire, and actually had a temple of Isis near by, over time Lutece was dropped and the area started to be called (Latin) PAR-ISI meaning near Isis.
During the French Revolution and after, high ranking masons seemed to be prominently active. During later times, there are rumours that Napoleon was a freemason, at least he was surrounded by them, including Tallyrand, Monge, Kleber, and most of Napoleons family, including his father, 3 brothers, Josephine, and his brother-in-law....also there are many lodges named after him.
The Nine Sisters Lodge was founded in 1776 in Paris, within 3 years Benjamin Franklin was appointed grand master.....American French hero Lafayette was also a prominent mason.
The doctrines of Isis and the Scottish Rite masons had crossed the Atlantic to U.S.A.
The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry has been said to adopt a great deal of Christian symbolism, this particular branch had lodges in Claremont, France, which spread to the U.S. evolving in degrees till 1825 when the grand council established a 33 degree... the original headquarters was founded in Charleston.
The Statue of Liberty was given to New York by French masons, symbolising Isis.
President Truman always admitted to being a 33 degree mason, in fact there is web film footage showing parts of the full masonic burial. He was also the 33rd President and lead the West in accepting the State of Israel, being unbiased i dont have any comments to make over this fact other than its product is the situation we find our selves in today, with aggression spilling over which is negative to the karma of us all, lets hope we can calm the waters!
Between 1943 and 1947 Pluto was was involved in the Heliacal rising of Sirius at the Latitude of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the site where the first Atomic bomb was tested, all vertially on the 33rd degree by latitude, this was further complicated by Achernar culminating, finally in August 1945 Uranus was rising with El-Nath.
Truman with a heavy heart ordered the bomb to be dropped on 6th August 1945 on Hirosima to save American lives, As is sometimes the case with the collective memory, by chance the date this happened corresponds to the Feast of Transfiguration of Christ.
"After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James and John and led them up a high mountain, suddenly Christ was Transfigured and appeared as a blinding white being, so the his followers had to turn away, or they would have been blinded. By doing so they were able to see a huge cloud forming in the sky, and heard a voice from the Heavens " This is my son with whom i am pleased"
I wonder if the inhabitance of Hiroshima thought that that the gods had visited on this day in 1945 for a brief second as "Little Boy", the name of the bomb fell from the sky.....The collective memory can play unsettling symbolic tricks, i think you would agree?
Please see Daily Mail report on attachment regarding Al Qaeda threats to the Queen blaming crusader laws....perhaps it would be better not to elect masons as politicians till we find the solution to our times as it looks as if it antagonises Arab fundamentalists, and doesnt help negotiation.

The monk
17-11-2005, 12:35
The strongest message that comes to us from ancient mystics is the above statement, which means worlds within worlds ever larger and ever smaller that follow the same pattern.
After showing you earlier how we can draw detailed diagrams of the human skull by using opposite grand quintiles plus other angles in the quintile family, i thought it might interest you to go down a scale......Lets look at human D.N.A. and in a simple unfinished drawing using a dekagram/decagon see how this fits a smaller world.
Please view picture of D.N.A. and my very crude drawing that is obviously unfinished, yet as it is unfinished it remains simple. It is on attachment.
I thought i would supply a little light relief to the dynamics of this thread!