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07-10-2005, 08:29
I noticed that astro.com has introduced a new asteroid into their advanced list, Pholus. When trying to locate information on pholus, I found out that he is located between Saturn and Neptune with a rough distance equal to neptune, it is named after a centaur who was friends with Hercules, and while did not assist in the fateful fight with the hydra, did observe and accidently killed himself on the battlefield after the battle was over (he punctured himself with an arrow but there are other reiterations that say that he was accidently killed by friendly fire). A real example of 'curiosity killing the cat,' if nothing else. Pholus is currently at the end of scorpio and will be entering sagittarius, Johnathan cainer indicates that a keyword associteed with Pholus is 'release.'

important links
https://www.maitreya-edu.org/forms/astrology_reports/asteroid_centaur_report.htm (chapter 2)

I was caught off guard by astros addition and just wanted some input.

autumn star
10-10-2005, 18:11
I noticed this too!

Thanks for the links - it's hard to find information about the asteroids

autumn star :)

10-10-2005, 21:26
please refer to the chat about Asteroids in the memebers forum!

thread name is "i need to know"

Some interesting thoughts there!!

11-10-2005, 09:45
that is a facinating thread, of what I briefly read.

My thoughts on Pholus: Right now pholus is approachign an exact opposition to my solar degree (29 Sag vs. 29 Gem). My month has been stressful, lots of challanges and keeping up with the pack, but at the same time I am doing more to fix other people's problems than anyone else at this time. Karmic wise, I am being very careful not to shoot myself in the foot with the archers arrow on this paticular battle field.

autumn star
11-10-2005, 10:02
My thoughts on Pholus: Right now pholus is approachign an exact opposition to my solar degree (29 Sag vs. 29 Gem). My month has been stressful, lots of challanges and keeping up with the pack, but at the same time I am doing more to fix other people's problems than anyone else at this time. Karmic wise, I am being very careful not to shoot myself in the foot with the archers arrow on this paticular battle field.

that's interesting, I wasn't aware of it's degreee. It will be making an aspect to my natal neptune 29 Sagittarius. No wonder my life has been strange :) I thought it was neptune squaring my saturn ... but this has given me something new to consider :)

11-10-2005, 10:21
Actually, my mistake, pholus is actually at 27 scorpio and will be entering Sagittarius (I misread the chart, that would explain why my search didn't bring up anything helpful too.). But that means that pholus has hit an opposition to my natal MC and chiron in Taurus--which seems to reflect the interruption in my healing processes and career options.

Venus in Sagittarius is encouraging immediate results, but not everything is compatable with that.

edited to add link:
as a part of http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/7969/page3.htm

12-10-2005, 06:01
Pholus went rx since 3/3/05 at 0 deg Sag....and direct 8/7/05; 26 deg Scop..so we're in that shadow of the retrograde I guess now that its covering the ground it once passed..it will be at the 0 deg Sag by 11/19/05...if there are any discrepancies in the info let me know!. In any case....Pholus is in my 4th right now and has been for some time I see. In fact, transiting Pholus has already squared my natal Pholus and also made aspect to angles and planets during the Scorp transit ...so thats something for me to look at and see if/what I can understand about it. I used to really be into asteriods..still am...but theres SO MANY!...that is hard to keep up with 'em.

I've read that Pholus transits on the major angles mean some radical and unexpected change...and that Pholus also has to do with unusual ability in some specific area, or has to do with unexpected results and a knack or interest in experimenting.

Two entries on Pholus...

"Pholus transits are associated with "new frontier" situations it is an instinctive impulsive energy that dissolves old barriers and one is challenged to jump into previously unchartered waters. Because the Pholus energy is so unfamiliar we might first experience chaos (Neptune) before things settle down and we find a structured outlet (Saturn) for this new way of being. In personal charts Pholus often relates to previously undeveloped creative/artistic talent or spiritual awakening as well acts of martyrdom and self-sacrifice. In the short time I have been observing mundane charts, I have found that Pholus transits offer an opportunity to transcend outmoded structures/belief systems, often necessitating the sacrifice of some cause or ideal for the benefit of the whole, with the aim of raising collective consciousness"..

and...the other entries are very short
"Pholus in any exact major aspect with an" http://www.azastrologers.org/Newsletters/newsSept2004.pdf

"Pholus: For the ending of an old life and the beginning of a new, higher life".
The Astrological Essences http://morningstar.netfirms.com/astrolog.html

If you have Pholus retrograde natally then thats another thing too. Haven't found anything specific on that thus far.


12-10-2005, 07:53

thanks for this information and all of the links. I spent many hours reading in them last night. My natal Pholus is at 28 degrees Aqu, in the 12th House, along with my natal Sun (00 degrees Pis), Venus (7 degrees Pis), NorthNode(11 degrees Pis) and Juno (26 Degrees Aqu). (that 12th House is a bit full).( as well as natal Pluto at 26 degrees Virgo, in 7th House, on my DC) Ok, and my natal Neptune is 00 degrees Sag in 9th House, so Pholus went thru that degree back in March, and is going to go thru it again, on Nov. 19th. Does the placement of my natal Pholus, and the rest of these placements, mean I will be ( and have already been) feeling these transits in a more pronounced way?

I know being such a newbie to astro I should just ignore asteroids until I have a better grip on the basics, but I found the information on it to be fascinating. I am going to check my journals for March 3, and thereabouts, to see what was happening for me.

Thanks again for this! :thumbsup:

12-10-2005, 08:09
My pholus is conjunct my Part of fortune at 8 Aries, my luck with money seems to be that I cut my funds long before I have the chance to establish myself, I am learning though.

I guess pholus in Scorpio has been a wet blanket on my aries nature, the move back into sagittarius will be interesting, especially with venus providing support and mercury delving deep into the depths of scorpio.

Strangely enough, the energy that has been present as of lately, has been kind of stressful in its own right. Pholus being conjunct to my natal rx uranus (my lunar aquarius ruler) is driving me to establish myself within the environment that I have been a part of. I do get annoyed when I am 'clusterd' into a group noun w/o explanation in an informal environment or be confused for someone who, while similar to me, is different from me, my independent Aquarian nature at work.

13-10-2005, 08:31
Well, as much as I've finding out about Pholus..my brain is not working very good to figure it out further. Been able to track down the times when Pholus transited my IC/oppostion MC...which are the closest angles it would contact since its Scorpio transit. I can't remember or figure out any grand changes related to Pholus in an way to stand it out. I'd have to recollect back from 2001 to now. I also have Neptune rx lurking around the IC...more fuzzy recollection?. I think part of my problem is still a lack of fundamental understanding and application of Pholus. Well, come to find out..I have natal Pholus rx...no wonder!. Anyways, its been great refreshing on Asteroids again!.


13-10-2005, 13:35
I think part of my problem is still a lack of fundamental understanding and application of Pholus.


I know, I wanted to get some other points of view before I decided to pin things down for interpretations.

This is how i feel, It is such an interesting name but doesn't have the same impact as say asteroids "excalibur" or "Ute" which are directly related to something tangable (ok, maybe not excalibur since its a myth, like Pholus).

The use of the position of pholus would have to come from its association and aspects to chiron in the chart in oppositon they are activating eachothers energies (like in my chart), an inconjunct would be disruptive (or invoke a disruptive personality perhaps, think of someone who always shoots down the converstation), in trine there would be a situaiton of (too much)relaxed action, and in conjunction there is a strong drive towards one goal, single mindeness.

I came to theses interepretations while keeping the myth of pholus and chiron plus the concepts of friendly fire, battlefields, and arrows in mind. Chiron and pholus have complementry and cooperative energies, but if put in a "shoot first situaiton", well, there might be more of an aftermath because of it.

15-10-2005, 11:33
Here (below) another little bit of info I found on Pholus. The site with famous people and Pholus aspects...maybe its my computer...but it doesn't seem have any further explanations. But I am going to see if I can pick a few celebrities from the site; find their charts ...give it some thought. Interesting tibit though...about Louis Armstrong for example who per that list has Pholus conj MC and Pholus conj Sun..."
PBS Documentary, "Satchmo" 7/1993, quotes records, date from baptismal certificate and time from accounts that, during his birth, a brawl was raging outside his mom's house in which a man was stabbed to death". http://www.astrodatabank.com/NM/ArmstrongLouis.htm

So far theres Pholus with: Food/diet/wine;merriment, pomp, ritual. Danger in terms of accidental or perhaps intentional wounding by some other party..which may also lead to death. Hero/ineism;maytrdom;good samaritan acts..that may lead to also fatality or wounding...or a dramatic end of sorts. Activism for social/political change perhaps on a dramatic..generational scale..e.g. civil rights...or perhaps even on more local but pertinent. Semiconscious or unconscious implusiveness whose motives not really conscious either. Danger also based on blind action, impulse. Harried and unstable; unexpected conditions as a part of major change, awakening, renewal.



15-10-2005, 15:43
My pholus is at 26 pisces. I don't know if that's close enough to be a conjunction or not.
Also, i have no idea what pholus means.