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12-10-2005, 23:44
I've heard with the next full moon some major things will be happening [like usual, I know] but I can't remember with exactly what. Can anyone tell us about this, please? I'd like to know as many details as possible.

Thanks. :)


13-10-2005, 00:08
I receive a full moon report in my e-mail by Malvin Artley, and this some things that he says:

In all, this full moon will be less of a burden on people than the Virgo festival was, even though the full moon will be an eclipse. Jupiter will bring a more expansive and buoyant tone than the Pluto t-square did in the Virgo period. We are now in the Chinese month of the Sleeping Dog, and at the high point of it at that, so there is more than the usual need for rest in the intervening days, and for sharing. The possibility is there for forming strong alliances and for calling up powerful associates. The main indicator for this period, however, is the presence of a very potent energy of revelation, of being able to experience other realities and of getting in touch with the inner cycles and meanings of things. As always, Libra carries the tone of choice, of partnership and of living according to higher Law. It would pay us to be mindful that we have an opportunity here to tap into the higher aspects of those matters, and in a way that is not normally in evidence at the Libra festival. The call for unity, sharing and commitment to goodwill is very strongly marked for this Libra interval.

The following aspects are in evidence for the full moon, which takes place on the 17th at 10:15 PM AEST/12:45 PM GMT:

--The full moon axis makes a t-square (which is very common) with Chiron as the apex point.

--The Sun is conjunct Jupiter, adding a more buoyant and expansive tone than has been the case in recent full moon periods.

--The symbol for the degree of the Sun reads thus: “Information in the symbol of an autumn leaf.” 25 Libra

--The Sun is sextile Pluto

--The symbol for the Moon reads thus: “A double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings. “ 25 Aries

--Venus is square to Uranus, meaning the two main rulers of the sign are at odds. A choice must be made about how we make our choices. This also adds a note of high independence in matters of the heart and quite unusual associations between people.

--Venus forms a Grand Trine with Saturn and the North Node. Alliances and friendships fostered under this full moon will be long-lasting and loyalties will be maintained. New people bring added strength to all associations.

--There is a t-square formed by the Saturn/Neptune opposition with Mercury at the apex.

--Mercury is in trine to Uranus

--The Moon is trine to Pluto

--Mars is still quincunx to Pluto and retrograde, but the yod from last month is no longer operative.

This is a rough overview, will see if there is anything else worth mentioning.


PS This is the link to the website, it will be easier for all concerned, I would imagine: http://www.astrologycom.com/fullmoonaries05-1.html

13-10-2005, 03:16
Thank you Very much, Bec!!! You've been extremely helpful. :)



isthmus nekoi
14-10-2005, 01:54
lol, that e-mail makes my job easier. Vadella, I'll be posting another luminary report soon. In the meantime, you may want to read up on lunar eclipses:


14-10-2005, 03:22
I'll do so now. :D THANK YOU!!! I look forward to your posting...



15-10-2005, 16:34
Just received more stuff in e-mail, like to share, not the same as the other, different.

The Moon is Full at 24° Aries
Monday Oct. 17th at 5:15 AM PDT; 12:15 PM GMT

For this lunar cycle's monthly overview go to:

For general info on how to use full moon energy:

The first is October 17, 1986. This current Full Moon marks a time to either conclude something you started back then or take it to the next level.
The second checkpoint takes you back 12 years ago to the time spanning the year from October 10th, 1992 to November 10, 1983. That was the last year, until now, that presented such a golden opportunity to view your overall relationship picture from a higher broader perspective and find a better balance within yourself.
The third takes you back 6 months to the New and Full Moon eclipses of April. You got a glimpse of a brand new world then and you also got an opportunity to look at and begin to release the emotional residue blocking the doorway.
Look back in your Aries (April) lunar journal to see what your intentions were and what was popped. The notes you took back then are paying off with valuable insights now.

Mars, ruler of this Aries Full Moon, has shifted into reverse in sl-o-o-ow moving Taurus. You may feel as though one foot is on the gas and one on the brake as first the energy says go, then stop, move forward... no... back.
What hasn't been said? Clearing the air is good, but first, look for the real issues underlying any feelings of anger or anxiety. Then decide to be patient rather than just plain stubborn and allow things to unfold before making any snap judgments.

So back to your search for clues... ask yourself... just what was happening 19 years ago in my relationships and partnerships? What am I ready to take to the next level and what needs to be resolved or released? Where were my personal boundaries then? ...were my individual needs clearly established?...and is this still messing with my ability to have ease, success and fulfillment in my relationships?

Whew! As you can see, the stuff coming up now could go wa-a-y back, but you've got an opportunity here to have some real "aha!" moments. Identify the stinky old patterns and do some releasing on a really deep profound level. This is such a powerful lunar cycle! Have you been writing in your lunar journal? If so, you've been able to track your eclipse journey and begin to consciously create and manifest your intentions with these awesome energies.

Remember, when old counterproductive patterns come up... it's a blessing, because you can use the eclipse energy to release them. Something old is dying, but just know that something new will be born out of this release and because of the fortunate planetary set-up, chances are that it will be good. Remember that this eclipse will be unfolding for at least 6 months as it sets the tone for the next 19 years in the area of your chart where you find 24 degrees of Aries. If you were born with your Sun in Aries, this is your personal Full Moon of awareness. Want a glimpse into your future? It's a phenomenal time to find out just what this means for you with a reading.

You stand at the crest of a hill it's taken you 19 years or more to climb. Take a moment and look back. Bless it all, because it's led you to this moment and the magnificent being you are. Now open your heart, own who you've become, and ask to release ALL the beliefs that are no longer aligned with the fulfilling life and the loving relationships you desire and deserve. Go ahead...let go...lighten up and begin to coast downhill into new territory and a fresh start. It's all waiting for you.

I hope this helps!


15-10-2005, 21:35
whoa!! Astro overload, 18 years ago? I was 5 and just starting school.

You meniton that this is Aries personal full moon, but I can imagine that lunar and solar libras are having their values challanged, and theri positions redefined. Aries being a fire sign encourages independence from our emotional states, complacency and conformity are major problems with libras, who (either solar or lunar) will be feeling the reaction of this full moon/lunar eclipse. venus in sagittarius and saturn in leo complete the fire trio. Already teh weekend is all reved up with nowhere to go, there will be lots of extra energy to burn before monday.

Aries starts teh zodiac cycle, so this is a time of new beginnings, and they are very much needed. The time between teh solar eclipse ont eh 3rd and this lunar eclipse has been a limbo/readjustment period. The direction indicated in this next week will be the norm for quite a while, and very few exceptions will apply.

Neptune, ruler of the unconcious and of the dreams, is going stationary and will go direct ont eh 26th, it will take most of november for the direct motion to be felt. Redirecting in Aquarius promotes original thinking, equalitarian principles, and removes unwanted clutter at a synchronistic pace. The last quater moon will occur shortly before the 26th begins, so there is a ssenseo f completion and cycling through that brings painful lessons, unless you have already leanred them--in which case you will be there to help others with their situaitons.

16-10-2005, 02:27
Thank you Bec and Paradoxx! :)

I was 9 in 1986 and I remember my dad has left us that year to go into a rehab for 2 years. I know now that this full moon seemed to have so much significance to me, to have to post and ask, I am an Aries. :) I've been trying to figure out a lot of very important issues in my life and felt that I needed to start paying a bit more attention now to the moon phases.

I'm taking this all in like a sponge. :P

Thanks again!