View Full Version : I have a crystal ball

14-10-2005, 11:55
But have never seen anything it...any advice?? I tyred burying it for 3 days, but still have'nt seen anything it it..

14-10-2005, 19:18
Have you tried meditating while holding it?
Sometimes it takes some time to tune in to the crystal ball and I find I need to be in a relaxed state to get anything from my crystals or cards, otherwise I mostly just get gibberish..

14-10-2005, 20:29
Scrying in a crystal ball requires quite a bit of practice (unless you are a "born" crystal ball reader) so don't give up that easily. Try to relax completely when using the ball and don't put yourself under preasure like "Oh, I have to see something!" because this will block you.

23-10-2005, 03:24
A crystal ball is not a television set or a PC monitor; it can take a while for you to develop the ability to use it. Staring at it is not a guarantee of getting results. It takes practice, being in a relaxed state of mind, and other things which may seem insignifcant to some but will help you immensely, such as being in subdued light that does not fall on the ball directly.

I have several crystal balls (never let it be said TB doesn't have a lot of balls) and a scrying mirror; in truth I have never had great results with them since my analytical mind kicks in when it should be at rest. I have concluded that cards are the best thing for me.