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14-10-2005, 13:10
hi my name is lynn, im new at crystals and herbs, i have a serious situation, i really need some help and advice, ive been reading alot of books about crystals over the years and i have quite a few crystals in my collection. my questions: drug addication, i just found out that my 23 year old niece, has been having alot of problems with drugs ''' the hard ones''', she went into rehab, i found out earlier today she has been released, only after a week, ''no insurance''.... i really need some advice and help, im not sure what stone would be the stongest to help her, give her strength, to help overcome her weaknesses, i also have 2 books that ''sarah lyddon morrison wrote , THE MODERN WITCH'S SPELLBOOK..1 and 2...that have spells and charms, i have been reading and studing, i want to help her SO much, but i am new at this and i REALLY dont want to make any mistakes. i would really appreciate any help and advice!!!! thank you lynn

14-10-2005, 18:20
MM Lynn,
((((hugs for your niece)))) first, it is your niece who has to overcome her addiction, you can only offer her love, compassion and understanding but doing the hard way of getting rid of the addiction is her part.

Best and most important thing is to find out why she takes drugs and to start working on this point.

As for stones I'd suggest tiger eye, black turmaline or rainbow obsidian but there is no spell to get rid off an addiction in the shake of a lamb's tail.

Fighting addiction is a hard way which requires a lot of discipine and most addicties have a problem with that.

14-10-2005, 21:54
Many people who have addiction/alcohol problems use a 12 Step program to help them. Here is a website that lists stones associated with each of the twelve steps:


Many Blessings,

14-10-2005, 22:08
Drugs a serious problem, that's a verry long path she will have to travel...
i can't suggest enough that she go in a 12 step programs, in her case that's narcotics anonymous; her chance of recovery whitout a support group is verry verry thin so find a list of NA meeting to give her(the phone diary will give you that).

i send her lot of love and hope for her recovery

15-10-2005, 04:10
i just wanted to say thank you all for replying to my question, and to bodhran, thank you for the 12 step thread it was very helpful, i decided to make her a braclet with the certain stones, and give it to her with a copy of the meanings for each stone, thanks again to all of you,,, lynn

15-10-2005, 13:05
I think the 12 Step website has terrific information.

All the best to your niece. One of the things the website mentioned was that addictions of any kind are a spiritual as well as physical malady. And personally, although I'm sure I'm biased, I think tarot cards are great for spiritual matters. If she doesn't already have a deck, maybe that would be a nice gift for her as well as the bracelet you are making. What a nice aunt you are.

I just posted a recommendation for a "get well kit" after thinking about your dilema


18-10-2005, 11:29
Amethyst is also supposed to help overcome addictions and break bad habits. I agree with the others who said that there is also a need to get to the issue behind the drug taking before you can really start to heal.

((((((Hugs for you and you niece))))))))

18-10-2005, 11:59
Lynn, I wish the best for your niece. I don't mean to be a pessimistic sourpuss, but one thing I think you should remember is a good guideline to follow is don't do spells for or on a person without their knowing and permission. Make sure she knows you are trying to help her spellwise before you do it. Also, as the others have said, it will take more than your wanting to help her, she has to want to help herself. Nothing you do will be any good unless she herself makes the first step to work things out for the better.
On another note, I agree with Emeraldgirl. Amethyst is good for breaking addictions.
I hope things work out.
Blessed be you and your niece.

28-10-2005, 14:04
12 Step programs are one of the options. There are also secular options and other counseling groups. Any number of them could help.
Here are some links:
I'm not an especially huge fan of 12 Step program as its philosophy is counter to mine, but it works for some!

Best of luck!!!

31-10-2005, 02:41
Hey sweetie,

I have several friends and close loved ones struggling to fight various addictions, most of them pretty heinous.

One friend uses AA and NA resolutly. He still dreams of parties gone by a year after cleaning out, and when he gets the jones he goes to a meeting. But the stats of people who manage to succesfully quit are saddly low.

As others have said, that person has to want to quit, REALLY want to quit. They need to know what they want in life and know that quiting is the only way to get it. They also need lots of love and reassurance, espessially when they fall down the first couple of times. No one I know has quit cold turky, it's a constant process for the rest of your life to remember that these habits just aren't what your body remembers them as.

It also requires changing life habits, and social circles. Old friends who don't want to stop, don't usually take kindly to you're stopping...sad but true. I had a good friend essentially OD and while his best mates are terribly affected by it, they still think of it as his fault, not theirs for not trying to stop with him, or even trying to stop him, they all wanted him to slow down, but no one wanted him to stop bringing "candy" over....

Very tricky and hard process to help someone who's really over the edge. It won't be at all easy, I wish you much love and luck and for your niece I pray for the wisdom to see clearly through the haze around her that she may find the solid path to a long and happy life.

Love and Light,


03-11-2005, 05:25
i want to say THANK YOU ALL!!!! so very much for your responses, all of you are so sweet!!! i talked to my sister, a couple days ago, my niece is doing pretty good, she calls my sister when she gets the "urge', alot of midnight calls but so far, she hasnt had any slips..lynn