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isthmus nekoi
15-10-2005, 01:55
Hey everyone, I've got to ask all you intelligent ppl for some advice!

Recently, my sleep cycles have been falling out of whack - I'm just not sleepy at the end of the day (although tired) and am having a hard time trying to keep on a normal sleep schedule.

So what does that have to do w/astro? Well, the feeling was so familiar, reminded me of how I felt 14 years ago, and low and behold, Saturn, who rules my 12th house (and 1st if you count Aquarius) is now exactly opposite where I was when I first had my bout w/insomnia - when he crossed my ASC. (Now he's crossed my DC.) Ending relationships, committing to relationships etc I can handle all that, but this insomnia thing is just another kettle of fish...

Using Placidus, I've got a pretty huge 1st/7th house. The 1st insomnia run didn't lift til transiting Saturn left my 1st, which is a grand total of roughly 4 years. I'm not sure this new run will last so long, but for the meantime it doesn't look like it's going away. While the idea of sleeping through the day and never seeing the sun (12th sun) doesn't really bother me, the rest of the world just doesn't function on vampire time! :P

So my question is, should I try to fight my body and establish a rigid sleep schedule (just one late night could totally throw me off and back into insomnia land when I was a kid)? Or should I accept that this is one of Saturn's freaky side effects and sleep in as late as possible whenever I can? Or is there something else I can do?.... (p.s. I've seen doctors about this, not much they can do except prescribe you tranquilizers! Seriously.)

15-10-2005, 05:12
I;ve had some problems sleeping these last couple of nights too, but again it's the full moon (it's that time again?!!?), and since it will be in Aries the energy is off the chart. I sense a lot of changes happening, and some of it is just plain distressing, although welcome since it's over due.

I always get sleepy as the sun starts to come up and the sky lligtens and get up mid-way into the morning, I have the strongest and most inutitive dreams during those hours.

15-10-2005, 06:52
Hey isthmus nekoi

I have had weird sleep lately myself. In fact, I had 20 years of very, very bad sleep patterns as I had dental problems - I won't go into it, but suffice to say it was hysterically bad. I obsessed about sleep, in fact.

Through the agency of a wise friend, I found out about mulungy erythrina.. a herb from the Brazilian rainforest. You can purchase this herb online from several sources. One sells it for US$20 for a pound (which would last for the rest of your life!)

This stuff resets the neurotransmitters in your brain, allowing for the brain to get a good, deep sleep. It has changed my life, no kidding.

Perhaps you could do a websearch and find more info on it, or contact me, I'd be glad to direct you.

This herb honestly changed my life and saved my sanity, I'd tried everything - this was the thing that did it (and getting my dental problems fixed).

Greetings from DownUnder

15-10-2005, 10:17
That's very interesting...I have also been having trouble sleeping at night and have been tired during the day. It is a fairly recent onset however and I hope it will be temporary. Blame the moon!

isthmus nekoi
16-10-2005, 04:39
hm, maybe it's not just me then - good to know. I'm usually pretty oblivious to feeling the moon's phases (despite writing about them lol) but some full moons are more intense than others...

Thanks for the suggestion Lynda, I'll bear it in mind if the tendency to insomnia persists (on a side note, why does S. America have all the good herbs?....)

Thanks to those who PM'd, tis greatly appreciated!

16-10-2005, 17:34
Wow... did you guys read my mind? Lately, i've been having the most whacked-out dreams. Also relatively unable to sleep.

16-10-2005, 19:05
This is weird. I'm having the opposite problem. When I've normally suffered from insomnia most of my life since my pre-teens (I'm in my 30's now!), over the past couple of weeks, I seem to sleep REALLY well, and I sleep A LOT. I'm not taking any medications, not doing/eating anything differently, and here I am, falling asleep at 11 p.m. (when normally I'd be up until 3/4 a.m.!), and I'm waking up early, like 7:30-ish, when normally I'd not even be able to get up with an alarm clock.

I can't explain this AT all, but reading y'all's post...I'm wondering if the Saturn transit is having the opposite effect on my sleep pattern?

Saturn is in the 8th in Gemini in my chart, if that helps at all...


17-10-2005, 02:09
Wow... did you guys read my mind? Lately, i've been having the most whacked-out dreams. Also relatively unable to sleep.
Been having the most awful dreams lately ......... really awful connected to past issues ...... maybe this is part of the bringing out what you need as opposed to what you want aspect?

17-10-2005, 02:50
I'm confused . . . just what factors that involve Saturn do each of you attribute to a lack of sleep? I would expect that Saturn all by himself can not be truely blamed for this problem. So, each in your own way, must have some particular astrological phenomena that signifies poor sleeping conditions. Perhaps we can nail down a few things here and increase our astrological knowledge.

I have Saturn in the 10th and as part of both a T-square and a tight Yod, but I have never had a sleep problem. Down at 11:30 and up a 6:00 like clockwork. Dave

isthmus nekoi
17-10-2005, 05:10
Hm, as this thread has progressed I'm not really sure how strong the link is to Saturn; I'll have to wait and see how things play out. I thought of Saturn b/c it's the ruler of my 12th house, which I've read to be associated w/sleeps, dreams and its transits have often coincided w/my dream life. I wouldn't presume to extrapolate this to other ppl though - it's only my personal experience w/Saturn.

Also, unlike other posts, I haven't had insomnia all my life - it's only just resurrected itself after a 14 year hiatus. So as Dave suggested, it's probably different factors for different individuals at work here e.g. paradoxx has noted his own sleep cycles syncing up w/lunar phases...