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24-10-2005, 00:22
what do you think of this:

i got saturn about to visit my 12th house (in which reside natally pluto and uranus)
got transiting pluto over jupiter in sagitarius in 4th soon
got transiting jupiter going into my scorpio 3rd house in the very near future and then conjuncting neptune in there too

dya think its a good time to sort out my beliefs/spirituality/chose a path to study once and for all

oh and mars is in my 9th house for a few months so seems right

oh and another sign - transiting saturn square my neptune - time to structure spirituality?

i think so LOL

thanks in advance


and for seasoned astro buffs what are the good signs for going into either tarot or astrology according to personal chart ? i think i got a good mix for both though astrology is my fave but maybe i been wrong half my life

isthmus nekoi
24-10-2005, 03:19
Hey star-lover, welcome to astro!

It sounds to me like you've already decided that you really want to pursue spiritual studies more seriously. Certainly spiritual studies aren't the only way to work w/those transits, but it sounds like that's what you've set your sights on.

As for whether to focus on astrology or tarot... I would ask myself what you are hoping to get out of these studies: deeper insight into your own personality? Strengthening your mind's concentration or meditation? Learning more about predicting world events? To tap into your intuitive skills? Once you define what you want or hope for, it may be easier for you to pick the system that best suits those goals and your chart.

There are many different reasons ppl study either tarot/astro or any other spiritual system, so I would not attribute any single sign, transit etc. to either of them.

Also, please note that while most of your post is fine, it is against this forum's guidelines to ask for "free" readings. More details here:http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=38383

24-10-2005, 06:21
I have already had saturn enter my12th house, not too much happened, although I didi feel as if i was being pressured to do something that was ambigious and undefined. Now, with that issue, I am starting to move foreard w.o assistance and I will be confronting the ambiguity soon

Jupiter entering Scorpio (which is most of my 3rd house) has brought up the issue of telepathy and non-verbal communications. I'll get it down sooner or later. Also, the Sun is entering Scorpio along with Jupiter, so keep your head down and your ears open, don't fight the flow of things scorpios undertow can be violent.

24-10-2005, 21:33
Knocking on your door? That is what these posts are saying relative to a planet entering a house. Yes, planets do express their established "energy" through a "house" or experience-area of our lives -- but I consider it to be far more important to consider their impact/expectations-of-impact in terms of their PHASE relationship.

Remember, phases relate to aspects -- aspects merely being emphasized point within an ongoing cyclic process. You can relate a planet's current or forseen position to a phase in two basic ways:
1) Where is the planet in relationship to its natal position?
2) Where is the planet in relationship to the prior-to-your-birth conjunction that it had with another major planet?

The FIRST way of looking at a phase relates to your inner and personal growth in terms of that planet and its unique meaning within your chart. For, Saturn, that would be how you grow relative to your family upbringing, your maturing process, etc.

The SECOND way of looking at a phase relates to your place socially within your world -- for some that is merely a community, for others that has a national implication, for others it may have a global relationship -- and if we are all good citizens -- it may apply to all levels of living within this world. For Saturn having been conjunct Jupiter prior to your birth some 6 or 7 years ago, you would (at birth) be born into an overall sensitivity to having to struggle with the impact of changing business policies -- this could translate into a proclivity to always entering the stock market after stocks have peaked, of buying property just before a real-estate depression, of taking a job with a company that is facing changing competitive pressures, etc.

In other words, I am saying that seeing things in terms of phase relationships allows you to read your chart at two levels -- who you are inside, who you are in terms of interacting with the world. Dave