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25-10-2005, 03:47
Last night I had a dream that my Spirit Guide opened my hand and put a long, smooth, oval shaped stone in it.
It was brown and tan.
I asked him what it was and he said Shiva.
When I woke up this morning that is all I remember of the dream.
I Googled the word Shiva Stone and came up with a stone that looks just like the one in my dream, but not a whole lot of info about it's properties.
It's not in Love is in the Earth...Cunninghams or The Crystal Bible.
I feel there is a message for me in the properties of the stone and that I need to buy one or that one is going to appear in my path soon.
Can anyone help me.
Does anyone know of a good reference to it's properties?
Thank you so much in advance.

25-10-2005, 05:53
Good reference for the properties of the Lingham stone is:
Feng Shui for your Home by Denise Linn
This is what she has to say about the Lingham Stone.
Linghams are found only in the sacred Narmada River in India.
They have a unique mineral composition which emits a powerful force and
there is a mystical quality that seems to emanate from them.
I owe a small 1/2" stone and a larger 1 or 2" stone. Its the only stone that
I could feel pulsating. They are easy to find, any metaphyscial or rock shop
sells them, usually they are reasonably price, unless you buy the large ones.
They are supposed to be Shiva's Lingam which is his private part.
Shiva is an India God.

I hope this helps you.

25-10-2005, 06:18
They are supposed to be Shiva's Lingam which is his private part.
Oh that is so funny...that would be just the thing my spirit guide would do.
Now what does it mean.
he always leads me on such an information chase.

I hope this helps you.
Yes, thank you Leleii. :)
I also found this a few minutes ago.
Helped fill in the blanks a little more.
If you click on dictionary at the top it will lead you to a discription of the stone and it's properties.

25-10-2005, 08:19
Shiva Lingams are naturally shaped; the locals in India polish them with mud and oils. They are used in meditation and healing for balance (masculine and feminine energies). The stone is a mix of chalcedony with iron oxide and goethite. The stones are normally placed upright in a sort of doughnut shaped stone holder (representing the feminine, just as the shiva lingam represents the masculine).

Many Blessings,

25-10-2005, 08:36
Wikipedia have an interesting article, though not directly about the stone, the mythology behind it


25-10-2005, 08:55
Thank you bodhran and jumptothemoonyea!
That helped a lot. :thumbsup:

The story of this stone and the reason I drempt about it gets stranger and stranger.
A client emailed me for a reading.
He wanted to know what his next journey into spirituality should be and what his spirit guides name was.
So last night I asked my spirit guide to send a direction for him in a dream and a name.
And the above dream is what happened.

I told him about the dream and the stone and what I had found out so far.
I told him I thought his next spiritual journey might be in learning about the spiritul paths of India and Hinduism.
He just emailed me back and told me he had been invited to stay with a friend of his this December she is from India and offered to school him in the spiritual path of her religion which is Hinduism!

So I think the stone was a symbol to get me to talk about that in his reading and also maybe his spirit guides name is Shiva....that remains to be seen he'll have to get confirmation of that in his dealings with his own spirit guide.

25-10-2005, 11:58
How interesting lark!

Thanks for the story.

I bought a Shiva lingam yesterday!

I have wanted one for a while.
I have many Hindu comic books...which I find to be fascinating mythologies.

Many of them feature a hero, who when faced with a crisis, erects an altar to Shiva, and uses the lingam.

I am hoping to use mine as a *ahem* rather personal talisman. ;)

25-10-2005, 12:04
Wow, where did you get it?
I want to buy one now after this experience.
i can't belive I'm asking this but "ahem" how big is your's?

25-10-2005, 12:49
ah! It's about an inch and a half.

I am currently visiting Contrascarpe and Gardener in Central Mass...and it was bought at the wonderful store that hosted thier handfasting last year.

Actually..they have bigger ones too...but they were rather expensive.

25-10-2005, 13:02
I found a site that sells them and the 2" seems like the right size for me.
Strange, strange that you bought one today too.
It's been an unusual day.
Give that sweet new baby a kiss from aunty lark. :*

26-10-2005, 03:26
Two inches is a good size. When you display it, it should be standing up
in a round vessel-a small bowl which represents the yoni. The Yin and Yang.

Any way --enjoy your lingam.

01-11-2005, 04:05
The linghams I have are mainly one color, but are banded, capped, or splotched with at least one other color. The shape of the stone is masculine, and the markings are also called yoni, and represent the feminine.

I keep a lingham next to the two open halves of a geode on my altar. The feminine shape of the geode complements the masculine shape of the lingham.

So there are at least two meanings of "yoni" when applied to a lingham: the base it must be placed on to be displayed upright, and its markings.

I think it was in the Denise Linn book that I read that linghams should always be displayed upright, and they like to be anointed with sandalwood oil and have jasmine blossoms placed at their bases.

Sandalwood and jasmine....Those linghams have expensive tastes.


01-11-2005, 04:36
Thank you Kyrielle,
Yup, they do have expensive taste hey!
Haven't got mine yet, but I'm really glad I'm adding them to my collection.
It would be so nice if our spirit guides would show us all the stones, crystals, and gems that are best for us in dreams.
I think I'll ask mine to do that. :)