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29-10-2005, 03:57
hi all - i dont know how many people post in astrology and the general level of knowledge - would it be ok to have games and quizes like they do in the tarot forums - i think this is a great way to learn - so for instance we could have a planet say, and people could put down adjectives to describe it, e.g. for jupiter i would put *amplifier* say or *very* or *excessively* - that sort of thing/similar thing eg aspects between planets that we could put our interpretation on

i know it sounds a bit *bitty* but think would be good fun

what do people think

be back later


29-10-2005, 05:45
i'm always eager to learn and that sounds like a fun way to do so! :)

29-10-2005, 10:49
hi mysticme....i think it would be good too
perhaps thrash around some ideas of what to do exactly
anyhow nearly 2am here and im so tired. need matchsticks in my eyes but need good sleep too
24/7 isnt enough for the internet lol

see you later maybe x
good night

29-10-2005, 17:12
Sounds like fun--what should we start with? And this isn't limited to planets, signs, and houses is it? We can do advanced topics if needed or desired?

Should we start with Jupiter?

29-10-2005, 22:36
hi rainwolf, no it does not need to be limited at all - just need a few ideas bandied around

jupiter sounds good to me

i dont know how to start maybe someone bit more organised than mecan take charge

ps in the tarot forum i think they pick a card and then everyone does a keyword in alphabetical order

so 2 of cups say - amorous, betrothed, couple, declaration of love, etc etc

that could work with the signs definitely and also planetary aspects, unsure for the planets on their own though

29-10-2005, 23:09
If you all are in a Jupiterian mood, then enlarge your concepts!

Recognize first that astrology is a symbolic language that can be applied to many things, used in many ways. Instead of just suggesting simple keywords, why not Jupiter keywords by application area? For example:

The SOCIAL-RELATIONSHIP (Desc. angle) Jupiter:
The WORK-CAREER (MC angle) Jupiter:
The HEALTH-PESONALITY (Asc. angle) Jupiter:

. . . or any alternative way of looking at how Jupiter might be used.

The NATAL Jupiter:

If this is too much, then . . . I'm familiar with all of this and may have lost touch with what beginning students need to reach for. I'll support whatever the list wishes to pursue. Dave

isthmus nekoi
30-10-2005, 02:02
star-lover, I think that's a stellar idea :) Why not go ahead and start - games don't need to be overly organized do they? The alphabetical keyword seems a good way for more people to jump in w/o feeling lost in "astrobabble". Another fun one might be the literary quotes game - here someone picks a quote and ppl have to guess which card it represents, explaining their choice, therefore helping ppl see more sides to a card. Winner picks next quote.

It'll probably be a while before word spreads to the other forums, but I think exercises like those would definetely interest members, esp those who would like to supplement their tarot studies w/o needing to understand the nuts and bolts of astrology.

30-10-2005, 23:23
Fabulous idea, great way to learn

I would be interested, very much so!