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31-10-2005, 03:34
from my kid from school - the planets - its now proudly looking at me...put it on the wall in front of my pc

i MUST SAY - jupiter and saturn are MASSIVE MASSIVE compared to the rest of them

made me think we should pay alot of attention to them in astrology more so that other factors???

pluto is tiny lol - not so scared of him now

i suppose size doesnt matter pmsl.......was just an observation

31-10-2005, 05:53
I'm wondering when they're going to put the new planet in - Xena - just found this past summer (no lie!). It has a moon too, found in September, which they're calling Gabrielle, of course.

Has anyone thought out how that's all going to change the charts?

31-10-2005, 10:35
There will probably be no changes very soon. Pluto has been under the gun, discussion-wise, by the scientific community because of its quite small size. A couple of decades ago they found a "Plutrino" between Saturn and Uranus and called it Chiron. Then they found a few more small bodies in the Kupier belt -- followed by (now) several thousand! They have now exceeded the number of countable asteroids (from a 1/4 mile in size and upwards) and are merely being numbered. The end result is that you can rationalize including a new body every ten or twenty years, perhaps, but you can't make any kind of a case for adding bodies by the hundreds.

Where does astrology end and absurdity begin? For me, there is a broad line between the two. I use the standard bodies -- Sun, Moon, and the planets out to Pluto. I don't bother about asteroids although I know of and can appreciate what their advocates say and demonstrate. I don't bother about Chiron or any of the Plutrinos, Centaurs or other objects. And I don't see my "astrology" hurt or limited at all. Although I am biased, I believe my use of astrology is better than most of what I read elsewhere.

Especially for early-studies students, I would not worry about Chiron or Zena or who-ever for some time. There is always time later, once the basics are understood, to explore all of the extra stuff. My opinion. But, bottom line, things are becoming so confusing that I don't see the scientific community or the astrological community coming to any consensus for many years. Dave

01-11-2005, 10:34
i know what you mean about the hundreds and thousands of asteroids....does seem a bit silly, however from what i have read chiron is quite important....its the planet of HEALING...before chiron i took healing as part of pluto....now i think chiron does have a strong astrological voice in that area as pluto doesnt quite seem to fit the healing role in the same way...
what i mean is healing can be part of pluto but with chiron its the whole shebang

Kaylee Marie
04-11-2005, 04:34
When I was in fourth grade, I made a huge poster of a scale-model rendition of the solar system. It was actually two of the largest black posterboards we could find, pasted together into a long map. I used paper cutouts for the rock planets and glue and glitter for the gas planets and asteroid belt. Jupiter was in the middle and took up most of the map, while Pluto was little more than a speck. My dad cursed for years about the amount of glitter that was embedded into the cracks of our kitchen table. If you look close, you can still see some. :D

Wish I still had that poster... it got so beat up being moved over the years that it finally fell apart. Can't wait to recreate it with my own kids! It really was an excellent tool to put things in perspective!

04-11-2005, 05:00
Jupiter is big enough, volumwise, to "hold" all of the other planets. Jupiter also radiates more energy than it receives. Although we cannot see the full spectrum of energy emitted, it is substantial and some astronomers have said that Jupiter could actually qualify as a "Sun". Others have said that the solar system is actually the Sun and Jupiter, with everything else just being in the miscellaneous category. How is that for our collective ego? DAve

04-11-2005, 06:35
kaylee thats lovely story

i used to have this idea of bringing a chart into 3d somehow with lots of different images to help learning/interpretation

one day maybe
im beginning to think i could be more in tune with the tarot though astrology holds more fascination for me - i have neptune on 2nd/3rd house depending on house system - could be way to go

anyway i digress

each planet is so different, diff size, colours, patterns - on my poster pluto looks a bronzy gold

one man's rubbish is anothers treasure i guess lol