View Full Version : how did you get into astrology

04-11-2005, 06:41
and do you have any formal qualifications

at age 14 i read linda goodmans star signs and got hooked
in my early 20s i did the basic mayo school of astrology course - worked really hard

i wanted to do the advanced course but at that age was not to be - such a complicated subject

ive always been into it - at one stage i dropped it totally and in 2002 got interested again

last couple years been so drawn to it again for personal reasons
i would like to do something with it professionally in an ideal world but im not that equipped and havent really grasped that much to be confident in using it

i think you need life experience/maturity to be ready to learn/use properly

truly a majestic profession
along with teaching xx
my mind wanders to 100 years from now and what it will be like
probably be taught in school/university maybe

04-11-2005, 10:14
We covered this just a short time ago and got some great stories. Perhaps you can run a search -- I think you'll find it worthwhile. Dave