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Lady Tararith
06-11-2005, 05:08
I have a moonstone ring which I brought recently and I keep it on my left thumb. I read up on it in a crystal book and it said that moonstone aids with psychic ability and conception/pregnancy/birth. I brought it as I am trying to improve my psychic ability (that's if I even have the ability in the first place). Can anyone tell me anything else about it?

Lady Tararith xx

06-11-2005, 10:40
Lady Tararith, according to my "bible" for crystal work "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic," Moonstone is good for love, divination, psychism, sleep, gardening, protection, youth, and dieting magic.

"Gemstone Feng Shui" by Sandra Kynes adds that moonstone is good for protection while traveling, and ecourages inspiration, awareness, and creativity. It also brings good fortune and alleviates fear.

Moonstone of course has a connection to the Moon and to the Moon Goddesses such as Diana, Selene, and Isis as well as the element water.

Hope this helps,

07-11-2005, 08:07
Hi....I (don't know if you've read it but I've) just recently posted about Moonstone. Have you tried sleeping with the ring under your pillow?. These sites have some general info about ring finger wearing with mentions of Moonstone ring wearing.



(just scroll down to the word "Crystals" directly if you want)