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08-11-2005, 06:08
I read somewhere that there is a 10th planet beyond Pluto. I
forget the name of it. My question is this--How will this effect astrology?
Do we have to change our birth chart to include a new planet and how will
this new planet be included in a birth chart.
Just curious.

08-11-2005, 07:38
There are many objects beyond the orbit of Pluto as well as many beyond the orbit of Saturn that are just coming to be recognized, measured and considered. A few are of the size that might be considered planets, and some have moons. However, even Pluto is being questioned now as to whether it should retain its "planetary" status.

I have astrological software which plots and can use several thousand such bodies -- Plutinos, Asteroids, Centaurs, Kupier belt objects, even the Uranian hypothetical planets (eight of them) which really seem to have validity even though they may not exist.

I had asked in a similar post not so long ago about where we draw the line between practical and applicable planets for workable astrology and that area which we can only label as absurdity. How many planets do you need, how many can you use, can you use what we have now. Me, I'm content with five or six of them. The rest make little difference, actually. Dave.