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13-11-2005, 06:23
Hi This may sound daft...and I have just tried to see for certain..but what parts of this forum can't be seen by a non-subscribing member? Just CHAT? I subscribe, I can see everything, just like the 'Great You Know Who' :bugeyed: So don't just :rolleyes: when you read this, feel sorry for meand let me know please please please...maybe you can't see this message :surprise:- buts that all right I won't see your reply :( Thanks Rosanne

13-11-2005, 07:00
Arghhhh I can't be seen- its obvious....:shhh: or maybe I am on every ones ignore list!! Or Tech is just a subs member forum? So many questions.......or SACRE BLEU!!! I am BORING.........

13-11-2005, 10:20
I am no longer here, so this post may or may not exist. :laugh:

If you are not a registered member you can't see the The Subscriber Forums (neither can non-subscribers) which include CHAT, Spirituality, Competitions, Aeclectic Community Tarot and Subscription Extras, Professional Tarot.

As a non-registered person you also cannot see the Reading Exchange or Your Readings,

If you're not registered there is not a lot you can't see in terms of the subject matter of ATF. However, there is a lot you can't do. You can't check people's profiles, which protects anonymity. You can't post and you obviously can't use a lot of the functions of the forum software like PM, search and so on. I think that bit about not searching is correct but I'm not going out and coming back to check.

You could see all this for yourself by logging out and seeing just what there is.

Blessings ~