View Full Version : Taurus Full moon, Jnovember 15th/16th

15-11-2005, 08:09
This is a busy moon cycle, already having been opposed to jupiter, the moon brings forth issues of money and financial security to the forefront. This is not something that is going to be glossed over easily, Venus trine the moon will make it easier to deal with, but issues of discomfort are not Venus in Capricorns easiest task.

Mercury is also now retrograde so keep your hands and feet secure and buckle up, the weather is changing.

The moon inconjunct to mercury is creating some confusion in the communication realm, stay level and don't assume anything, there is some difficulty in this transition phase.

the moon and mars square to saturn is not giong to be fun, take some time out and just watch csome tv, don't think about anything or youjust might have too much on your mind. Let your emotions rule the sitaution but not your thoughts. Live with yourself and don't expect others to want to live with you (situations not withstanding, but don't expect things to be peachy keen).

Conjunct ot mars our emotions and sensitivity are sky high, staying on the same track could be difficult and arise in arguments, the opposition to the sun on teh 15th/16th is going to put a lot of stress on our minds and emotions, take a walk to get the stress out of your system.