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isthmus nekoi
20-11-2005, 03:10
Hey everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that I've stepped down from moderating back in October. I'm afraid I couldn't make time to moderate properly, but I just wanted to give an official, albeit late, welcome to Similia, your current mod and astrologer in training! Thanks Similia for stepping in, esp w/such sort notice :)

As for myself, I'll probably be rather scarce at ATF from now on, but thanks to everyone for making the Astrology forum such a vibrant learning place and best wishes for your continued studies in tarot and astrology.

~ Isthmus

20-11-2005, 03:12

Sad to hear that you have other things that press you for time. You were a wonderful person to learn from and with. I never did pick up astrology, but your Tarot knowledge was formidable too =)

Best wishes to you & your pursuits,


20-11-2005, 03:14
Bye, Isthmus!!!Thanks for all of the astrology help.

You will be sorely missed. But I hope you do come back from time to time and drop one of your weird dreams on us. :D (pretty interesting stuff!)

PS there may be a glitch in your Feral tarot daily readings...I seem to get the #11 everyday...:)

20-11-2005, 03:33
Good luck Isthmus - you'll be missed. :)

20-11-2005, 03:36
hi isthmus
only known you a few days but was great speaking
take care
good luck in your future life

tut jupiter in scorpio taking away some of the best people lol to new lands xxx

think isthmus was scorpio if i remember right from profile

best of luck x

20-11-2005, 04:06
All the best to you Isthmus, I will miss you. Your posts were really gems.

Hope your efforts are well rewarded.

20-11-2005, 04:15
from time to time. Thanks for your wonderful posts.

Best regards,


20-11-2005, 11:00

I hope you'll come back and visit every once in a while!

Thank you for all the help you have given, it will be missed.

Best luck in any of your future endeavors!

20-11-2005, 18:02
Best of luck with all that comes next for you isthmus :) I was only just getting to know you and some of the knowledge you are able to share, and will miss your presence.

Don't be a a stranger for too long!

20-11-2005, 19:35
Hi Isthmus, don't stay away too long huh ........ have enjoyed reading your posts so much ....... and you are sorely missed!!!!! Keep us updated on how you're getting on.

x Huredriel

21-11-2005, 04:15
Bye isthmus nekoi !!

I hope you will continue post about astrology, your posts are always very nice and very simple to understand. I'm a begginer and i understand your point of view.

Take care and please continue to teatch me about astrology :D

21-11-2005, 05:33
Hi Isthmus,

Like you, I've found the last few months extremely busy and find it very difficult to get into Aeclectic. I miss our time together as moddies and the enjoyment we both got from discussions on this board.

I hope you have a great future and perhaps still find time to drop in and let us know how you are going. lots and lots of love


21-11-2005, 21:53
I am pretty sorry to hear you leaving...hope you won't be gone for good.

Good luck to you and thanks a lot for being here and having shared your rich knowledge with us. I'll ,miss you!

isthmus nekoi
22-11-2005, 14:17
Dear fellow AT members,

I should take this opportunity to thank you all for teaching me and I appreciate all the sharing we've had on the board. I would like to take the time to give proper responses to you all but unfortunately, life has just unexpectedly dumped more stuff for me to handle today so if I don't respond to further posts, please do not be offended. You are all very special, and I hope you enjoy your winter holidays.


22-11-2005, 16:07
A fond farewell, take care and be well, stay focused.