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24-11-2005, 02:12
Crystals meaning and Healing Properties

Amber – Enables one to transmute negativity transforming into positive energy, a symbol of renewed promises, such as marriage vows. Healing Properties:
Orange / brown. Petrified tree resin. Sacred to American Indians. Electro magnetic properties. Reputed to have the ability to draw disease from the body. It absorbs negative energy so it needs cleansing regularly. Acts through the solar plexus chakra. It also calms nerves, gives confidence; regain memory loss, eccentric behaviour, anxiety, inability to make decisions, thyroid, inner ear & neuro-tissue strengthener, activates altruistic nature and realization of the spiritual intellect.

Amazonite – can be used in conjunction with the nervous system, provides for pacification and eliminates aggravation. Healing Properties: Soothing stone. Works on the throat charka and gives confidence. Also known as the 'Hope Stone' because it inspires Hope.

Angelite – Dispels anger, bringing about an inner peace, enables travel and bringing a contact with your spirit guide. It is also an excellent balancing agent. Healing Properties: Working on the heart and throat chakras, it calms fear and anxiety. Blue / white crystal with many spiritual properties.

Aquamarine – Stone of courage, helping one to be prepared. Good for protection and bringing awareness on all levels. Healing Properties: Clear blue-green. Releases anxiety and fear, helps relaxation on long journeys, gives insight and perception when dealing with people. And controls fluid retention, coughs, fear, thymus gland, calms nerves, problems with eyes, ears, jaw, neck, stomach, teeth, mental clarity, meditation and also gives protection.

Aqua Aura- Stimulates the throat chakra and assists in channelling. It releases negativity in ones outlook. Provides good spiritual protection on the highest level. Healing Properties: Clear quartz with metallic light blue tint from electrical infusion of gold. Use for meditation, telepathy, healing and increases awareness.

Bronzite - The stone of courtesy, assisting one to bring politeness and helpfulness. Healing Properties: touch is important with this metal. As physical contact with this metal, it can bring on great calmness and deep meaningful thoughts, leading to a far greater insight into your problems.

Calcite – An energy amplifier, which will aid study, helps the body and mind to remember. Also clears and activates all the chakras. Healing Properties: Lime green uses for soothing the spirit. Yellow cleans toxins from body. Clear is clearer vision and general cleansing. Blue eases back pain. Orange is for happiness and great humour. White improves memory.

Citrine – Dispels fear bringing radiance from within. Positive manner in business pursuits/relationships. Create family/group harmony. Accumulates abundance. Healing Properties: Clear yellow / orange. Use for mental and emotional clarity, memory improvement, stronger, power, optimism and confidence and wealth bringer. Healing stone for digestion, stomach, food disorders, allergies, detoxification, heart, kidney, liver & muscle, appendicitis, gangrene, red & white corpuscles, digestive tract, cleanses vibrations in the atmosphere, creativity, helps personal clarity, bring out problems in the solar plexus & the heart and eliminates self-destructive tendencies. And also Reduces anxiety, fear and depression. Electro magnetic wonder stone. May fade in the sun.

Would anyone care to add to this?

24-11-2005, 06:46
Hello everyone;

Here is a list of the stones that I associate with my tarot cards. I am still adding to the list. If there is any stone you would like to know more about do not hesitate to contact me.

May the Gods bless you and yours.


Connections; Courage; Dispels Negativity; Fidelity; Grounding; Healing; Intuition; Longevity; Love; Protection; Stabilizing Aura; Starting Over; Strength

Moss Agate:
Abundance; Communication; Decreases Depression; Gardening; New Friends; Persuasion; Plant Magick; Restores Mental Balance; Reveals Deceit; Self Esteem

Abundance; Balance; Beauty; Business Success; Decisiveness; Dispelling Negativity; Energy; God; Healing; Luck; Past Life Issues; Protection; Strength; Unconditional Love

Calmness; Confidence; Courage; Dispels Negativity; Divination; Dreams; Happiness; Healing; Imagination; Insight; Love; Meditation; Peace; Protection; Psychic Awareness; Relieves Stress; Sleep; Spirituality; Stabilizing Aura; Transformations; Wisdom

Courage; Creativity; Divination; Fortune; Healing; Imagination; Luck; Mental Agility; Moderation; Peace; Protection; Psychic Awareness; Purification; Relaxation; Travel; Unblocks Energy

Abundance; Balance; Business Success; Calmness; Creativity; Decisiveness; Fertility; Fortune; Gambling; Healing; Leadership; Luck; Mental Agility; Motivation; Peace; Perception; Optimism; Shielding

Concentration; Decisiveness; Divination; Dreams; Healing; Meditation; Psychic Awareness; Psychic Energy; Transformation

Business Success; Calmness; Compassion; Confidence; Courage; Fertility; Fortune; God; Harmony; Healing; Legal Victories; Magick; Strength; Relationships; Self Esteem

Astral Travel; Communication; Courage; Dispels Negativity; Eloquence; Energy; Healing; Intuition; Lust; Peace; Prevents Miscarriages; Protection; Sex; Unconditional Love

Aura Cleansing; Awareness; Brotherhood; Communication; Creativity; Dispelling Negativity; God; Inspiration; Intuition; Learning; Memory; Mental Agility; Prevents Nightmares; Protection; Psychic Awareness; Thoughts; Transformation; Travel

Decreases Depression; Healing; Lust; Peace; Prevents Nightmares; Protection; Wisdom

Communication; Courage; Healing; Peace; Protection; Purification; Reconciliation; Relationships; Security; Spirituality; Strength; Unconditional Love

Business Success; Dispelling Negativity; Eloquence; Fortune; Harmony; Love; Mental Agility; Protection; Psychic Awareness

Achievement; Creativity; Grounding; Longevity; Protection; Spiritual Communication

Anger; Creativity; Dispelling Negativity; Healing; Imagination; Passion; Physical Energy; Protection; Protection Against Thieves; Sex; Strength; Transformations

Childbirth; Meditation


Balance; Calmness; Clarifying; Courage; Dispelling Negativity; Dispelling Psychic Attack; Divination; Grounding; Healing; Meditation; Memory; Peace; Protection; Reflection; Transformations

Business Success; Fidelity; Fortune; Gardening; Healing; Longevity; Love; Peace; Protection; Relieves Stress; Wisdom

Astral Travel; Aura Cleansing; Beauty; Courage; Endurance; Grounding; Healing; Protection; Relieves Stress; Stabilizing Aura

Green Jasper:

Balance; Calmness; Courage; Divination; Healing; Luck; Prevents Infections; Prevents Nightmares; Protection

Lapis Lazuli:
Business Success; Communication; Courage; Healing; Intuition; Love; Protection; Psychic Awareness

Abundance; Balance; Business Success; Clarifying; Dispelling Negativity; Fortune; Gardening; God; Love; Magick; Peace; Power; Protection; Relieves Stress; Transformations

Divination; Protection

Awareness; Banishing Bad Habits; Calmness; Childbirth; Dieting; Divination; Goddess; Grounding; Intuition; Love; Protection; Receptivity; Sleep

Mother Of Pearl:
Childbirth; Fortune; Protection

Banishing Bad Habits; Dispels Negativity; Divination; Forgiveness; Grounding; Peace; Protection; Shielding

Banishing Bad Habits; Defensive Magick; Peaceful Separation; Protection

Astral Travel; Balance; Beauty; Change; Creativity; Dispelling Psychic Attack; Divination; Dreams; Fortune; Joy; Love; Luck; Magick

Fire Opal:

Fortune; Love; Luck; Peace; Protection; Reduces Over-Sensitivity

Fortune; Healing; Locating; Patience; Protection; Sleep

Clear Quartz:
Astral Travel; Balance; Clarifying; Dispelling Negativity; Divination; Gardening; Harmony; Healing; Magick; Meditation; Mental Agility; Physical Energy; Protection; Psychic Awareness; Spiritual Communication

Rose Quartz:
Beauty; Calmness; Dispelling Negativity; Family; Friendships; Harmony; Love; Relationships; Tranquility

Anger; Confidence; Fortune; Gentleness; Leadership; Magick; Passion; Prevents Nightmares; Protection; Sex; Transformations

Communication; Defensive Magick; Fortune; Healing; Love; Luck; Meditation; Peace


Brotherhood; Communication; Harmony; Healing; Honesty; Meditation; Peace; Purification; Sleep; Spirituality; Wisdom

Tiger’s Eye:
Balance; Calmness; Clarifying; Courage; Dispelling Negativity; Divination; Energy; Fortune; Gambling; Luck; Needs; Physical Energy; Protection; Security

Balance; Confidence; Creativity; Dieting; Fortune; Healing; Love; Luck; Protection; Relaxes

Black Tourmaline:
Confidence; Grounding; Peaceful Separation; Protection; Self Esteem

Red Tourmaline:
Confidence; Courage; Physical Energy; Protection

06-12-2005, 01:02
Sodalite can also be used to help one differentiate between what is really true and what may appear to be true.

Selenite is a wonderful charging stone for all your other stones.

Guiding Cauldron
08-01-2006, 08:28
i wore this the whole day yesterday and also slept with this stone last night. honestly i can say that i never felt so refreshed after a nights sleep in such a long time! i felt focused, grounded, ready to do what needed to be done biz wise and ready to move foward. i also seemed to feel more guided in my dreams last night instead of skiping around in my mind i felt confident to follow eents in my dreams knowing i would learn, further my abilities, and gain positive knowledge.

08-01-2006, 08:48
Oooh,what useful posts, am currently researching moonstone and turquoise (not a crystal) so will post my results in due course.


08-01-2006, 09:26
My additions may be somewhat spastic in the explanations. Apologies.

Balances and enhances love on all levels. Especially good for the heart chakra, but also energizes and cleanses the base and sacral chakras. Helps with insecure feelings, emotional blocks, and letting go psychological and mental issues. In my own personal experience with this stone, I've also used it to ease heartbreak.

Ruby: (adding to what has already been said)
Very good stone for amplification of other crystals, particularly in crystal matrices. Also, can draw energy from the area around it and amplify that energy. Powerful stone for any of the lower chakras. An interesting crystal to use for cleansing energy fields such as auras--baptized by fire, in a way. A very reliable stone; in general, it's a very powerful stone, energy-wise.

Amber: (adding to what has already been said)
I've used it for regenerative purposes, in conjunction with Reiki.

Emerald: (adding to what has already been said)
A very good stone for memory. Also, I've used it for grounding. It's also another good stone for the heart chakra.

Aquamarine: (adding to what has already been said)
Subtle protection over auras. Good for opening up or strengthening the throat chakra. I see it as a somewhat sly stone. It's workings, I think, are very subtle. Also, a good stone for protection when traveling over water and for calming the body and mind.

08-01-2006, 13:26
This is a great thread. I would be interested to know which source books people are using?


09-01-2006, 00:56
Two of my favorites are Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham and Crystal Energy by Mary Lambert.

I love Ms. Lambert's book because she shows photos of both raw and tumbled stones - and some raw stones do not look much like their tumbled versions at all, so it makes it nice to see both. Cunningham's book is just divine in its extensive explanations, but then, I'm a Cunningham fan.

09-01-2006, 07:11
Most of my information comes from my own experience using ethereal crystals or the information I got on the crystals from my teacher who attuned me.