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24-11-2005, 02:17
Colour Baths - Combines Coluor Therapy with Aromatherapy

This can be done by combining an aroma bath with a related colour candle, this combines the meaning of colours and their value in healing with the aromatic healing propeties of the oils.


RED - Ylang Ylang Sensual - Euphoric - Sedative
ORANGE - Melissa Mix Mood Uplifting - Stress Reliever
YELLOW - Rosemary Invigorating - Clarifying - Revitalizing
GREEN - Eucalyptus Energy Balancing - Cleansing
BLUE - Geranium Refreshing - Relaxing - Emotional Balancing
INDIGO - Patchouli Aphrodisiac - Uplifting - Anxiety Releaser
VIOLET - Lavender Calming - Soothing - Healing

Try them out and see what you think

04-12-2005, 20:04
Hey Molly,
thank you for the information. im definately gonna give it a try with lavender as i have the oil and the candle.

12-06-2016, 00:30
I used the search engine to try and find a suitable place to look for information on colour therapy, and this was the only thread that came up in the search, so I'm bumping this old thread.

The colour baths sounds very interesting to use, I will need to try that with the red bath, as I'm needing to work on my root Chakra right now.

I'm wanting to start researching and looking into using colour therapy in conjuction with crystals and colour sprays so any good information pages, books ect that anyone has found useful would be of a great help to me just now.


Dancing Voice
12-06-2016, 02:19
I'm most definitely going to be giving these a try. Especially the blue for emotional balancing. Always good to sort out the balance now and again. Thanks for the post.