View Full Version : Colour Baths - Combines Coluor Therapy with Aromatherapy

24-11-2005, 01:17
Colour Baths - Combines Coluor Therapy with Aromatherapy

This can be done by combining an aroma bath with a related colour candle, this combines the meaning of colours and their value in healing with the aromatic healing propeties of the oils.


RED - Ylang Ylang Sensual - Euphoric - Sedative
ORANGE - Melissa Mix Mood Uplifting - Stress Reliever
YELLOW - Rosemary Invigorating - Clarifying - Revitalizing
GREEN - Eucalyptus Energy Balancing - Cleansing
BLUE - Geranium Refreshing - Relaxing - Emotional Balancing
INDIGO - Patchouli Aphrodisiac - Uplifting - Anxiety Releaser
VIOLET - Lavender Calming - Soothing - Healing

Try them out and see what you think

04-12-2005, 19:04
Hey Molly,
thank you for the information. im definately gonna give it a try with lavender as i have the oil and the candle.