View Full Version : What blends well with Yerba Santa

28-11-2005, 19:15
Any suggestions what blends well with Yerba Santa when smudging? I was thinking either of Copal, Sage, Sweet grass or Palo Santo. Do you have some more ideas/suggestions?

I smudged the office with Yerba Santa and got an awfull smell of old wet socks. Now I am pondering if it was really the Yerba Santa or the bad energy in the room.

30-11-2005, 13:16
Hi Caitlin~
I am wondering what you are calling Yerba Santa, can you scan a pic?

Also, I dont know about burning it....wouldnt you sweep with it and throw water around to diminish negative forces?
Just an idea

13-12-2005, 23:29
I bought this stuff on an Xmas market. I guess it is something related to sage (at least it looks a bit sagelike).

14-12-2005, 01:53
When Santeros use herbs they "bless" water and take the fresh herbs and with the herbs and the water sweep or beat or swish {trying to find descriptive words) them around the whole room to disperse the negative energies stored.
I am unfamiliar with burning these herbs in that scenario.
I have seen charcoal and myrrh and copal as well as unknown resins used.
You might use smudge ( sage) if you were following a Native American tradition...but I am not sure which ones do that. I assume it is Navaho/Hopi/southwestern tribes.
I am living in the southeast and that kind of sage doesnt grow around here, so I dont think it would be used.
I admit, I love how smudge is smokey smelling , but clean and crisp at the same time.
It does seem to make the air charged but clean.
What about using rosemary and sweet mint together fresh with water you have blessed?

17-12-2005, 00:55
Hi catti,
Yes, I also use herbs in water to clean a room.

The idea with rosemary and sweet mint sounds nice, I will try this out.