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03-12-2005, 11:04
I'm trying to understand my chart that was made for me.
- two rx.
Would someone tell me how to read this please?

(pl)Venus 04*Virgo45'21" rx
This is in the 9th house on the top of the chart.
What is rx is it Venus or Virgo?

This has the sign for Chiron I think. It looks like a circle with a K
on top. It is in the second house, near the line of Pisces but in Aquarius.
Chiron24*Aquarius12 Rx
What is Rx here?

These two rx are almost across from one another in my chart.
Does this have any meaning good or chaos in a chart.
I understand the rest of my chart, but must do more homework! :)

I'm trying to learn little by little.
Thanks for your time,

03-12-2005, 11:22
Its teh planetary bodies that are in retrograde (an illusion caused by an extreme pov angle as viewed from earth). Retrograde bodies have their energies redirected to the more subtle aspects of the signs they occupy.

venus ret in virgo shows that you are picky, but not to a detriment, you want things to move smoothly, but not against everyone. you are more sexual than you give yourself credit for.

Chiron retrograde in Aquarius indicates taht you are looking for healing and restucturing in the more esoteric fields (tarot, astrology etc. . . ) and are quite good at it, with chiron re-entering aquarius this month, expect your natural talents to synchronize with just about everything else around you.

the opposition means tha tyou can activate your talents with proper encouragment of friends and allies. let your light shine and it will lift others up.

03-12-2005, 11:54
Thanks paradoxx it's interesting!

10-12-2005, 09:15
I've struggled with retrogrades and finally decided they are most important not in a natal chart interpretation per se, but because they affect a progressed chart in a way more akin to an outter planet. This has to do with the mechanics of secondary progressions where every year in your life is represented by a day's movement of the planets in transit.

Effectively, this means that an inner planet in retrograde stays put in a position close to the natal position for much longer than does a planet moving forward. Therefore, at least in my experience, the effect is to intensify the area around the retrograde planet. In your case you have a deep relationship with the cycles of the seasons, rituals, etc and express your Venus in a more Virgo way than might another person with Venus in Virgo.

I read Chiron in an individual's chart only if it aspects the Sun, Moon or ascendent (or a stelum), which is the same way I read outter planets. Not everyone resonates to Chiron/outter planets on a personal level. Thus, unless there was a reason to say otherwise, I'd look to Chiron in Aquarius to show you were born at a time when attitudes about healing and personal freedom were undergoing a revision and that your generation is more accepting of the more eccentric aspects of Chiron. This would be a world view which takes a holistic rather than a totally materialistic view of many topics including health, spiritual connections, etc. How much you buy into this view and what you are actually trying to do based on that view will depend on how Chiron is aspected.