View Full Version : Poss a very silly non tarot question.

Black dragon
05-12-2005, 21:33
Sorry but it's annoying me and so i need to know.

how do you include the similys into the body of the txt, and create quotes also in the body of the text???

I know this must seem like a very silly question, with probabily a very easy answer but, i don't see it?
is it because of my citizen status or am i missing something far more obvious???

Black Dragon

05-12-2005, 22:06

ok when you go to reply, look down bottom of page where the box says posting rules
click on smilies and you get a page with the codes - copy and paste the code in here for the smiley you want

for other formatting click on vb code is on and copy and paste what you would like

this text is blue[/ color] comes out as the following

[color=blue]this text is blue

regarding creating quotes - if you mean quoting the person you are replying to then just click on quote at the bottom of their post

Black dragon
05-12-2005, 22:24
arr, thanks a lot. :thumbsup:

This also explains why the preview post button, as when writing it dosn't make much sense, (I've oft wondered about that too)

Thanks a lot Star-Lover

(ah and the spelling of colour is the american spelling must try to remember otherwise confushing message will come out.)(even more than my general spelling takes)

Oh well thanks again, i am indebted to you.

Black Dragon:D

05-12-2005, 22:57

you're welcome

i couldn't work that out either, ie nothing showing in the preview post box apart from the code then i looked up higher and you could see the smiley there under *preview* - i was only looking in the white box *reply to thread*
is that what you meant?

anyway main thing is we both learnt how to do it today

Black dragon
05-12-2005, 23:44
What i meant was that before, when i never knew about the code, it just showed me the same, as what i had just writen, but in purple, and with my sig's, but now i know it's for making sure, smilly's and fomating is correct.

06-12-2005, 00:00
Hey there star-lover,
thanks for posting that.. Even i didnt know how to post the smileys.. thanks.... ;)