View Full Version : mars direct again

13-12-2005, 03:29
anyone noticed a shift - made any decisions last couple days or so after months of frustration? i have and feel i'm going forward at last - also mars rx was squaring my leo uranus (60s babes) so guess that added to the frustration and going nowhere fast

i don't know if its mars direct again but i've felt a clarity about what i finally want and what i will and will not put up with and got the courage to go for it

and venus is going retrograde i believe soon - oh its that time again, evaluating and re-evaluating relationships

what fun lol though i prefer venus rx than mars rx

13-12-2005, 11:16
I've appreciated this Mars rx in Taurus in some ways...as it is in a significant placement for me as well. I was deliberately more willing to take my time and more concerned with completing what was started. One project or step at a time....keeping diligent to a task as well as the observing of ones progress, habits, and other little things that would not normally be noticed or scrutinized. However, I did notice that all of a sudden I was willing to speed up, take on more, or rush a little than has been the style over these past months when Mars was rx. Perhaps this was just things returning normal pace...but felt quick. While I feel slightly that I'm detaining my usual impulses in certain areas. I've decided to maintain lessons learned from this Mars/Tau rx.


18-12-2005, 17:30
i think i have become more compative and confrontational. not that i am normally passive and quiet. i am a scorpio sun 1st house and sc. asc. and fit my profile to a tee. but i find that i have been creating more waves in the last few days.