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03-02-2002, 14:34
I've been working with my chart, step by step, using Tracy Marks' Art of Chart Interpretation as a guide. I finished that book and now I'm working with her Planetary Aspects: From Conflict to Cooperation, to try to synthesize my cardinal t-square and two (maybe more) yods.

I have a problem with the yods. The first is that the sextile is from Jupiter to Pluto. Jupiter is conjunct Venus within two degrees, but Venus is not in orb with the sextile to Pluto. It seems to me that the closeness of the conjunction would link Venus qualities into the yod by association, or is that wrong? Do I separate the conjunction and only treat Jupiter as part of the sextile?

Jupiter also plays a role in a second yod, this time as the focal point. The sextile is between the Moon and Ascendant. Again, Venus misses the inconjunct orb to the Ascendant, so I don't know whether I should include its qualities in this yod, either. The other confusing part of this yod is that my natal Moon is conjunct the MC, which DOES fall within the specified orbs, so do I blend the energies of the Moon and MC and treat it as one yod, or do I treat it as two yods, one with Moon sextile Asc./inconjunct Jupiter and a second with MC sextile Asc./inconjunct Jupiter?

I'm so confused! But believe it or not, when I'm done with my natal chart, I'd like to do the same process with my progressed chart, so can anyone recommend a good book on interpreting progressed charts.

Kalin :)

04-02-2002, 12:35
Hi Kalin,

How about sending me your birth data so I can have a look at the whole chart. I need more information than you're giving here to give you an intelligent answer.