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20-12-2005, 05:39
I am not as knowlegable as I suppose some of you are with these things...but I have felt a significant draw to the date Dec 27th 2005...with reference to a New beginning for me.

Anyone have any idea what might be happening in the stars at that time...if you would like a reciprocation for the information, i would be happy to read for you...

love Bell

20-12-2005, 05:58
Astrological forcasts really need to be made with full birth information and information about where you are at the moment. Then we can look at progressions, returns, and transits. Nothing really seems to be unusual. For North America, the more interesting day is the 26th.with the Moon/Uranus, the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio with mutual reception between Pluto and Jupiter, Moon opposite Mars with possible mutual reception between these two, and Mars being in a nodal degree.

Hope this helps.

20-12-2005, 06:18
that would make sense...can you explain to me what this means for the average person...

i feel like the 27th is a new day...so to speak...something will end on the 26th...i am going to look at the only chart i have...lol...

if there is something you can tell me great....smiles

thanks so much

20-12-2005, 07:18
that would make sense...can you explain to me what this means for the average person...

i feel like the 27th is a new day...so to speak...something will end on the 26th...i am going to look at the only chart i have...lol...

if there is something you can tell me great....smiles

thanks so much

As for the 27th being a new day, I entirely agree. As for what effect this has, it will depend to a large extent on your chart, in particular the house structure. However, a few notes are worthwhile.

Mutual Reception is an old and interesting concept. The idea is that planets that are well dignified in eachother's houses offer protection to the planets they are in mutual reception with. In the first example, Jupiter is in Scorpio while Pluto is in Sagittarius. This means that Pluto and Jupiter are in eachothers' signs. This means that one can read them as if they were in their own signs and other malicious activity can be seen as abated by the mutual reception. It is also possible to read the chart as if the planets switched places. So the Moon/Jupiter conjunction may be similar in effect to the Sun/Pluto conjunction we just had but maybe more outwardly focused. Changes, perhaps big changes, but certainly not as malevolant as Pluto normally would be without reception.

Now, the Moon is exalted in Taurus, and Mars rules Scorpio, so you have another mutual reception here too. This double mutual reception is actually fairly complex here in part because you have both co-rulers of the sign involved. Transformation and death/rebirth seem to be a reasonable way to look at it. This is a fairly complex chart and I am fairly worried about it given other predictions that have been appearing to me in my horary work. But on the whole, it doesn't look like it will be on the balance harmful. Just big, powerful, and perhaps somewhat painful during the process.

One more note. You also have the square between the moon and Saturn becoming exact during this time. However Saturn is also in mutual reception with the Sun. Furthermore, you have Uranus trining the Moon but Uranus is in mutual reception with Venus.

So we have almost every malific planet involved but in a mutually receptive way. We also have both Luminaries and the beneficient planets involved in this either directly or by MR. This is going to be a huge day, and there is no telling what will come of it.

20-12-2005, 20:21
well, my interest sas piquied, so I did my standard asteroid input.

venus(rx) and chiron are in a conjunction at the cusp of capciron and aquaruis, asteroid navajo enters aquarius
asteroids ute(rx) and navajo will be at and exact opposition,

the north node will be trine to saturn (rx)

In a lot of ways this is a day that we can attune to teh natural forces that are around us (especially on the American Continents) and call forth the guardians and ask for forgiveness for the transgressions that we as a human race have alloed to have taken place.

The mars/Jupiter combined With the Ute/Navajo opposition creates more of an exact grand square than what the Neptune/Saturn opposition provides, but since ute is retrograde and navajo is direct this energy will be fleeting, but the importance will remain, and then the neptune/saturn opposition will take hold and reality (and the current situations) will come back to the forefront. We can all use the ute/navajo opposition (activating)energy to ground us to our basic needs so that the new year isn't to demanding.

20-12-2005, 20:58
Thank you paradoxx

Now this is something I can understand, no offence einhverfr



22-12-2005, 12:30
Hi Bell

I got this in my e-mail today, it is about the monthly highlights, since we are now in the sign of Capricorn (sun), it is from Astrology.com
December 25: Mercury sextile Neptune

'If you can dream it, you can have it' -- ever heard those words, or something similar? If you have, put them into action now, with full confidence that the universe is on your side. Cerebral, thoughtful Mercury is making easy contact with whimsical, woozy Neptune -- the stuff that not just dreams, but great big dreams are made of. However, if you come up with an idea that seems too good to be true, even if it sounds perfectly rational to you at the time, call on someone whose advice you trust -- just for the heck of it, and definitely before you take action. Hey, it can't hurt, and it might definitely help.

December 29: Sun sextile Uranus

When the Sun gets together with startling Uranus, there's no telling what might happen -- but it can't help but be surprising. Fortunately for all of us, the Sun is in sturdy, respectable Capricorn at the moment. So while you may still take a risk, it will certainly be a well-calculated risk. Still, with Uranus involved, there's no way to predict a situation's outcome, outside of knowing that it won't even be close to what you'd expected. Then again, once we become adults, how often are we actually surprised? Sit back and enjoy it.

December 30: New Moon in Capricorn

It's time for the yearly meeting of the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, which is sure to turn our attention toward duty, responsibility and getting the job done. Period. In the meantime, heaven help any friends or family who aren't quite so involved in their own work matters or projects, because they'll definitely have to learn to get along without you for a few days. They'll share some of your thoughts, though: For example, they'll want to take charge of their own careers, and they may even receive some interesting offers along those lines. Everyone's been working hard -- there's no doubt about that -- so why not give yourself the evening off from your responsibilities and have some plain old fun with the ones you love? 'Tis the season, after all ....

This new Moon will most affect Capricorns born December 29-January 2, Aries born March 28-April 1, Cancers born June 29-July 3 and Libras born October 1-5.

December 31: Mercury conjunct Pluto

With the emotional Moon in serious Capricorn, you won't be able to shake the feeling that you 'should' be doing something -- even if you're absolutely sure you've made your list and checked it twice. Still, you really should let go long enough to celebrate the New Year. And with thoughtful Mercury and intense, powerful Pluto in cahoots, your resolutions will be off to a potent start. These two planets, regardless of the sign they're in, are an amazingly persuasive duo. But since they're in Sagittarius, the sign of the salesperson, you'll be particularly adept at convincing others of your point of view, whether you do it through humor, rationalization or plain old common-sense philosophies. Just make sure you let up on the serious stuff by midnight. Raise a glass of whatever you choose, embrace someone you care for and bring on 2006 with a wish, a hope and a positive attitude. Happy New Year!

January 1: Venus into Capricorn, Sun trine Mars

Since December 24, Venus has been retrograde, creating the illusion that she's moving backward. Well, now the planet of love and beauty is rolling all the way back to Capricorn, leaving Aquarius's rebelliousness in favor of dedication and goal-oriented responsibility. During this unusually long stint in Capricorn, right through March 5, you'll be inspired to turn that casual travel companion/party partner you've been keeping company with into a full-time significant other. Meanwhile, the Sun, also currently in Capricorn, will form an easy trine with energetic Mars, putting the heavens' two fireballs in the mood to cooperate. If you've got something tough to tackle, whether emotionally or physically, it's time to do it. You'll have just the right amount of determination and stamina -- not to mention a remarkably cheerful attitude!
I hope what some of what is said here helps you in some way!