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22-12-2005, 20:19
I'm going through a hard time emotionally, and would like to know if there is a crystal that might help me with that a bit.

Could you tell me of any you know? Thanks.

22-12-2005, 21:42
Kunzite has natural Lithium in it and I think a few others do as wel but I'll have to get back to you on it...

from someone who also has depression:
a positive outlook as OFTEN as possible is needed
pay attention to foods to see if that helps trigger it
be around positive,happy people
look for a joy all around you where ever you are as OFTEN as possible
(example: hawks flying overhead,birds singng or putting on shows in flocks,children laughing,etc.)
try using essentials oils:maybe someone else can psot some good ones to use

Good luck and many blessings to you


22-12-2005, 23:15
Hi Velocitygirl,

I'm so sorry to hear about the depression and I hope with every lucky star out there that this isn't something you'll battle chronically. I know it probably doesn't help to hear this, but I've been battling depression, myself for the last 20-odd years. Here's some of what I've learned (naturally, though, I'm not a medical professional, so if things become too heavy...reach out to someone who is a professional...you probably know that whole litany, so I won't go there :)


Depending on your own likes/dislikes you might get some relief, aromatherapy-wise, from Lavender, Chamomile, Neroli, Frankincense or Grapefruit. (The Discovery Store used to carry a Neroli/Frankincense paste perfume and, I think, The Body Shop has a line of Grapefruit/Citrus products.)

Tea-wise, there are also choices:
(organic teas seem to be the strongest)

A good, strong Chamomile

Chamomile/Lavender (also good for a nervous stomach)

Valerian (a mild, natural tranquilizer, avoid if you have a heart condition—This stuff tastes like you’ve brewed dirty sweat socks, but with enough honey it’s very, very calming.)

Or my favorite, a blend of Chamomile/Lavender/Valerian/Skullcap/Lemon Balm (There's a good one out of this blend by Republic of Tea. It’s called “Chamomile Lemon: Surrender to Sleep Tea.”)


Basil is supposed to contain anti-depressive properties (although I haven't found it to be more effective than the teas, but it's good in tomato soup.)

Anything Peppermint is supposed to be a mood-lifter.

Anything else:
I've seen creative visualization therapy works pretty well, esp. when combined w/ lavender oil. It's just a matter of escaping your own head/thoughts for a few moments and slipping away to somewhere peaceful and safe and focusing hard on something else. In order for creative visualization to be successful, you have to really devote yourself to forming a full visual panorama to let yourself escape within. Most CDs that you can find are about as effective as a therapist doing the same thing, IMHO.

Music/Chanting can help occupy your mind and distract your thoughts.

Doing something physically/mentally engaging--I realize you probably don't have the energy for much right now, but it's been shown where it can work. What I've seen work most successfully (in myself and others) is either getting out in nature-- labyrinth walking with an ipod would be great, doing something artistic or watching a comedy movie, like Miss Congeniality. I know these all sound like crazy suggestions, but the idea is to distract yourself as much as possible from the loop of depressive thinking, do something that makes you feel productive, do something that's repetitive and therefore calming or trick yourself into finding something (no matter how stupid or unlikely) to laugh at. For a non-depressed person, one session of laughing really hard is enough to supply their bodies with enough seretonin and dopamine to work like an anti-depression-suit-of-armor for 1 full day.

Supposedly scientists have tested that yellow and orange are the most effective colors for battling depression. (Although you might also want to see where Venus is in your Natal Chart for more personalized suggestions.)

Having a pet and interacting with them positively can lower your blood pressure and increase your dopamine naturally. Hug your dog or your cat if you have one. They have heightened senses for things like depression and will usually stick close when they know you're feeling down. Watching a fish tank works, too.

If you're someone who really identifies with a particular element (probabally with the exception of Fire, though,) it sometimes helps to just re-charge yourself by being by that element. Earth people tend to like strolls in the woods. Water people can sometimes re-balance by being by a river or lake. This is one of the more subtle pick-me-ups, though, so I might not rely on it entirely.

I've read that you can imagine your aura as an egg of either white light (for spiritual energy,) green light (healing energy,) or pink (for loving energy.) Again, this can be a long shot.

When you start getting your energy back again, random acts of kindness can help because it's a very literal way to feel appreciated. When other people thank you, it boosts your brain's happy chemicals and it makes you feel that people are sincerely glad they share the earth with you. Bake a batch of cookies or print out extra coupons for a bookstore you're going to--give them out to relative strangers (like giving the cookies to someone you know at the garden nursery or an elderly person.) At first, people won't understand why you're being so nice to them, but once they realize it's just good dumb luck and *you* made it happen...well, they can beam waves of happiness back in your direction.

I know this is a lot to digest, but I hope something might help,

Take care,


23-12-2005, 01:48
Hi, VelocityGirl! I've also been battling depression for many years. What I know is that it is often the most sensitive, kind, smart, loving, and intuitive people who tend to suffer with depression.

I believe (from reading one of your previous posts) that you are quite young still, and I know that being young often means that one is relatively powerless over key issues in one's own life. Depression is often anger turned inward, because it feels too dangerous to express your rage. Also, hormones have a lot to do with our mental state, and there's a lot going on physically at your age. Speaking of which, before ingesting any herbal remedy, make sure to look it up in a reputable herbal reference book, and heed the precautions. Some of them can cause flooding during your period, and some are not safe to use long term. There are those that are safe in low doses short term, those that are safe in high doses long term, and all shades in between, so be aware that these can be effective, but must be used wisely.

Following are a few things that have helped me the most, in no particular order. Feel free to use or ignore as you will.

1) My counselor told me that Buddhists say depression is like a cloud passing over the sun. The sun hasn't left, it is just obscured. Keep in mind that this feeling will pass. Sometimes I say I have "brain flu" which keeps it in perspective. Like the flu, I feel horrible, but I know if I take care of myself and coddle myself a bit, it will pass. A hot bath helps!

2) I don't know what kinds of food additives and chemicals are sanctioned in your part of the world, but it might be a good idea to stay away from artificial sweeteners of any kind. Some, if not all, of them seem to have a depressive effect on brain chemistry.

3) Watch as many inane comedies as you can, and laugh, laugh, laugh.

4) If you are depressed for more than a couple of days, tell someone who can help you get some relief, through counseling or whatever path seems applicable. Your job now, as I see it, is to get yourself to adulthood intact in mind, body and spirit.

5)I have found that isolating myself only makes things worse. People care about me, and they want to be with me, even when I don't feel lovable or particularly entertaining. Those who love you need their regular VelocityGirl fix, and it makes them feel less desperate if you let them be with you.

6) Since you are a Tarot reader, you could well be very physically sensitive, and you may be picking up on other people's energy and problems without even knowing it. The website http://www.kyramesich.com/ is a good resource to begin with if this tends to be the case for you. In particular, she recommends the use of the Bach flower essence Yarrow.

Many blessings,

23-12-2005, 08:56
2) I don't know what kinds of food additives and chemicals are sanctioned in your part of the world, but it might be a good idea to stay away from artificial sweeteners of any kind. Some, if not all, of them seem to have a depressive effect on brain chemistry.

Nutrasweet/Aspertame in particular is known to cause some issues with depression in a few people.

As for what you are going through, there are a few possibilities that might require different approaches.

Now, you said you were having a difficult time emotionally. This can mean all different things and I tend to think that it is better to be a little more precise than that when looking for a program to help.

If you are meditating, you should know that it is natural to go through a profound spiritual crisis at some point (mine was a deep spiritual darkness that lasted for a few years puncuated by moments of unearthly beauty). In this case in no event should you stop your meditations. They are necessary to carry you through the clouds to the higher realms of consciousness. I don't believe that the spiritual crisis is a form of clinical depression but rather something else that is distinct (though it can feel like the same thing sometimes). Know that this crisis doesn't last forever and it is certainly worth pursuing.

If you are feeling lazy, lethargic, not sleeping well, and just not feeling very vibrant, I would suggest bloodstone, as it is associated both with the sun and with happiness. This is especially true if these don't have an obvious source in one's environment and have been affecting you for at least a few months.

If you already have had the spiritual crisis (and you will certainly know if you have), and you are feeling disconnected spiritually, then going back to meditation (maybe on a variety of crystals you associate with your practice) will help.

If you have just had a traumatic experience or lost a loved one, I would suggest using a grounding/earthy stone, like brown jasper or schorl.

Hope this helps.

24-12-2005, 09:32
Thanks heaps, all of you (: I'll take a lot of that advice into account
-considers watching Monty Python DVDs today-...

einhverfr - Yeah, I'm not that much into meditating yet, kind of doing a bit here and there. But no, no spiritual crisis yet XDD

I'm going to try and make sure today, it being Christmas eve, that I will NOT be all emo on Christmas day. And despite the fact that I'm not keen on doing so, I suppose I'd better steer clear of the alcohol, and try to have fun without being a precocious little pain who acts like she's thirty =D

24-12-2005, 10:37
I guess I've got a totally different take from your other advisors. You are going through puberty right now which means massive hormonal changes, at the least. Spiritually, it is also what we astrologers see as the first time the planet Saturn stresses your natal horoscope.

All in all, I'd say what you are experiencing is fairly normal for your age. You are getting ready to move into a larger world mentally and your body is changing to make this change into a reality. In other words, you are moving out of childhood with it's limited view and involvement with the world.

I doubt very much that what you are feeling at the moment is a classical depression and you should NOT think that you are in any way shape or whatever abnormal. You are going through one of the most stressful periods in anyone's life, however. You don't have a lot of control over your hormonal changes, but just stay aware that they are influencing your moods. This is a great time to evaluate what you have been taught so far. Are the things you take for granted in line with where you might want to go in life? This should be a period where you can begin to dream your own dreams and not just reflect the expectations of your friends and family.

24-12-2005, 11:06
I get that a lot. I don't want to sound like a pain, but I'm pretty sure I'm probably actually depressed.
I suppose I wouldn't know, but I know that I've had a lot of the syptoms of it too, annoyingly enough XD

But yeah, it's been going on for two years, and for a long time I went through a period of self-mutilation, however stupid that is. But yeah, it doesn't seem to be that normal. It's not like I wish it was different but it's just like... yeah. I dunno. You may well be right.

24-12-2005, 11:23
Thanks heaps, all of you (: I'll take a lot of that advice into account
-considers watching Monty Python DVDs today-...

einhverfr - Yeah, I'm not that much into meditating yet, kind of doing a bit here and there. But no, no spiritual crisis yet XDD

I'm going to try and make sure today, it being Christmas eve, that I will NOT be all emo on Christmas day. And despite the fact that I'm not keen on doing so, I suppose I'd better steer clear of the alcohol, and try to have fun without being a precocious little pain who acts like she's thirty =D

This response suggests that you might find the grounding solutions helpful. Ideally something like brown jasper, schorl (black tourmaline), etc. As for herbs associated with grounding and lightening of the mood, I would suggest dandelion root (Saturnian/Solar). Add a little honey if you like and make into a bittersweet tea.

Here is another excersize I would suggest. It is best done outdoors. Stand outdoors (I like to face north, but I don't think the direction makes much difference). Breath in slowly counting heartbeats (I count to 9, but many people find that 5 is a good number). As you breath in, feel the energy of the earth entering you and providing stability. Hold your breath for a couple of heartbeats. Then as you exhale, feel the turmoil leave with the energy from the earth. I prefer 9 counts in, 3 holding in, 9 counts out, 3 holding out, but 5-2-5-2 works better for those who don't have much breath control yet. The same can be done with the stones I mentioned above.

In the end, we all have times in our lives when we go through turmoil, and I suppose we males have it easier in this regard. I myself am going through a tough time (in my case, i think it is mostly that I haven't kept my spiritual health up). The most important thing to remember (if you forget all else) is that you can continue to make it through whatever the universe throws at you. Unconditional faith in oneself is the most important thing to remember.

As a final thought, it being the Yuletide.... The Christmas Tree is a useful symbol to think about. We usually use evergreen trees because they are green in the winter. As the Indo-Europeans (generally) saw a metaphorical connection between the tree and the self (think Kundalini wrapped around the base of the tree, Yggdrassil as being a metaphore for the human condition, etc), this is also a metaphore for the immortality of the soul and the fact that life goes on even in the most bleak frozen time of winter. That the new spring will come.

24-12-2005, 13:55
That's a great idea... will do, definitely. Mm, it would probably best that I go down the street to the empty little beach/bush reserve to do it... so my rather large family do not manage to see me looking like a moron. XD

Thanks heaps.

24-12-2005, 14:34
einhverfr - Took your advice, not twenty minutes after I read your message. I went out and did that, and meditated for a bit on this big rock that hangs pretty high over this beach and has this great view of the harbour, so I had this strong wind blowing from the sea and stuff.
So yeah, did that, did a bit of meditating, and came back from home with this amazing sense of peace wellbeing.

Thanks for suggesting it, so helpful =D

29-12-2005, 10:34
Everyone has great advice and I hope with battle with depression is starting to feel a little less impossible now. :-)

I battled the big D and still have the odd day or so when relapses happen but they are few now. I can honestly say I know how it feels to not want, and not have the energy, to get out of bed just because you'd have rather not have ever woken up again. BUT crystals, meditation (and the fortunate fact that I'm saggitarian so always have hope, no matter how tiny and obscure, that things will get better) keep getting me through. That and always reminding myself of all the things I DO have rather than focusing on any bad things. Which is why my signature quote is always the one it is!

Some handy tips are:
If you can find any (its not that easy to get hold of in some part of the world) Lithium quartz, two pieces that feel balanced in your hands, kept on you at every moment possible, is fantastic. It contains lithium, used to treat depression and it really works, but it takes a bit of time. Try to balance it out with something mood lifting but earthy like citrine. Citrine on its own, if you can't find lithium quartz, is very effective.

Get as much natural light every day as possible, its a natural mood lifter.

The other thing I'd recommend is either a meditation or affirmation daily for fifteen minutes or so that boosts your self confidence. Cherish yourself (no matter how hard they may sometimes feel) and those around you and each small blessing and gradually, you should hopefully start to see reasons to keep fighting against the feeling of depression.

30-12-2005, 13:26
This IS a little OFF track - here BUT I know a few people who actually were suffereing depression and they had very low vitamin D levels, maybe you could ask for a test?

hope your situation improves soon


01-01-2006, 09:16
For uplifting stones, try Lepediolite and Lavender jade. They uplift the heart and spirit. I also love aquamarine to put me in a good mood but I am landlocked here in Nebraska and I think I crave the water energy.

01-01-2006, 15:41
Thanks heaps. These are great suggestions (:

I suppose it makes a lot of sense, but I doubt I have a vitamin D deficiency, simply because I live in Sydney and spend a lot of time out in the sun at the beach and stuff. I probably get heaps of vitamin D. But yeah, perhaps I'm wrong and it's something to think about.

01-01-2006, 15:54
I think it might be Vitamin B levels that cause depression.

02-01-2006, 14:20
I lived in Syndey and Cairns all my life and found my Vit D levels very low - interesting eh.. my hair nails and skin were suffereing, but the GP that put me on VIT D - yes D (B also is related to stress) said many people who feel down, and even are diagnosed with all sorts of illness it is actually Vit D.... more often than not they live in Australia, the US rates seem pretty normal.

Osteoporosis, thyroid and other conditions can be improved with Vit D - if your blood tests come back that way... I know on a board like this seeins a GP is a 'no no' but I beleive in all ways ;)

Im glad your meditation helped, I used to love Clovelly Beach.. really lovely.


02-01-2006, 22:04
I suffer with what my doctor describes as panic disorder, which went on to become agoraphobia. I'm happy to say i'm in recovery now. I've chosen to take control of my life and emotions. However i think depression, that causes these problems may stem from stress, my doctor says that the reason i have panic disorder is down to stress... STRESS the disorder, rather than everyday stress, the only difference being that it's internal, not externally trigered. I think if vitamin D increase can help combat stress then , it will combat all the other effects simultaniously. Just a thought. Some really fantastic ideas here. I Think i will get my lavender out and buy a uv light. I've got my curtains open wide to let the sunlight in, shame there isn't any today!

I also feel that grounding mediations help depression and positive rituals of any kind, Also listening to motivational speakers, getting a passion, feeling inspired and pursuing a goal, you can get depressed when your facinated and passionate at the same time.

TRY THIS....EXERCISE> might not feel like it, but it is the biggest depression cure ever. Get yourself out bike riding, horse-riding, the gym, swimming, whatever, just move your body in different ways. Physiology and psychology are greately interlinked. The way you move your body effects how you feel in other words. So to start change your posture, get up and dance to some good music. Don't slouch! get shoulders back, immediately you will feel uplifted. Head up, look where you want to go, not at what you fear...fear and uncertainty can cause you to feel depressed. You need to live in the moment, expereince everything now, the smells, feelings, around you. Spend 10 minutes in the morning being grateful for you life, gratitude is the biggest gift you can give to yourself.

Have gratitude for your problems, which are the resistance you push against and make you stronger in life, gratitude for your loved ones, for YOURSELF, for your dreams, for your goals, for your life... For your future.

FOCUS on what you want, being happy, going out with friends etc...nice career, family whatever it is you want.. Then set a goal and pursue it with total faith and belief. Take the focus off yourself and put it onto something you want or someone else.

Charity- It's proven that helping other people lifts depression. The sense of giving releases feel good endorphins into your body!! So get volunteering! Also takes your mind off your self, makes you less self absorbed.

Hobby- Get a new hobby, Spiritually - tarot doesn't count, because this is a absorbant study , which can cause you to go deep into this , and neglect other responsabilities.

Last but not least, TRY THIS... Take a journal out and write down these key headings. Remember that you are responding to an event or with this feeling called depression. Here is a way to realise that you can control every aspect of your emotions and behaviour.

Think about a time when you felt truely happy.. How did it feel, what did you see, what was your posture like? what were you wearing, what did you smell>? what did you hear? PICTURE that moment.. Imagine it in all it's GLORY. Emmerse yourself in that wonderful happy feelings.

Okay how do you feel now.. Happy?? Okay great. Well now you just learnt the formula for happiness. Everytime you do this in future, use what's called an anchor. Put two finger on each hand together. Eventually you can form a neural pathway between your pysiology and neurology and be able to feel this happy feeling every time you put those to fingers together because your brain will have made a neural pathway to give you this pleasure. You see the brain can't differentiate between vivid imagination and what is real, so you can make yourself have the experience off happiness in your head and condition yourself to feel this way on a regular basis.

Depression is a habit, it's hard to become depressed. The forumula for depression- slump your shoulders, think negatively, feel like everything is terrible and never going to work out. see pictures of negativety in your head, make your body slack. -- See it's just a negative habit you have got yourself into , but you can get yourself out of quickly by using positively reinforcing messages to your brain. Use the happy formula above.

REALISE, that you can CREATE any emotion whenever you CHOOSE. You make the decision to feel depressed. You have a CHOICE. Realise that you are not a helpless VICTIM. Realise that you have decided to choose this response to your conditions, and realise now that you can also CHANGE this response. Also realise that you don't have to do anything in life, that you CHOOSE to. Put yourself in a position of POWER. Start doing things, It's the quickest way out of depression, Fill your day with things you love, START taking ACTION now, and see how much more fulfilled your life is.

Read a book called feel the fear and do it anyway. Great book i used to get me out of agoraphobia. Get it out at the library, don't make excuses and put things off until you feel better, start doing things, and you will see your confidence is regained. TRUST!! Trust me on this but most of all TRUST in yourself! Ask for help from your angels and god and guides also. Believe that the earth will help you on your journey if you ask of it.

If you would like to chat anytime or like any tips, or good websites that have helped me, don't hesitate to contact me by pm. I don't feel right posting sites on here unless requested as some sites get abit funny about it. I don't know if it's allowed here or not. So i will leave out.

However, there was one more thing i was going to say, but i've forgotton, so i'll leave it for now.

Good Luck honey, All the best!!
Remember your New year Starts now and you can have whatever you want. Nature is not capricious. It doesn't give us the ability to visualize our goals and what we want, and not the ability to acheive them. You have inside you what you need to get you out of this situation.

Remember take responsibility for your feelings, your actions, realise that you are the cause of all your emotions. You have a CHOICE what you feel.

Event happens or conditions arise ---SPACE TO CHOOSE( Your decsion, what ever you choose to feel) Concious or unconcious) ---Your REACTION ( Happy or sad, good or bad) Don't be driven by your unconcious. Make a CHOICE to take concious action and responsability for how you feel. Choose happiness :))

Love *& Light , Janey xx

03-01-2006, 06:38
Wow, thanks... I think that helped a lot. Really =)

03-01-2006, 08:37
take out a journal and look at these key headings...

I meant to include:

Picture all the things you want in the below catergories. EXAMPLE show below:
Business -- own company selling crystals, own project
Health -- eat healthy, be size 12, go to gym, yoga, dancing, running
Contribution -- volunteer for local animal sanctuary, childrens charity, give
Higher self-- meditation, yoga, alone time, reflection
Leisure --reading, cinema, socializing
Family -- spend time with them, make sure they are loved
Personal Development-- read motivational books, tapes, journals, goal setting
Relationship-- call bf or partner, do something nice together, or find ONE!
Friendship-- call friend a, meal with freind b, plan holiday
Hobby --horse riding, tennis, dancing

Try to fill these areas of your life with interesting and positive things, It keeps the balance good :)

Love *&* Light , Janey xx

03-01-2006, 09:10
Wow, thanks heaps for your help. That's a really good idea =)

Thanks heaps.

07-01-2006, 10:50
Happy to help, have been in a similar situation myself, so can totally relate! Think that crystal therapy is a good idea also!!

It's physiological as well as psychological healing due to the energy's that crystals give off.

Love *& Light, Janey xx