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31-12-2005, 03:31
good wishes to all memebers and peace for the world

01-01-2006, 05:39
Happy New Year to all

And just saying that raises a question for me. Depending on where we live we all have a slightly different take on when the New Year happens. What do you all do? I just do a transit chart for my time zone and compare it to my natal and progressed charts.

I'd love to hear of other approaches.

04-01-2006, 14:50
Happy belated!. On the first of the new year..glanced into my ephemeris and saw that Ven rx and Chiron were conjunct in Aq for most of Decemeber/05. It made sense I thought,...there I was all month trying to salvage the health back into a long time romantic relationship ...(issues arise seems always on a ven rx.). I realized though that all month Ven/Chiron had also been squaring my natal Venus tightly from my sixth (& my natal moon recieving its own number of challanging aspects, sitting right next to natal venus). After seeing all just this little bit...its was no wonder..the uneasy yet deliberately sober, anti/unfestive mood as the clock stuck midnight. I am over that hump now, my perspective having surprisingly and quicky (thankgoodness!) turned to more healthier ven rx/capricornish interests.