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Orange-Eyed Raven
07-01-2006, 19:39
Hello everyone!

I was just browsing the Astrology section, when someone asked how they could find out what their Moon sign is. A member suggested http://www.jonathancainer.com/ where I found my OWN moon sign, plus a bunch of other stuff so I was wondering if someone could help me to understand what these mean?

Sun: Capricorn, 2853'17"
Moon: Libra, 2725'49"
Mercury: Capricorn, 449'23"
Venus: Sagittarius, 122'47"
Mars: Scorpio, 2749'53"
Jupiter: Sagittarius, 052'33"
Saturn: Taurus, 1542'6"
Uranus: Libra, 1333'50"
Neptune: Sagittarius, 230'42"
Pluto: Virgo, 2937'13"

Sagittarius is popping up alot, so does this mean I have predominantly Sagittarius traits?

Grateful for any assistance,
~Orange-Eyed Raven~

08-01-2006, 10:52
What you are asking is not answered in a few words or a short time. Describing what a planet in a sign and in a house and in aspect to one/more other planets requires a lot of time and knowledge. Although you may not want to hear this, you really would be better off finding this out yourself.

There are several ways that involve a little cost and some time. You need to first find yourself a basic astrology cook book. The look up and write down the portions that relate to your chart. Then start to read general books and magazines on astrology. After a couple of months you will a good basic understanding of your chart as well as some astrological knowledge that will help you understand the charts of others. Also, at the point, you will be able to ask good questions of those here to help point you in deeper areas of understanding. Astrology is a long-term study. Some of us have been at it for decades and are still learning. At some point you will reach a level where you can just glance at a chart and immediately start talking deeply about the person and thier progress in life. Good luck on your initial phase. Dave

PS. Forget about Sag for now. You have a square between Sun and Moon in Cardinal signs -- I don't know what houses they are in -- that will shape your personality more than the Sag stuff.

Orange-Eyed Raven
08-01-2006, 12:46
You need to first find yourself a basic astrology cook book.

Are there any that you can recommend to me, being an absolute beginner?

08-01-2006, 13:46
here's a few:

"Astrology for Dummies" (and the math equations provided will make you feel like a dummy too!)

"The Only Astrology Book you will ever need" (although it probably won't be the only one you use)

most of my information comes from the web (www.astro.com and www.astrology.com are excellent sources).

08-01-2006, 14:17
The books you need to choose from are listed here in the Astrology forum in the first post listed. Check out the resources for beginners. The A to Z Horoscope Maker is an old classic but a great one. Some of the intermediate listings are ones I'd strongly disagree with as being "good" but the beginners section is full of good choices. Dave.

09-01-2006, 17:22
I found "Astrology for Beginners" (I forget the author, it was published by Llewellyn) to be an easy-to-digest introduction to the topic. Keep in mind that astrology is a vast field. Once you have one or two beginners books and have that info well mastered, then I would suggest starting to pursue whatever topics interest you. My library contains books on fixed stars, horary astrology, arabic parts, etc...

Finally here is how *I* approach astrology. I see the astrological chart (including fixed stars by paran and projected ecliptical degree) as a sort of abstract map to the self. It doesn't necessarily predestine a person to anything in particular, nor does it apply (as an outside force) to one's life. Instead it represents abstract tendencies in one's life. So rather than impelling, the stars are simply abstract symbols that can manifest in manners in which you choose within the confines of the constraints of the situation.

Hope this helps.

09-01-2006, 17:46
I liked these books:

The complete book of astrology: johnstone
The ultimate astrologer: campion

They'll get you off the ground