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21-01-2006, 21:30
I had a hard day yesterday and it seemed like the universe was working against me at every turn, so I'm trying to make some sense of it astrologically. Every time I'd go to do something, I ran up against resistance and had to change plans almost 100% in order to get anything done, or I'd have to call and go to 4 different stores only to find none of them carried the product advertised on their webpage and I had to find creative substitutions (and then I came home to find parts missing out of the sealed packaging.) All I see on the astrology calendar for Jan. 20th is Moon in Libra, Sun enters Aquarius and Moon sextile Saturn. I know Aquarius can be rebellious, but yesterday was totally frustrating. Astrologically, what would cause such a crazy, crazy day?


23-01-2006, 02:53
Hello seaweed,

I'm very new and learning my way around this amazing site. The cosmic conditions influencing us now is the Moon conjunct Uranus. Surprising twist and turns - like an emotional rollercoaster and no way off! Perhaps soon all will settle.

Wishing you a better day.


23-01-2006, 10:02
Yup, paradoxx warned us in the january thread he posted. check it out.
Also, your particular experience is probably the result of the aspects that the present planetary alingments are making to your own chart.
Hope all is well by now, or at least better :)