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The monk
22-01-2006, 14:44
I may have found a fifth element/aether/living things equation while i was dreamily studying the Venus retrograde orbit, in approx. 400 days it forms a heart, which suddenly made me think of the mirror image of the Golden spiral, which when the mirror faces are joined also form a heart!
I started to carry on the pattern but with the idea of trying to incorperate the Vesica Piscis the oldest image associated with life, the Piscis sign of an oval shape with a loop fish tail, the fish being the emblem of Christ, it also represents the Cosmic egg, i also wanted to include the ten points of the opposing Pentacles being a penta- decagon and include a 3D picture of the Dodecahedron.
I didnt have much hope of completion, i dont include anything in sacred geometry that doesnt fit like a glove, the ten points for the pentacles to fit every 36*, which is needed to show this 5th Element masterpiece with added tredeciles 108* show the mighty Cosmic Dodecahedron, but the chances of me achieving my goal was millions to one, trying to do many joined symbol patterns with the mysterious Phi lifeforms equation would blow up most computers.
I was stunned that it worked, producing many of the patterns involved in leaves, oysters and shell fish, flower petals, structure of wings, apples, and fruit all rapped up in a heart shape.
Even the Masons had trouble finding a way of showing one pentagon by only using circles and compasses as obviously a degree isnt a standard measurement but is personal to the size of the circle...think of how large the minutes would be on a clock tower in comparison to your watch.
Thus although very pretty and full of Phi measurements, the mandala was like trying to make an old fashioned watch, it is very tight, complex but all in proportion, trying to find a way with compasses to do a swirling mass of Phi circles was a nightmare, with the Vesica Piscis, which was where i managed to find the ten 36* needed, although i have only put the opposing pentagons in the small circle with the rest of the pattern floating over the top, for the sake of it not being too messy with conflicting lines.
Hope you like the patterns of lifeforms on attachment.

25-01-2006, 07:18
You might enjoy playing around with fractal geometry/math. Fractal math is now used to model complex natural phenomena such as weather, plant growth, etc. It can even has applications in large-scale systems such as stock market fluctuations.

Not being much of a math person, I can't explain it well. But as a fractal artist, I've enjoyed the shapes produced by the math of others. With a good fractal generator like UltraFractal, you can make some amazing pictures. A spiral is a basic shape in making fractals. Your pictures reminded me of that. Nice work.