View Full Version : Sidereal vs. tropical astrology

28-01-2006, 18:02
Does anyone here have an interest in sidereal, as opposed to tropical, astrology, and would you like to swap thoughts on current transits? ;-))

29-01-2006, 01:33
Hi, I use Sidereal techniques extensively although I don't use the Sidereal Zodiac -- in fact I don't use any zodiac except as a measurement tool. Signs don't impress me much.

My focus is on Solar and Lunar Returns. I use precession correction and the methods of Fagan and Bradly in progressing the Solar Returns. And, if you have noted my postings, I also rely heavily on planetary energies and angular positions and use less often the minor aspects.

Of course, when I do natal astrology or mundane/political astrology, then I use many of the classical tools.

Have you worked out yet, to your satisfaction, which of the two zodiacs the currently-used sign interpretations best fit? Dave