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28-01-2006, 23:02
Hi, can someone answer a question for me?

My rising sign is Cancer, but when I look at my chart I see Leo in my 1st house. Question: how does the moon (my ruling planet) in Leo (in my 1st house) affect me. Am I truly the "Crabby Leo?"

[Note: I am uncomfirtable posting my b-day info, so I'm not.]

29-01-2006, 02:07
Well you have a couple of things going on. Although your sun-sign is Cancer, you probably appear more Leo than Cancer because Leo is not only your rising and moon sign but you have the mutual reception between the sun and moon.

I.e. the Sun is in Cancer (ruled by the Moon) while the Moon is in Leo (ruled by the Sun). Reception abates all malice, so this has the following impacts:

1) You may seem as much like a Leo as like a Cancer.
2) You may have a much stronger sense of self than your chart may otherwise indicate.

Hope this helps

29-01-2006, 02:12
your rising sign is leo not cancer

but having the moon in the first house can put very cancerian qualities in your character

cancer and leo are 2 side by side signs i always found were closer to each other and not so different as opposed to other side by side signs

leo/virgo - what a difference
aries/taurus - same veign etc etc

so with that said and your sun in cancer i would agree with the crabby leo description lol but its a lovely combination
always reminds me of a good actor
feels his way into the part and does it


29-01-2006, 03:25
Just another note on the mutual reception thing.

I have a friend whose sun sign is Scorpio (Aries moon, Cancer rising) who I had assumed was a Leo before I did the chart. The reason for this strong first impression was the mutual reception between Scorpio Sun and First House Leo Mars.

29-01-2006, 05:25
I totally agree with einhverfr about the significance of the mutual reception. I hope all of the newbies are off reading about mutual reception. Basically, it means your Moon and Sun are "talking" to each other. You are a very solar Cancer type, indeed, and probably seem a lot like the Chariot card in the tarot deck. As depicted in that card, you are likely to get where you want to go in life since you can call on both internal and external resources. With your
Sun placed as it is, make sure you develop and listen to your intuition and feelings. I see intuition more as a solar function and feelings as a lunar function. Sorry to ramble on, but your chart is a great example of the Sun and Moon working together.

29-01-2006, 07:56
I would probably describe mutual reception in a different way than Wizzle. Mutual reception is a sort of mutual hostage situation, or at least this is the root of the concept. Instead I tend to see antiscias as representing discourse between the planets.

The planets rule the signs. If they are in certain other signs they are considered with high regard, or said to be exaulted. On other signs they are not well regarded and considered to be in their fall. Finally in still other signs, they are at odds with the sign and considered to come across in a more unclear way (detriment). Part of the idea is that the ill-disposed signs react to the planet in a hostile way, shortening the planet's influence. Sort of like if Bush were to go to, say, Iran, and try to launch a public campaign. He probably wouldn't get much done....

Now, suppose England and France are at odds and there is fear of war. If the King of England goes to France, that may not be safe, but if the King of France goes to England at the same time, those French patriots are not going to kill the King of England because their own king would be endangered by the action. Therefore, France becomes a safe haven for the King of England.


When people look at mutual reception in a chart, there are two options one has. The first is to understand that planets affected by mutual reception are generally immune from malice becuase they can always escape back to their home territory. For example, let's say that the Sun culminates with Achernar and is besieged by Saturn and Mars in aspects. But let's say that Mars is in Leo. Then *none of the above affliction matters.* And even Achernar will be far more benevolant than it would otherwise be.

The second option is to understand that the chart can also be read by switching the mutually receptive planets by position. This in the above example, one can read the chart as a Leo sun and an Aries mars as well, so neither planet is unduly harmed by Achernar.

So back to the chart in question:

You can also look at your chart as if you have a Cancer moon and a Leo sun.

01-02-2006, 07:22
For those who may find it more interesting, I have created a blog where I have written up a basic primer on reception and mutual reception.

The blog entry is at: