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29-01-2006, 09:46
I haven't been to this forum for months. I checked back cos there's an important question I have to ask. Personal tragedies are happening to me and my friends. Within a span of two or three weeks, I scandal broke out in my university involving me, my friend's grandmother died, a long-term couple broke up just a few weeks shy of their 2nd anniversary (Feb. 14). Heaven knows what other tragedies are happening around me. Since I know nothing about transits and predictive astrology, I thought I should ask the good people here if they saw any "sign" in the heavens that would influence the abundance of "bad luck" to us here.

Thanks to anyone who replies. This would really help in my study of astrology.

29-01-2006, 10:03
Why don't you check out this thread:



29-01-2006, 11:40
Can't give you a reply about the astrology aspect ...... and scandals eventually blow over ...... as soon as the next one hits ..... so try to wait it out, but sending you hugs, sounds like you need them!

x Huredriel

29-01-2006, 14:36
Without knowing anything about your chart, I would suggest that something is transiting across your ascendant as most of these seem to be first or twelfth house issues. The scandle seems to be 12th house, but other people's relationships would be first house, and one's friend's grandmother would also be first house. I would be tempted to sugges that maybe the combination of retrograde Venus and Mars might be what is causing problems for you. But this is all without any reasonable information to work from like a birth chart.