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03-02-2006, 12:03
mercury transiitng aways from conjunction with teh sun and neptune is putting dreamy and obscure energies in the way, you may feel as if you are in a constant state of dreaminess to teh pont where you act before thinking (like a dream).

the tripple aquarian energy is hard to maintain, and thankfully mercury and the sun will both move past neptune and seperate fact from fiction while our spiritual and psychic side of ourselves starts to show itself in different and unusual ways, it may be hard ot connect with people at this time and teh need to ba alone might be prevelant. Avoid drugs, their effects are highly potent right now, exercise would be a good alternitive.

03-02-2006, 12:09
...yes indeed to the dreaminess.

7 of Cups anyone??

04-02-2006, 19:13
And both are the very fixed signs of their elements.

Taurus energy is Grounded, focused in direction and purpose, Aquarius is air--driven by thought and communciation. There is complimentry and contradiction forces at work this weekend, and they don't break apart easily.

Mars in Taurus has wrapped up his third journey over the bulk of Tuarus, his expertise will help the moon establish influence over the excitment and long term plans.

The moon in taurus is happy and moodful, and in need or reassurance that things, despite tough times, are overall more positive than ever before, watch out for deciet though, this moon placement is very careful with placing trust just anywhere.

neptune in Aquarius is visionary at the least, ambition come with natural invocation, and there is a powerful adjustment at hand. The synchronization taking place with the sun/mercury/neptune conjunction is an accumulation of the past 12 months moving foreward, in alignment with new moon celebration fo the year of the dog, think wolves and other great canines as your guiding force in times of uncertainity.

The Sun in Aquarius is the powerful center stage, With neptunes enrgy no longer directly blocked, but still backing the sun, trust in calculated risks can go ahead on a green light. With mercury in the process here, the need to communicate is also given a green light. Mercurr idrectness is very imporatn right now, it its teh time review and restrucrue the stiation and let new beginnign take their hold, the comination of certain older ideas into a new entitity is the very nature of creation itself. It is only fitting that this take hold now so that the retrograde of mercury can restore and repair any damage that has been overlooked.

The squares involved create biting words between what was, what is, and what is coming to be. How things have been, the mild openess, and yet the fact that it won't be any different that that in some way. While not the apex that many would have hoped for, providing for all is the nature of the free world we that we strive to maintain for everyone. The difficulty in supporting that involves letting ones guard down and allow for naturla feelings that may change the way we live our lives and how we percieve others and their lives.

Also this coincides with the superbowl, so don't overdo the team patriotism at the sacrifice of a joyus gathering, also MSNBC will be at the games so if ESPN or the other coverage gets too monotonous, try MSNBC, it might be what your viewers need to see.

09-02-2006, 18:42
mercury enters pisces and opposes the darkmoon. the depth of our everyday conversations may take a deeper meaning that may not be picked up on by everyone. Mercury in Pisces may not be all that fun to begin wtih either, take note of some of the more important intriguing momenets.

Venus and the moon oppose from capricorn and cancer, not a happy combination, but one that gets the process and notificiations done with and over and through. No more game playing, after this round of course.

February will be 1/3 over by Fridays dawn, and with it comes a serious note of getting things done, March is around the corner and the sun will have to go through Pisces to get to Aries. Pushing everything into motion is Taurus Mars, fixated on its current goal, and example in and of itself.