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14-07-2002, 05:09
Okay, been having communication problems, car problems--problems with the DMV, internet problems! In fact, I wrote up this post and then, when I hit delete to erase a word, the delele continued to erase the whole message!

Is it retrograde? If it is, is it almost over? Please tell me it's almost over....

14-07-2002, 10:34
i have the next mercury retrograde as sept. 14 to oct. 6. the last one ended june 8.

sorry to hear that you're having problems thirteen! maybe a.g. will have another astro. reason for them.

14-07-2002, 11:05
also, Mercury is currently in Cancer(7/8-21)
Where Mercury is in your natal chart in relation to transits is likely to have something to do with it, as well as some house influences.
How long have you been having these problems, because mercury just came out of Gemini. It would be helpful tho know where your planets are.

15-07-2002, 04:35
Been having them for about two weeks now--most seriously this last week (my birthday week, of course!). I honestly don't recall where Mercury is in my chart. Last time I did a chart was using some software that, now, doesn't work on my current new computer.

Any online program where I can plug the info in and get the results?

15-07-2002, 11:02
i'm not recommending this site for anything other then the charts, but they do have charts and they're free and easy to find. just press free horoscopes at the top, near center.


15-07-2002, 16:31

this is another good one for free charts.

in light,

16-07-2002, 16:31
Okay. Mercury is in Leo. I'm in agreement that astro.com ain't so good a site. Like the other better.

16-07-2002, 21:33
What degree? It's possible your Mercury is being opposed by Neptune, which currently is at nine degrees of Aquarius.

18-07-2002, 17:26
14 degrees Leo.

18-07-2002, 21:07

18-07-2002, 22:07
Well, with the outer planets I usually use a three degree orb because the transits are very long. Starting in Feb, 2003, Neptune will be at 11 degrees of Aquarius and will aspect your Mercury through 2005!

It's a great aspect for intuition, spirituality and the like, but sometimes you may feel like you're not on this planet (and that can be a good thing!)


18-07-2002, 23:42
astro.com is a great site, I cant agreee that it is only useful for the free charts at all. I've been studying Astrology for a few years and this site is in my favourites. Another site that I like for a daily read is Jonathan Cainer. Cainer.Com. This man has a great sense of humour , just love his stuff !

19-07-2002, 01:04
Also, if you smoke...it would be a real good idea to consider quitting BEFORE the Neptune transit affects your Mercury (Merc rules the lungs.)

19-07-2002, 10:01
Originally posted by AquarianGoddess
Also, if you smoke...it would be a real good idea to consider quitting BEFORE the Neptune transit affects your Mercury (Merc rules the lungs.)

Never smoked and never will. Hypertension runs in my family and it hardly needs more help ;)