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08-02-2006, 00:43
We have covered the Sun and The Sun-Moon Relationships extensively in other threads. Those who read some of my posts carefully will remember that the actual attributes that I gave the Sun may have seemed a little "sparse." The Sun-Sign attributes were missing -- appropriately. But, one thing i mentioned was that the Sun had a primary quality of "Integration." The Sun's attributes of will, focus, the masculine principle are balanced by the importance of the INTEGRATION factor.

In this series of threads I will be presenting ideas and discussion prompts relative to the Sun and how it may integrate with each of the planets (except for the Moon, which has been covered). I will not be covering each aspect of the Sun with each Planet -- we have cookbooks that do that sort of thing. I will be discussing the core meanings of these combinations, how to approach using them in various aspect patterns (the aspect patterns will be generic and apply to all Planet-Planet combinations). We may also give a few examples of how to evaluate the Sun and a Planet when there is no classical aspect -- we will briefly use a generic phase relationship and house approach.

We have used many of the charts and chart data that list participants posted in the Astrological Birth Data for Participants threads. I will pick up on using data/charts from those who joined later and whose data/charts have not yet been used as examples for discussion and feedback. In this way everyone will have an incentive to stay involved as we cycle through these charts on a repetitive basis as we move through the Planet Series. I expect that this will run for many months as we cover various facets of using the Planets. Dave