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09-02-2006, 04:12
I was wondering whether when making an elixir if it was possible to use two stones at the same time to make the one elixir, and if so, are there any rules as to what stones can and can't be mixed? Obviously i wouldn't make the elixir to have two different purposes, I was thinking more of using the two stones to compliment each other if one didn't cover everything... what do you guys think??

Thanks in advance!!


Little Eagle
09-02-2006, 18:04
Yes mate it is possible to mix vibrational crystal energy in my opinion provided their is compatability. I get tea's from a woman WWW.eyeofthesun.net.au She mixes allsorts into the preparations. Also if you wear more than one crystal at once then you should in theory be able to wear the mix the same vibrational energy in water IE Amethyst could be mixed with Citrine for a hangover and centering etc. Or Better still mix the energies with herbs depending on the situation.
Hope this helps

09-02-2006, 19:57
Thanks for your help, Little Eagle!!!! That does make sense. Well, I'm off to go make my elixir...

Thanks again