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10-02-2006, 23:54
Hi guys,

Question, what are indicators of pregnancy in an astrological chart and how are these determined? I'm trying to figure this out using my own chart..since right now the issue is actually on my mind and it's a couple weeks too soon for a pregnancy test. I've been looking at my transits and I'm not having much luck; anybody able to help?

11-02-2006, 03:14
hi obsidian queen
i can't help with this really

i would be interested to hear though if there is a standard way to predict this or not other factors considered - there are alot of knowledgeable astrologers here and they may help

all i can do is say what transits occured when i became pregnant - transiting jupiter had almost returned to its natal position in the 4th house which it rules natally as well (sag 4th house) and was coming up to a tr conjunction to my moon (also ruled by jupiter) in the 4th too

which kind of makes sense - i think the 4th house/moon relate to the womb, fertility, family, generations

of course it might not be due tothat but that was the most obvious transit for me

i'd be interested to hear others stories re this

good luck if you're hoping for a baby :)

11-02-2006, 04:16
A long time ago, but not so far away, my astrological study group devoted a couple of months to pregnancy and birth, determining the sex and/or due date of a child, etc. There are several published book on these subjects, all of which we had reviewed. While I don't remember the specifics from then (25 years ago), I do remember that none of what we read or researched proved to be reliable in even 1/3 of the cases we constructed.

I can suggest some broad areas of consideration. First, we have those planets which are associated with creation; Sun, Venus, Mars. If we look at some mid-points such as Sun-Venus=Mars we have an interpretation right out of Ebertin's research, "The urge to love, the desire to beget children, creative power, a loving husband." Turning these planetary combinations around to get Sun-Mars=Venus we get much the same thing with the addition of "an intense love-expression." While Venus-Mars=Sun gives us "A strongly physical love, artistic power of creation, the urge toextablish a union between the sexes, marriage, procreation."

What I might suggest is to locate these mid-points in your chart as being sensitive points and to then look for transits over these points, particularly by Sun, Venus or Mars to their own mid-point. On that day or days when these mid-points are triggered, I'd look for a Moon-transit over one of those planets, or the IC, or the mid-point positions.

Typical secondary progressions seem to act in a more broad manner. For example, Sun progressing to Venus can indicate a new love or marriage or a first child -- but doesn't seem to be specific to one of these meanings. If you are comfortable with mid-points then I would consider progressing your chart within a mid-point format (the 90 degree circle chart) using progressed MC rate of motion or the Solar Arc motion. Dave

PS You either have to have sophisticated software to do this, or have the 90 degree wheel and 90 degree charts, or be very good at hand calculations to use mid-points.

12-02-2006, 09:15
Thanks dadsnook..do you know if transiting ceres matters at all?

12-02-2006, 10:04
At the risk of offending adherents of astreroids, I'd tend to say no. This is due to the long time it takes an asteroid to orbit the Sun -- they are way out past Mars and almost as far as Jupiter. If Ceres was a "reliable" significator, then we would see "waves" of pregnancies moving through the population over a long period of time. This would not be realistic given that most couples have babies at very frequent intervals.

Thats not to say that for some people whose charts might have different sensitivities that Ceres couldn't be coincidental with a pregnancy initiation. But, as a broad statement relating to the broad population, I'd say that Ceres would not be likely to be a significant trigger. Dave