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12-02-2006, 01:59
Paraphilias or Personality Desorders: is it possible to reveal that in a birth chart? Which are the main planets/aspects/houses that might show it?

Very interested to know your opinions...

12-02-2006, 03:27
The whole chart, and all of the derived charts, portray a potential whole person. The various factors have importance at some times and in some combinations, these depend upon what you are looking for. Charts are read in "layers" and in specific "slices" wherein you key in on things during a general overall reading, and then focus on only certain factors. It is hard to explain to those who are in their "early-studies" period.

However, I can give you a few examples. The 4th-10th axis and those houses are often strong indicators of the early childhood environment. The planets in those houses and the aspects they have to other planets show the dynamic energies of the parents and those figures in the home that influence the child. The Moon, as a symbol of primary needs, also represents a nurturing force, and its role in the 4th-10th houses points to the shape of those nurturing forces or lack thereof.

As you can see from the example cited, it is likely that only a few of the planets and other factors would be initially involved in this kind of a focused look. You have to balance what you see in any "focused look" with the overall structure of the chart, the Sun-Moon relationship, etc. As the person moves into adulthood you have to consider how deep and long the carryover will last and where/how the individual will choose to shape itself and move past early conditioning. It is these factors, not the mechanics of reading a chart in terms of planet-aspects-houses-signs-rulerships-etc., that determine how adept and helpful one can be as an astrologer. Dave

12-02-2006, 06:45
I'm having trouble with this question because the term "personality disorders" is so broad. What might be an indicator .... and let me say again "indicator" .... for depression isn't at all the same as what might be an indicator for "my mother in law is a controlling pain in the ass." You've posed a good question, but I think it needs to be refined to deal with various disorders at the least.

And please remember that anything smacking of a "diagnosis" is as much a no no in astrology as it is in tarot. Personally I read in terms like hard/soft, easy/difficult. Astrology has it's limitations. You can't tell the sex of a natal chart. At least I can't .

12-02-2006, 21:38
Tai Chi, Depression is not a personality disorder - this is part of someone that cannot be changed or «cured», just softned by age... although i know that Saturn plays a big role on depression matters, i'm interested in «other» matters.

Dave, thank you for your insights. (I thought Saturn was the big pervert ...aspecting Neptune or Mars - because of it's repressing nature?)

13-02-2006, 00:04
Saturn is a tough old bird sometimes. And, Neptune and Mars can be quite a handful as well. But then, so can Moon-Mercury-Pluto combinations. There are so many ways we can get screwed up. I had given you just one example, that of childhood environments -- and that example did'nt specify which planets because any of the planets can play roles that are difficult. Oppositions, squares, angularity -- these can all be involved and significant.

I'm not sure that one whole book could cover the topic well. I know its hard to explain without reference to a chart. There can be things that leap out of a chart for a knowledgable astrologer but at other times you have to dig and dig at those things that are conflicts.

For example you might have a nice Sun-Moon-Jupiter pattern of some sort, yet have Mercury-Mars pattern that doesn't seem to fit. Throw in a splay pattern for the whole chart (indicating fragmented portions of character expression) and you end up with a nagging suspicion that some how these patterns that don't fit together must be conflicting in some hidden way.

So, I say again, these things are initially signalled in most cases by the feeling of the whole chart. Dave

13-02-2006, 00:29
SirenRising there is one book that I can suggest you read, "Astrological Insights Into Personality" by Betty Lundsted. Several years ago when I threw away some 300+ astrology books, this book was one of about 50 that I choose to keep. There are several books readily available on the market, this one of the good ones. IT ALSO HAS a feature that I appreciate, an extensive table of contents that is set up as "planet A" and type-of-aspect to "planet B". This is really helpful as a reference tool. Dave

13-02-2006, 03:45
Great ;)