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12-02-2006, 22:37
good morning
I am curious as to the relationship of the Ascendant sign being the actual sign of 1's birth mother
it seems very symbolic
as i am Scorp
and my Mother is Taurus
any reflections for me?

with appreciation

13-02-2006, 03:28
alphonsine, it is quite common (and statistically significant) for the parents Sun and/or Moon signs to represented in a child's chart as the Ascendant sign or as a Sun and/or Moon sign. This is one of those phenomena that prevent me from totally dismissing "signs' as approaching "meaningless" in significance.

If you check your whole family for several generations back, you may only have dates and no birth times, you will likely see patterns of prevelance. In those cases where a child seems to have nothing that relates to either/both parental charts then it may be apparent that the child is "just there" and seems almost like a visitor to the family in many ways.

It is almost as if astrology was a form of DNA or genetic inheritance. It can be fascinating to explore these relationships. We often hear things like, "You are just like your grandfather on your mother's side." Chances are that there are strong similarities in their charts. Dave
PS: I try not to comment on these questions when they are first posted so as to give others a chance to comment. I am present enough in the threads that I initiate. However, when a question goes unanswered even though many visit and read the thread, I hate to leave anyone hanging.

13-02-2006, 08:10
Very interesting!

I am Virgo sun, Virgo rising, Scorpio moon. My oldest son who is like so much like me physically and personality-wise is Virgo sun, Scorpio rising.

My youngest son who is physically EXACTLY like his father is Sag. rising just like his dad, and Aquarius moon which is dad's sun sign.

These parent/child resemblances are especially apparent since we are a mixed race (white/Asian) family.

An interesting topic to explore!

13-02-2006, 09:20
my daughter has her rising sign exact to my venus
my mother's moon is conjunt my sun exact

13-02-2006, 10:57
These links that are noted within a family can also extend out to the person we marry. Marriage, of course, brings a person into the family. So, is it any wonder that we might find familiar family patterns in the person we choose to marry? Dave.

13-02-2006, 11:51
I love this topic. I seem to recall being told when I was young that people are often born within a few months of one or both of their parents' birthdays. I share my Ascendant (Cancer) with my mother's (and her brother's) Sun, and my Sun (Virgo) with her other brother's. My own brother shares his Sun with my father and I find it comical that, being Geminis, their birthdays are a day apart. My daughter shares my Moon/Mercury (Leo) with me and her Ascendant (Sag) with her mother's Ascendant.

Oh, and in terms of Tarot profiling, my brother and I are both Fortunes and our mother's a Sun (which is our Hidden Factor or Shadow/Creativity/Teacher card).

13-02-2006, 20:16
thankyou for

16-02-2006, 21:02
I have not heard of this theory before. I was into doing charts years ago but I got turned off by all the angles that had to be figured. Seems like I may have done my SO's chart but I've never done my children's charts at all. I'm curious enough now to go back and give it a try. I hope I can remember how!

I never did my parents' charts either. I am Aquarius with Capricorn rising. My mother was Gemini and my father Virgo so I guess I have a bunch of work to do to see how this theory holds in my family.

I will let you know...

16-02-2006, 21:20
i was quite intrieged by the idea of desending form my "taurus" mother to become Scorp rising
it seemed like a link in the chain of life

17-02-2006, 13:59
There is also the tarot profile angle. Despite our astrological differences my brother and I both have Fortune as our primary symbol, which is linked to Sun, which happens to be our mother's primary symbol. And my own daughter and I just began identical tarot growth cycles (appropriately beginning with a Lovers year) which will remain aligned through 2012.

17-02-2006, 16:38
Interesting topic!

I have sun in leo in the 12th with leo rising my mom has sun in cancer in the 12th with leo rising. Her moon is also in the 12th in cancer and my moon is in the 4th house( but in Sag ) We also have the exact same degree of venus in gemini.

I actually have 3 other siblings that are leos and two that are scorpio's which is my father's sun sign.

18-02-2006, 06:25
LOL My family looks a bit like incest....

My mother is a Leo -Sag-Sag
My father is a Virgo-Virgo-Pisces
I'm a Sag-Cancer-Leo

My sisters (twins) by another man are Cancer-Pisces-Pisces
and their father is a Capricorn.

My mother jokes that out of all her husbands (5) she had children with the only two earth signs!:confused: All I can figure is scorched earth out of those unions! ;)

Interesting my BF right now is Virgo-Scorpio-Leo! ;)