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26-02-2006, 06:53
March 3, Mercury goes retrograde, pisces
march 5, jupiter goes retrograde, scorpio
and a full moon on the 14th.

Jupiter in retrograde makes us re-examine how we just try to 'fit in' out of fear at the detriment of our moral and potentially religious values. Jupiters stationary makes no opposition so the energy will not have an immediete output but will trine the sun within 6 days and shortly thereafter mercury in retrograde forming harmonious and lasting connections, assuming they are noble connections to begin with. We may think hard before travelling.

Mercury in retrograde, as it has been noted many times before, deals with communication and travel (this time water travel so those taking a cruise ship or a fishing trip beware) watch out for teh problems that might get overlooked, look for temorary work not permanant work, keep your spirits up and focus on new endevours that need genuine reinforcment, not just support that could be dropped later.

The comination of these two planets going stationary at the same time puts financial planning in a rut, it turns the energy inward to refine the outward presentation. Travel for recreational purposes might bring unexpected revelations, but all in all it might be worth it, the retraction of overexagurated statements will happen, buisness deals will be cancelled, policy wil be reviewed, power will be reduced, restructuring of large business will occur.

The combinatin of Pisces and Scorpio is like looking into the ocean, just below the surface are the fish you can see, but further down you go the more exotic the animal. Sharks, Whales, plankton, and those that glow the further down you go. It has become an issue of comptitetion, and effort needs to be put into the firt impression, mercury retrograde helps refine that need.

The full moon will direct this energy into its next phase, when resolution comes full force.

28-02-2006, 00:49
What signs will be detriment in this retrograde? I don't always notice Mercury's retrograde, but this time it's in my sign, Pisces. I've already started keeping lists, checking 'em twice. Is there extra caution or will this be a passing phase for Pisces and Scorpios? And when does it end? thanks Hh

28-02-2006, 09:05
Detriment pisces would be virgo, and detriment scorpio would be taurus and libra, i believe.

28-02-2006, 13:36
Rainwolf... what would we look for in Virgo... sorry this is a pointed question as I am the daughter of a Virgo and the GF of a Virgo (I like to get the jump on these two as they run my poor Sag head in circles)


28-02-2006, 16:02
In pisces, mercury fuels the mind with worries and emotional baggage. Having to change your mind on topics is going to happen no matter what, and with children they just might be more prone to change their mind and forget why, kids will be kids.

Pisces might find themselves in the center of the communication conundrum, tell people to be quiet if you need to hear whats important.

Virgo will have a hard time dealing with all the emotional issues that around them, reassurance comes with general concensious.

01-03-2006, 01:04
Virgo will have a hard time dealing with all the emotional issues around them, reassurance comes with general consensus.

Sorry Paradoxx.. does this mean that virgo will find it necessary to ask others about their emotional life? That does seem a bit odd for my two guys... normally stewing and keeping all of their feelings to themselves.:(


01-03-2006, 12:49
Virgo just might be restless with emotional energy, which Virgo burns off with physical exercise, just taking a family nature walk might clear the air. conversations about teh mystical and spiritual aspects of life might come up with the most interesting results, it might take longer than usual though.

02-03-2006, 01:45
I'm going on a rather long distance trip Mar. 4 - 16th. I'm a bit worried about all these retrogrades - on astrologyzone.com, she says (for capricorns):
You may want to travel, but your outlook is a bit complex. On one hand, you will have a full moon eclipse in your travel sector on March 14, and that lunar event will help you travel quite a distance if that interests you. An eclipse in Virgo will blend well with your sign, for Virgo is a fellow earth sign like yours...
However, Mars, the action planet, will not be friendly to this eclipse, nor will the Sun, Mercury, or Uranus - and that is a barrage of planetary artillery to overcome.
Is there any advice you can give me, ways to overcome or ameliorate these influences? We will be driving from NW Arkansas to Boulder CO, the Grand Canyon, and through AZ, NM, TX, and OK back home.

02-03-2006, 01:50
Mercury started to slow on the 26th of Feb. Once it starts to slow I count it as retrograde. I continue to count it as retrograde until it's forward movement gets to one degree per day.

02-03-2006, 04:24
I know this sounds superstitious, but I wonder if there is something I can do to "appease" the planets that are described as "angry." I suppose the best I can do is a spell for a safe journey? Maybe do things (wear colors, symbols, etc.) to play up the lunar influence, to hopefully override the other, negative, planetary influences?

02-03-2006, 04:32
My son is a Scorpio, so I wonder what this trip will mean for him. We are going to Boulder for him to take some Crossinology treatments (www.crossinology.com). I've read that when Merc is Rx, it's a good time for things that begin with "re-". He'll be getting a therapy that "re-trains" his brain and neurological functions. So hopefully that will be a good thing?
I'm trying not to worry too much about this trip, since it only draws negativity to you when you worry. But I think I need to be proactive here.

02-03-2006, 12:39
staying focused and being relaxed during the car ride will be the most important part. Asteroid Phaethon in Taurus (scorpios opposite) indicates that your scorpio son may want to have more control in the car than he may be allowed.

After Boulder, mercury's retrograde will be in full swing, watch out for animals along the road (even in the city!) and watch the speed limit and observe all stated road rules. Snow showers might cause some inconvinence but the further south you are the better, this has been a dry winter for the US Rocky Mountains north to south overall. Road Construction (reconstruction) might get in the way, don't be afraid to ask questions to get around it but have it backed up with a certified and readable map.

Just stay relaxed and keep it real, stop the car and watch the sunset, take a detour and visit the pueblos in southwest colorado, the return trip will be enjoyable, the full moon will be on your side.

02-03-2006, 13:23
I'd like to add that there will be a lunar eclipse in Virgo on the 14th--

lunar eclipses, from my understanding, provide an opportunity for emotional closure, but this one due to its aspects with Mars and Pluto, might create quite a bit of conflict or angst...


P.S. What does everybody think about a Pisces (5degrees) going on a transatlantic voyage to seek closure & or reunion with an estranged love? During the week of the eclipse?

I had a dream about going last night, where I had won a free ticket to go!

02-03-2006, 13:42
it might go better before the end of the retrograde, or maybe the retrograde will be a disaster, follow your instincts and check your progressed chart for the direction of your progressed mercury (and jupiter!).

02-03-2006, 13:56
thanks for your reply, paradoxx, but i'm afraid i'm not up to speed as per mercury and jupiter progressions...

perhaps you could eludicidate

maybe to keep the thread clean you could send me a more exact message...
or do you think people mind if you explain a bit, here online?


02-03-2006, 16:32
Preogressed charts are based on the idea that the chart itself is a representation and/or reflection of you and your deveoloplment at your current age. www.astro.com has an option in its expanded chart selection for easy graphic access, in essence each year your natal chart progresses roughly by one solar degree, and the moon, all the planets and other points are progressed by their speed in relation to their progression in the natal charts of the weeks to months after your birth.

With retrogrades, especially mercury because of the frquency of retrograde with this little planet, your natal mercury may be direct, but your progressed mercury may be retrograde, bringing more fortune your way during a mercury retrograde. The opposite could be true for somwone with a natal retrograde mercury and a progressed direct mercury and their prosperity and biorythems at the different times of retrograde through the year.

Uranus in Pisces is giving the sign of the fish assertive energy (the free ticket) to resolve old issues, the lunar eclipse will bring rational logic to the situation, and you might just find things you thought were long gone tucked away neatly on the side. Avoid stress, it won't help you.

03-03-2006, 04:39
thanks for the tip, Paradoxx!

I was familiar with astro.com... they are an enormously valuable resource when it comes to Astrology...

but I guess I still don't understand how progressed transits work...

Maybe this is a bit of a tangent, though...


03-03-2006, 13:05
here's a few older threads

04-03-2006, 11:04
i've been keeping records for about 15 years now on how Ret Merc effects me. Sure enough I got a bad boo boo today. First couldn't find my glass' when I first woke up, them stumbled around blindly and my baby toe connected badly with a wall. Baby toe severly sprained and is now swollen to 3 times it's size and turning from blue to black.

Every physical accident I have had in the last 15 years was guess what! Yep during a Ret Merc. No car accidents (though car always acts up during ret Merc). All accidents involved coordination (except the time I was trying to get that tree limb down).

Hopefully during this one my car, home phone, cell phone, house lights, or computer won't break or go nuts.

If you keep track lots of times you can prevent stuff.

04-03-2006, 21:24
i can see what you're seeing about the merc.retrograde and accidents-

this morning when i woke up, i heated the teapot full of boiling water, and then as i lifted it to pour it, the handle BROKE off

my intuition or reflexes, i am not sure which, told me HOT! RUN AWAY-
so I didn't get hurt too badly

but the back of my kneesock got splashed when the teapot full of boiling water fell on the floor, the lid spun off and the water inside splashed up!

Bad luck and good luck together, i guess, i am very lucky i did not get more hurt, although it hurt for a sec, my sock absorbed most of the heat--

05-03-2006, 05:02
Jupiter has gone retrograde on this saturday while themoon is in steady and fixed Taurus, unwavering in attitude but unable to contend with the overall identity being enforced.

first some older threads dealing with jupiter retrograde activity

2004 (http://tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=20676&highlight=jupiter+retro)
2005 (http://tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=36278&highlight=jupiter+retro)

As opposed to Jupiters retrograde in 2004, in virgo, where organization was at a premium and expenditures took all the green away from your cash reserves, 2006 jupiter retrograde in scorpio might lack intensity, but not impact, pushing for answers won't work but keep up the detective work and your answers will be there.

in 2005, Jupiter went retrograde in Libra, where the expansive jupiter went reculsive into itself while the of laws and balances or life took hold and took us for a rather sublime ride, juptier etrograde in scorpio won't be as mellow, it will be fun at times though, Jupiter keeps his humor no matter how bleak things look, although his humor might go a little low-key for a while.

07-03-2006, 08:34
Venus enters Aquarius, again. and is now opposing Saturn (retrograde)

The feeling is reminicant of 2004-2005 Chiron entering, retrograding, and re-entering Aquarius and oppossing Saturn, while both direct and retrograde.

The recent venus retrograde was odd, and the feelings are being fully felt. Proximity to Ceres is emphasiszign the need and love of food, coinciding with the lent observences, there may be some concessions if allowed in moderation. Activity on thelunar side is in Gemini, and is acting as a magnet for the moons emotions, and Gemini spontantanious activity.

Jupiter trine the sun is acting as a positive note, a time of shedding and rejuvination before the dual retrograde of mercury and jupiter shifts once again. Pluto is in stationary mode righ tnow and goes full retrograde on the 29th, where Mars will make opposition from his current Gemini powerbase, for being a fairly quiet sign lately, Gemini has gotten a charge without anyone noticing how it happened.

09-03-2006, 07:39
When will Mercury and Jupiter come out of retrograde, and venus as well (If it's still in)?

09-03-2006, 08:56
So far so good.....don't know if it's because natal merc is rx for me and in progressed it's direct......but....things seem to be OK for now
(knocking on wood as I type!)

09-03-2006, 09:06
Venus is direct, and is returning to her stationary point (2 aq), so venus issues will start mving foreward, (including money :thumbsup: )

Mercury returns direct on the 25th of march, on the 29th pluto goes retrograde, and on the 5th of april Saturn returns direct.

Despite the jupiter retrograde, prosperity will come, it just won't be perpetual.

Whiteraven, don't worry, it's just because you are so used to these feelings, try not to plan too far ahead, you will get what you need (not what you want) this way.

10-03-2006, 19:08
The Virgo Moon will oppose the Pisces Sun, while Gemini Mars makes a near opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius. This is a nearly perfect square, and is fine tuned with juno in Gemini and asteroid Union in Sagittarius. The sun/moon opposition takes place at 24 degrees, juno is at 24 degrees--and mars is at 16, Union is at 24'52"--and plutis at 26.

Sabiain Symbols degrees 25 for Mutable signs

Taurus 26:
A spaniard serenading his senorita

Virgo 24:
Mary and her white lamb

Sagittarius 24:
A bluebird, a sign of good luck and happiness, is standing at the door of the house.

Pisces 24:
A tiny island seems lost in the broad ocean, but its happy inhabitants have created a great world all their own.

All together a good combination, it does represent the positive values of different cultures, and an emphasis on the more positive aspects while maintaining simplicity. Pluotso station before hsi retrograde will give us a chance to put thigns right, ther is a widnow of oppurtunity in play, don't ignore it.

16-03-2006, 09:49
This 90 degree aspect will bring finances and financial concerns to the forefront, feel like you are saving money by going to one big place (Wal Mart perhaps?) well, you are probably not. Feel as if your financial situation is in dire straits, it's probably not and you have more money than you have initially counted. Feel as if you might have been ripped off at the register, well you should use those in store price scanners to see how much your bill will be. It will be up to you with Scorpio and Aquarius energy at the forefront.

Jupiter retrograde in scorpio will make you hunt for your money savers, while urnaus in aquarius guarentees it will make you feel out of touch when you do find them. Stereotypes about money, social status, and cultural expecations will come crashing down all around you if you are trying to uphold them as infallable and unchangable. This will cause waves, and those in authority will have to navigate those waves or be taken down in ways that are unwelcome. This direction will be consistant as the Sun is nearing Aries on the 20th next week, religious 'reckongnings' will be cut short due to third parties, don't feel too discounted though, more events are in the making.

17-03-2006, 04:36
Mercury retrograde is sucking. We had a power outage last night at my home and I had no phone, no computer, no TV, no internet, no electricity to charge my mobile phone...nothing! I could do NOTHING. So I went to sleep. Mercury seriously needs to CUT IT OUT!!

I'm a Pisces Sun (at 17 degrees, in 5th house), Sag Moon (2nd house), Acendant in Scorpio (2nd house), Mercury in Aries (5th house), Mars/Venus in Taurus (both in 7th), Jupiter in Capricorn (3rd house), Saturn in Gemini (8th house), and Pluto in Libra (rx-11th house). All in all, not so bad, right? Why am I having such a crap time of it this month of March?

When is this mess over, anyhow?


P.S. I have nothing even close to the 24-25 degrees in my chart..

17-03-2006, 10:02
neptune is at 17 aquarius, mars is at 13 gemini, jupiter ret is at 17 scorpio, and mercury ret is at 17 pisces, you're in teh spotlight. Sorry to hear about your power outage, it could be worse, you could be out of power for an entire week in the middle of August. Don't try tot ake you rstress otu on anyone else, unless its a therapist, that's what they are paid to do.

Mercury goes direct on the 25th, until then, stay tight, and keep your computer on a power surge protector.

17-03-2006, 11:53
if you have a moment, take a glance and tell me what this means:
i feel very much at a crossroads right now, in more ways than one

here is my planet listing:
5 degrees sun in pisces
25 degrees moon in virgo
3 degrees mercury in pisces
14 degrees venus in pisces
22 degrees mars in cancer (retro)
26 degrees jupiter in gemini
26 degrees saturn in leo
14 degrees uranus in scorpio
18 degrees neptune in sag.
16 degrees pluto in libra
2 degrees chiron in taurus
4 degrees lilith in cancer


does that mean anything to you?

i have felt a lot of deep emotions coming out from my past that i have been dealing with...
i have wanted and asked for a lot of clarity in my relationships and good boundaries
i feel a lot of potential energy, but feel a bit overwhelmed and "stuck"

to astrologers, this is such a thumbprint, it reveals so much to post your birthchart info like this,,, but to others, perhaps it is not so revealing...

please feel free to comment it if you feel inspired to do so...

17-03-2006, 11:54
i thought uranus was about 12 or 13 degrees pisces right now?

17-03-2006, 12:02
i thought uranus was about 12 or 13 degrees pisces right now?

11 Pisces at the moment

17-03-2006, 16:10
Hehe, paradoxx...oh great, so mercury ret is in my sun...NICE! I'm soooo lucky--NOT. NO wonder my mood is changing every day, and normally my mood is pretty stable. Well, my pc IS on surge protector...but every day I seem to forget one thing or another.

What does it mean when you say I'm in the spotlight, and what is the purpose of it, besides making me cRaZy? :D

I can't wait until this mess is over...what a MONTH!


17-03-2006, 17:40
The spotlight has to do with the sun, I am still feeling that headache through the night so we are all in the same boat.

18-03-2006, 21:58
A lineup of asteroids (America, Quetzcoatl, Ceres, Chiron) and venus are allin opposition to Saturn right now,Far too many to discount. Saturn is overwhealmed and with the energy at a stationary point, a lot is getting through that hasnt before. These three weeks before the stationary on April 5th indicate new beginnings, and endevours that change who we are as time goes by.

Mercury ast hsi currrent sepeed is causing stress, especially empotiaon stress, so don't overexert yourself or you just might hurt your body in ways that won't go away. You might need profressional assistance with certain examinations.


I imagine your crossroads comes from saturn going direct soon, your saturn return is approachign and with it comes many lessons of saturn. Restrictiosn and boudnires, expecatiationsa nd requirements, starting over and getting along, moving from the simple to the complex, from the overdone to teh mundane, staying afloat and being real.

19-03-2006, 01:08
The spotlight has to do with the sun, I am still feeling that headache through the night so we are all in the same boat.
Uh-huh!! That explains it then, I have been having these headaches as well, they are a pain in the rear end. But like you said earlier, in another context, it could be worse.

At the same time, I don't think that I have anything serious with me, or that I have some sort of infection, but I have next to none energy, I have a lower backache and my thighs have not been fairing much better either, for the last week or so. Would by any chance that have to do the retrograde or even the eclipse. I did have some minor (day) surgery about a month ago, maybe I am still recovering from that, but the first 3 weeks I had no problem whatsoever, so what gives????

19-03-2006, 02:10
So I'm a Scorpio and wound up going to the hospital by ambulance Feb and was there in isolation with three illnesses for almost two weeks, while my husband was patient downstairs for same amount of time....

Now he's still in rehab....but

Yesterday, I won $5000 on a scratch off lottery.


It's also my Wheel of Fortune Year....what a ride!


19-03-2006, 16:41
sounds like a venus cycle is giving you a chance to get a footing. Get duplicates of all your paperwork.

19-03-2006, 23:54
sounds like a venus cycle is giving you a chance to get a footing. Get duplicates of all your paperwork.

Thank you, paradoxx. Oddly enough I have been...hospital claims, even my lottery win, I made four copies of both sides...the winning side and the signed one. My birthday is 11/3/42....so I do hope I am getting a "footing" by now!


24-03-2006, 12:49
my network adapter stopped working, i checked the device manager, and the ! was next to the hardware entry. Well, after toying with the problem, i just seated in another network adapter, wham-bam I'm back up and running. While iw as at it i detangled my wires.

Mercury goes direct on teh 25th, in conjunction to uranus. Uranus and mercury conjunct is like electricity moving through, well, quicksilver mercury, and all in the very conductive sign of pisces. pushing for resolution or forcing a situation won't help, but neither will trying to relive the past, the past is past after all, and in some cases long past.

Unable to retrieve what is needed, Pluto in Sagittarius stationary to retrograde, will be unnerving, and because of plutos slow motion, that feeling will be present for days at a time. This feeling will be resolved with professional demeanor and rational requirements placed upon the group.

This of course will result in potentially explosive situations that will more than likely go overboard, as everything is leadign up to the solar eclipse on the 29th, where everything is then drawn into conclusion and hte final curtain is drawn on the age of 'acting the part,' it will be up to those who are actually in the mentality of peace, equality, and persevariance to succeed and place the requirements of success.

25-03-2006, 00:13
Thank you, paradoxx!! Great information!! I know little or nothing about astrology and always love to read these posts.....


03-04-2006, 13:11
again my internet was disconnected, this time it was from the isp side of things, mercury retrogrades shadow apparently.

enter saturn going direct. Wednesday, April 5th coinciding with the 1st quarter moon in Cancer, meanwhile gemini mars will oppose sagittarius pluto. tackling it one at a time:

Saturn direct in Leo: one simple word: Challanges. Saturn is the ruler of the natural laws, that means karma. for the last month or so saturns stationary lack of movement has allowed for unwelcome behaviour to be tolerated and allowed by the leaders in question, teh reprecussions of that lack of leadership will be the theme of the month of April.

The moon in Cancer will make the emotional rapport with others more generalized, details won't be as important, but nice to have around anyway. The 1st quarter moon will demand that we deal with our crisis with tact or be punished. pushing for the easyway out won't work this time, and lifestyle choices will be questioned but it won't be the lifestyles that have been spotlighted, but rather the ones that have rooted themselves and drained society of equality.

Mars oppose pluto, kaboom!!!! Thsi explosive combination is one that can result in ear-splitting head-butting. that can only be resolve din one way: cooperation. Cooperation though is something that might be fought against from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top, but in teh end there will be revelation and this will result in an outcome favorable to the disenfranchised and disempowered so that they may be able to achieve their end reults. Most importantly don't push, let the situation exhaust itself before returning fire.

05-04-2006, 02:16
Boy, my trip was a disaster. The couple of days spent in Boulder for my son's therapy were fine, but the day we left Boulder it started snowing and snowed for almost the whole rest of our trip. We didn't get to see very much of anything out west. Even when we got to Albuquerque, where there was no snow, I ended up with a kidney stone and had to go to the ER! We came home exhausted, sick, and broke.
When is Jupiter supposed to go direct? I've read through the whole thread and couldn't find it. My natal Jupiter, which is conjunct my sun, moon,& true node, is in Capricorn - I think around the 10-14 degrees. Is that any significant angle to where Jupiter is now?

05-04-2006, 12:09
Jupiter goes direct july 6, 2006,and will stay in Scorpio untill november 23.

since jupiter and your capricorn placements are only in sextile, it should be fairly harmonious for you, finances will get tight and the straight and narrow will have to be the way for a while, make sure your situation is clear for the world to see, and Taurus is void of opposition until this April and May with the Sun.

06-04-2006, 01:40
I'm not out of the woods till the April 12Th and I REFUSE to send out the Tarot Box Contest winner Box till the 13th. MERCURY RETRO SHADOW!

Yesterday when trying to post the winner - well read the below it is the message I sent to the winner explaining when the box would be sent

"AAAHHH! GOSH, it took me no less than 23 tries and 7 hours to finally get ANY kind of Message up to announce the winner (on AT). I kept getting error 403 & 404. Finally I realized I was able to post (edit) 1 line at a time. So I didn't even get to put the words I wanted to in bold yellow. But I did manage to get two little party smilies up.

Now do you understand why I don't want the box to leave until the 13th. This past Mercury Retrograde has made my life miserable in any type of Vehicle, or communication. Thank gosh on the 12 it will be back to the degree it was before the retrograde and on the 13th (which is next Thursday) you box will be on the way."

06-04-2006, 01:47
Would it be safer then to say...wait a few weeks before doing anything like casting protection spells...this has been a disasterous week for everyone I know and on top of that...a lot of people seemed to have had the "blahs" or bad luck..

06-04-2006, 12:36
be ready to do things on a moments notice, venus will be in pisces and should help with intuition though. And with mars clsoign in on ancer, expect the fight for protection and shelter to be on the upswing. If you do start soemthign, make sure it can be reversed or easily altered.

10-04-2006, 07:14
this happens every moon cycle, the moon is at the furthest point in its ecliptic orbit, and teh space between that point and earth is often called the darkmoon (currently at 8 virgo). This means taht everyones mood will be so sensitive that words will be sharper than a ginzu knife. teh darkmoon has been referred to as the "lilith point," which is seperate from teh asteroid lilith.

representing the forceful side of human nature, combined with the moon psychic energy might go unrestricted, authority might be challanged althought with equally intense reprecussions. Liberation and freedom from the presence of prejudice statements is quite real with the darkmoon in virgo, and with the empty focus between the earth and the moon qutie a few things are going to get lost in the jumble, but as the moon orbits away from the sign of virgo, all those things are going to get thrown out into empty space, where they belong.

Ok, so the moon and the darkmoon (lilith point) are opposing Uranus in Pisces at 12 degrees. there coulde be some electronic disturbances (we are still in the mercury retro shadow for a couple more days) but more so thate could be disturbances in money and money counting. Venus is going to be opposing teh darkmoon here soon, and with it a double dose of goddess energy, for better or for worse.

Jupiter in scorpio retrograde is going to be moving out of a square with neptune and into a trine with uranus, difficulty realizing a dream will fade as harmony with acting that dream out will come naturally, also pay attention to your actual dreams, their odd clues might give you more information than you were hoping for.

Srangely enough, the chiron/saturn opposition will be emphasized by the darkmoon in a slow and steady inconjunct to chiron. the wounded healer doesn't understand what the darkmoon is up to, and the darkmoon doesn't understand what chiron is trying to heal. And either way, neither really cares about the others activity, and it is best to stay out of this debate, but if you have to, just tell them to take it where the world doesn't have to hear what is being said.

10-04-2006, 16:34
No wonder my mood was so horrible this Sunday. Hope this won´t last...

11-04-2006, 03:03
Wow, just found this.
I totaled my Jeep on Thursday, Apr 6th!
I rear ended the truck in front of me, both airbags deployed and both me and my little one walked away pretty much intact.
I have some whiplash issues to deal with, and my 3yo had to have an adjustment at the chiropractor but we are doing well.
I'm still seeing the chiropractor.

So far I've noticed a major shift in my perceptual base.
I felt very floaty after the accident, was emotional and now today felt almost out of my body this morning.

But I think I'm actually returning to my body!!

I have a new sense of what is important in my life right now, a need to focus on family and my own personal work, and a feeling of impatience with most people outside my inner circle. As in I can't stand talking to most people right now, like a real impatience with people.

I'm burning some incense today, I've cancelled my reading night tonight and I'm feeling the need to enter a Hermit phase...more out of a protective impulse rather than isolative...and then I'll get back into the swing of things...

And now finding this thread I'm wondering if I shouldn't have my chart updated.

thanks for listening people.

15-04-2006, 19:24
with Saturn direct, and teh restrictions he represents in place adn jupiter retrograde and the expansion that he represents in reverse, this is a reality check, this is only a check.

on thsi Easter holiday, the moon will be getting close to jupiter retrograde in Scorpio, the ineveitable change of the status quo is here, and because of that there is the tendancy to stare at what the catylist of the former change has achieved and helped out with. As the moon enteres sagittarius, there is an even more powerful tendancy to create a rift in the status quo, but the former change has already happened, and the catylist is onto the next project.

meanwhile Saturn squares the moon for just a short time longer, teh ease adn pleasentness of recent events has not succeeded in providing a working environment for certain partnerships, although those partnerships will continue, they also fail in providing the various parts of the partnership in an exit strategy.

Jupiter retro indicates money will be spent, mostly out of an emotionaly gain, a fleeting expierence at best (perhaps at wal-mart or mcdonalds) to gain w/o need. but perhaps the point of darkmoon, since the moon energy and the darkmoon (lack of) energy might cancel the sale or cause problems w/o instant resolution.

and a 5 degree and closing conjunction between venus and uranus is creating a love of electricity that won't be let go of any time soon. But do be careful, this energy si scattered and unfoseud, don't lose sight of the the short term, mid term, and long term goals.

There is disruption, let it disrupt.