View Full Version : Angel/Faery Wings in Crystals

27-02-2006, 21:25
I work from a crystal shop. We have a reading and healing room there that I work from. I have always loved crystals, but since working from the shop I have discovered so many things that live in crystals. I mean their forms. I notice so many things, including what looks like angel and faery wings.

Interesting a new healer started who was showing me a clear quartz crystal and I mentioned the angel wing I could see in it. Later in his explanation of the crystal he asked if I could a crystal skull image in there. Nope, just an angel wing. He was persistant.

"Look, there is the skull!!"

Nope, I could only see the angel wing. Now how can an angel wing look like a skull and visa versa?

Do we see what we want to see?

What do others see in their crystals when held to the light?

27-02-2006, 21:44
I think it's the same as when different people look clouds and see different images - it's how you interpret what the cloud/crystal or whatever is trying to tell you. It could also be that the both of you are "seeing" the same energy, but the healer's symbol of that energy is a skull and yours is the angel wing, but essentially it could be the same thing.

Or it could be that the crystal has a different message for you - perhaps all these angel and fairy images are trying to tell you something about your relationship with the angels and fairies??

As to whether we see what we want to see - of course we can, that's why it's so important to maintain an open mind when dealing with these things. I think this is one of the reasons why some people can't always read their own tarot cards - sometimes what the cards are trying to say is too painful and they can't deal with it whereas they can if it comes from an outside source, like they're too close to the problem to see it objectively.

I have to admit, I've never thought about looking for images in my crystals before, so I've never seen any, just the fault lines and the prettiness of them... hmmm I wonder what I'll be doing today...lol


08-03-2006, 09:35
I recently bought a new rose quartz braclet. In every stone (there are 9) and all but one have things in them. I notice that some look like wings and others look like faces. Just something interesting i noticed.